To Serve Man

To Serve Man



()3.5 bill = life ('pond scum' from nitrogen globules naturally slush-balling)

movement, preds, 'senses';
cell absorbing, coalition symbiosis

(prokaryotes then eukaryotes (nucleus [cell] in a cell))

key concept: 'parallelism'

.asex (self split) [most mass]
[sperm and egg forms from earlier chain reactions]
.sex (reproduct-chemical sharing symbiosis) --
-- hermaphrodite (boy AND girl in one) [incl reversion to 'asex' (self fertilize; "Autogamy")]
-- dimorphic (boy/sperm OR girl/egg specializing)

()<1 bill = animals (multicell preds):
sponges, coral
(from hermaphro pond-scum)

jellyfish, worms, (*multicell-moving-pred* hermaphrodites)
[note occas "Autogamy" (self fertilize)]

external fertilizing
internal copulation

()500 mill [i.e half a billion, you congenital morons] =
dimsex (develops thru parallelism) -- "penis fencing"
flatworms, mollusks, arthros, verts

*emasculation attacks by bigger older hermaphrodite*; note egg is BIG

1st Selection plane /bottleneck ("1st imperative") = SURVIVE [enviro, food (e.g pred/prey), disease]
2nd Selection plane /bottleneck ("2nd imperative") = REPRODUCE (convert food)

(Cambrian Explos = multicell moving predator DIMSEX [...male 2nd plane competition])

.tournament (direct male purge)
.display (indirect male purge)

~environment induced gender ('stress', heat, food access) [male is older]
~chromosome induced gender ["scaffolding," a`la snake venom]

(Verts = fish, amphib, reptiles[300m], birds[250m], mammals[200m])

adult male as hyper-flowered hermaphrodite; female as stunted juvenile bud (can finish maturing)

"internal reproduction as type of parasite attack"

societal caste structure vets knowledge

evidence at nature magS

notes of interest...

flatworms (penis fencing)
sea slugs (stunting /emasculation attacks)
hagfish (maturity TO male)
lampreys ("sham" mating)

Females Not Equal

All of the studies measuring group-man vs group-woman ignore that we keep alive huge swaths of males now that use to perish as youths in olden times. I.e the only surviving men in barbarian days would have been MUCH smarter than wimmin; there would NOT have been this spectrum of males on either side of the group-females.

Unless the idea that 'low men are noble for rebelling against high men' is stopped, challenging feminism directly is pointless.

Also the tech snowball that keeps alive new failed-male variants must be controlled and prevented from breeding for more dysgenia.

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