JU87 Stuka, definitely my favorite plane of WW2. Although it was slow and obsolete by the middle of the war, it was still used as a tank buster, anti ship, and low altitude infantry support plane and a workhorse till the end of the war. Hans Ulrich Rudel was the most outstanding and famous pilot of this plane, and his book “Stuka Pilot” is available from Bantam Press
As we come up on the anniversary of “D Day” I choose to contemplate the REAL heroes of World War 2. I hope the 2 fellas in this doomed plane made it home alive.

Start thinking about this. Learn from the past. The political intrigues tribute warfare corruption and backstabbery NOTHING CHANGES only the dates on the calendar and the technology. As a people, This is how we roll. And we better do something fast or we will no longer exist.

Uppercut, straight then left hook. Nice combination. Fight was even until this point, with Barnes winning round one and Rittidet winning round two.


Attention Harbor Seals: Do NOT say bad things about the sharks. Sharks are our greatest ally and everything they do must be viewed with admiration and applause. DO NOT avoid them, do not help your fellow seals to avoid them. Most of all, do NOT attempt to hurt them, even as they bite you in half. Sharks are cool. You suck.

Democracy is fake and worthless; Tell me in the comment section how long you lasted until you wanted to put your fist through the screen

Borrowed from “Gabbagool man the first” channel. Too funny to not share it…I couldn’t stop laughing..

Then in September when the Santa Ana winds start blowing they will use energy weapons to ignite them and drive everyone into foreclosure. This is fucking serious; they will eliminate private property in California. The second step to full blown communism.

To all my Canadian friends; 1970s nostalgia:
Put your car keys in the bowl and hope for the best; the fondue pot is hot!

Seelow heights: One million vs 150 thousand. The amazing things men will do and die for when their families are at stake

Highlights from round 1
Round 2 comeback to knockout
Wait for the slo mo…right on the button
Teeyai in post fight interview took the fight to put his little brother and sister through university…and was able to do so with 200,000 baht bonus….

Just hit her with the fucking hammer already!

Cheers, Lads! This Memorial Day weekend I got nothin’ to do and 3 days to do it. I like to imagine she is doing an interpretative dance showing how happy I am to have a 3 day weekend….

Incredible instinct and skill. Split his whole fucking nose and face open.
This is why I constantly kick a soccer ball around. Not because I’m trying to be Pele.

Listen closely around :40-42

Our useless democracy at work: This dog and pony show achieves nothing. Mayorkas Allows millions of unchecked unskilled primitive savages and tons of deadly drugs to pour over the border. Wants weapons bans to keep you from defending yourself.

I always wonder what the allied soldiers who died at Normandy would feel if they could see the “Ghost of Christmas yet to come” and how England and America are faring today.

Never give up….whatever it takes dig deep and stand back up…
He said post fight the Chinaman had the strongest punches he’d ever felt in his entire career.

Was already planned a long time ago.

Jew sells home to blacks to give a final “Fuck You” to the White neighborhood as he moves to Palm Beach.
I hope Dick is in the Klan.

Biden to Mayorkas “Everything’s alright; go ahead and open up”
(Thanks Police Paparazzi)

Communism is an extremely unatural alien mentality, as nothing is equal in Nature. That is why so many lies have to be told, dissidents silenced, and people killed…Capitalism has to support communism or it falls over on its face every time.

The Animals
(To be played as loud as possible)

…and gets his mic cut and gets arrested. Listen to the to Warren trying to talk his way out of it afterwards like a stuttering prick….he reminds me of the old guy on the “Monopoly” game

All of history is being obfuscated by the Globohomo…they are attempting to not only disappear our people from this planet, but the entire memory of us ever having existed. It is mostly JEALOUSY.
I’m no perfect being, but look at me and look at someone like Albert Bourla and tell me who you prefer to keep company with.


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“Make no show of cowardice on your part, seeing the greatness of the issues at stake, and I will show that what I preach to others I practice myself “
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