“The Last Valley” 1971 Omar Shariff, Michael Caine

It’s all right here…

Cambodia (red corner) vs Thailand (blue corner)
Watch the slo-mo closely; when up against a big puncher, tie his arms up and knee his body. This was my favorite technique (or go to his balls in the street)

Johnny Winter: Serious as a heart attack

Thai Nationalist obliterates Turk Muslim invader
Kendal Karakurt, (Saracen) Vs Barbeer Sitsontidech (Thai)

Listen to these bitches for a few minutes…Holodomor part 2 incoming.

Get your Brazil Jiu Jitsu Basic technique down and how to get out of the basic chokes and arm bar. Most assholes walking around starting shit are aware of these techniques and if you don’t you are at an extreme disadvantage. I try to avoid a fight going to the ground rolling around in glass and dog shit with sweaty men, but it happens. This is when you get stomped to death.. it happened to me in 1986; I almost died. And it took months of painful recovery…

Watch these techniques closely. The elbow strikes take little practice and can save your life.
Kun Khmer, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This fighter is warming up for a fight; and in about 15 minutes he will take that walk to the ring. His trainer is concentrating on reaction strikes, most likely because his opponent is very quick.
This is my art. I have been practicing since 1992

Amazing WW2 detective work; here’s the link. This is a fascinating channel.

Notice the short left hook…He wasn’t even aiming, this is just superior training coming through from countless combinations. The Thai DID NOT SEE IT COMING. That is what knocks one out; when the eyes cannot prepare the body for impact. Watch the slo mo closely and study this phenomenon.
American Kickboxer William Whipple. You have to hand it to a guy who flies half way around the world and risks his life training and fighting for the equivalent of about $500.

Peter and the Test Tube Babies
Early 80’s Skinhead music…
There was the right way, there was the wrong way. And, there was the Skinhead way. It was exactly like the wrong way, only faster, and more exciting.
These kids today have no fucking idea what we went through. Most of us are dead.

I will break it to you gently…If you are White and still have an American flag in your possession you are in a hopeless state; you are a chicken waving a KFC Colonel Sanders flag…a surrender flag. They want you dead. ‘They’ are out for your blood. The political system in this country is simple…coke or pepsi…it is all poison. Snap out of it. Go ahead, watch Cucker Swanson..he will slowly explain how it is all falling apart and never give you a solution. “Golly, we are gonna smash those demon crats this midterm!” “What? Aww shucks we lost again!”
Ad nauseum

Good night, brothers and sisters. See you this weekend.

I’m going to start showing slow motion highlights to let you see the technique and how and when it is executed. This way, you can copy and paste it in your fucking brain.
Red corner: Em Sothy, Cambodia
Blue corner: Mangkon Yuk, Thailand

Next time you don’t want to be hugged, remember elbow over the top.

Smile, it’s Saturday

Russia concentrated on its surface to air missile systems at the fall of the Soviet Union because it did not have the resources to equip itself with a large Air Force. There are hundreds of thousands of surface to air missiles in their arsenal. Here is a good example.
If one of you young men get drafted, (it’s coming) try and stay out of the 101st or Air Cavalry. Try to be a truck mechanic or something in a support battalion.
Better yet stay here and fight for your freedom.

Yeah, yeah, oh yeah…

Unknown Viking fights Phal Sophorn, powerhouse and probably the most recognizable and famous fighter in Cambodia. Viking got a legit knockdown with a leg kick at the end, but the referee was bias of course.. if it went one more round perhaps the Viking would have won.
(Phal is an older warrior, and beginning to show his age…)

If anyone is still interested in the little jewy puppet show known as the Zelensky administration, here are the latest figures. This whole conflict was designed for many reasons, but one thing for sure, no documents from Burisma will remain when it is all over. Russia and NATO will have the DMZ buffer zone they desire, and the food supply from the bread basket of Europe will be eradicated for decades.
I personally have little to no interest in this affair, except as a military strategist, historian, and advocate of the 14 words, which are being horribly desecrated in this war.
All my enemies are right here in America, I don’t need a plane ticket to find them.

“You’ve got to pick up every stitch”…
How appropriate these days..

Here is the link to the channel/event.
This was a disaster for Cambodia, who sponsored the event, although by the looks of the venue China put up a lot of money too, maybe all! International kickboxing rules do not allow upright clinch knees or grappling, trips, or elbows, which is the basis of Kun Khmer. And the fighters suffered because the Chinese specialize in punches in bunches (like Wing Chun).

Thailand (Blue corner) vs. Cambodia (Red corner). 3 knee combination. Wait for the slow mo. The camp I trained in was obsessed with pulling the opponents head down for the coup de gras. Work on the pull down machine with a close set grip to train this technique. Also, you can hold a 15lb medicine ball and practice moving around holding it up at your face to practice staying upright...

I recommend the book “Thermopylae, the battle for the west” by Ernle Bradford, Da Capo press…that is, if anyone still actually reads anymore…


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