I have a few clone recipes I want to try next month and a little something I want to get off my chest.
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With glass in hand I try my new hopped cider
'twas the day after New Years and I wanted something milder
My head was sore, my tounge was dry
This brand new batch I was dying to try
I was groggy and tender, and lots of trips to the bog
Ah what the hell, I thought. Lets hair of the dog
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Cider update, The Propane-Burner that never was and a way to make cash drinking beer!
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Its pretty demotivating when you taste your beer for the first time and it doesn't taste the way you want it to. Sure, Temperature Control and Sanitation are the cornerstones to successful brewing. But having the right balance of hop bitterness to malt sweetness is also key. And if all else fails check out my Number 1 hack if you're in a pinch. Read Dave Carpenters article about balancing your beer 'A Balanced Beer' when you sign up. CHECK IT OUT HERE!
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There's nothing more frustrating than spending an afternoon making beer just to discover it has that 'Home-Brew Twang'. Check out Jester Goldman's 2017 article 'Four Steps to Better Extract Brewing'
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I finally get around to putting that Black Rock Hard Cider down. Will Brew Day go smoothly? watch and find out!
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Things going great until you check the hydrometer readings? Yep, I've been there. Check out some things i've learnt in the last 8 years so this never happens again, And find out what I'll be brewing next.
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The final in my off-flavour series, this time we tackle a few more flavour issues and I'll have a chat about what's coming up.
Keep your beer within that 5.2-5.6 pH range with a pH meter
If your mash is too high try adding some Lactic Acid to bring that pH down
Using one of these when bottling will eliminate any residual oxygen cutting out any chance of oxidization
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Today I decide to check out some high gravity commercial beers and countdown to the top 12 strongest beers in the world. Number 6 has to be seen to be believed!
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3rd part of the series where I cover more off-flavours and how to avoid them.
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I use the Inkbird ITC-308 in my ferm fridge, this is the best deal I've seen out there so far
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Thought I'd cover some more off-flavours i've had in the past.
Check Out Dr. Charlie Bamforth's Podcast With Brad Smith As He Discusses Diacetyl and Off-Flavours In Beer
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After nearly 9 years of brewing I've had my fair share of bad beers, Join your old mate TowelBoy as I share what you need to do to avoid having to send that next brew down the drain.
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Today I mark 50 HBW's, a big shoutout to all those who have supported the channel. So lets give away some FREE BEER to celebrate!
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With summer fast approaching its time to think about planting your hops, grab a beer and see how I do it. Wanna learn more about home-brewing? I've been following these guys for a while now, check out their webpage
Hop Mosaic article
Downy Mildew article
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Nothing better to do on a rainy, miserable day so lets try a cuppla beers!
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List of Ingredients and how to get them
1.7KG Coopers Canadian Blonde
1.2KG Light Liquid Malt Extract
250g Carapils
250g Golden Promise
25g Citra
25g Galaxy
1pkg Mangrove Jacks Bohemian Lager Yeast (M84)

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If you want to start home-brewing, this is a great place to start

Hoppy Ales, mutant yeast and a way to win free beer
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And the winner of the mini-keg set-up is...
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