Jeffry Epstein ALIVE ????

I watch every single video related to the Jeffry Epstein Case when I see them in the recommended. But the thing that others me the most is that I hear every theory in the book yet to date I have not seen one single person bring up the very likely and very real possibility that he is alive and his death was faked and someone else was killed in his place. His Photographer supposedly fled to south America which The moment I heard that my first thought was that is Jeffry Epstein Not some french Photographer.

Now the reason I think it is absolutely stupid for people to allow them self to be distracted by this debate over rather he committed suicide or was murdered. Everyone seems to think he was murdered which is ridiculous beings that he was NOT in the business of trafficking children so much as he was in the business of filming people of high political power having sexual interactions with a child. Pulling the J Edgar Hoover thing.

Now When your in the business of blackmailing the most powerful people in the world, As a matter of FACT NOT My Opinion, There are TWO Ways to use compromising footage. #1, first and foremost you use it to protect your self from getting killed. So you set it up as a Dead Mans trigger. Heck if If Chevy Chaise in the movie Fletch didnt teach us this what would? So dead mans trigger BEFORE you inform the politician that you now own his ass.

So there is no way in hell that anybody murdered Jeffry Epstein, There is no way he killed him self. That man becam a Billionare with a B, You do not make that much money if your so stupid that you blackmail people without setting up some sort of dead mans trigger.

So how is it that every single person researching this case seems to completely overlook this possibility? In fact its more than just a possibility, Its the most likely possibility given the business he was into.

His primary business was Blackmailing the most politically powerful people in the world. Nobody ..

Tge plan.

Suit-Yourself and Tog VRs Toxic Angel in a Game of Creator Chess but I believe they play Checkers.

Four months ago Suit told a few lies about me to his 6k subs. One was bad enough to make at least one of his subs so man he subscribed to my channel bell notified just like suit asked his subs to, and what he did for four months now, was thumbs down all my videos he did miss a few, but no view time, minutes after I upload a 2 hour video and itl have 1 view and 1 dislike.

I ignored it and laughed till he did it one a video that was personal and genuine. And now Its time Suit and his childish as well as horrible influence on these adolescents and the proof is what they have been doing to my channel. In other cases I never saw a creator ASK his subs to go flood another channel just AFTER telling his subs a horrible lie about me..

So yeah,, Now Ill destroy them with IQ.. Simple as that, They wrote checks their single digit IQ Combine, Can not cash!!

Iv been working on about 7 projects so The response video will come soon..

Building advanced music studio. Using cutting-edge highly funded scientific research pure reviewed sound.

Tedx keywords on YouTube is sound killing cancer with sound. Now pay close attention to what this guy says and little did I know that three months before I decided to revisit and pay more attention because I decided long ago well after my second trip to Yucatan well it wasn't my second it was more like my fourth trip but the second time and digital.

A few tribes of the Mayan culture,. Decided I don't know what it is they think of me that I'm something special I'm the return of something than they've been waiting for due to how fast I figured out it was like I pulled the sword from the stone literally but the sword was a metaphor for pulling a memory from a stone that you guys might consider in America haunted and if you want to know all that the link in the description so that you can see the video because it's called cymatics in nature but it tells the story of how I got lead back to a place that I could not stand and when I was offered to be taught about the sound effects I said no thanks I hate football I don't even care about ancient football 7 months later I would have this vision and how it occurred well watch the link in the description cymatics and nature. And you'll get a brief understanding of how I was led back to that hieroglyph of the seven Echoes and that's the story that I told this Mayan tribe who was white boy tattoos all over his face a street with a gangster looking Mexican they just basically found on us and Charlie looked at me and said you know they're planning on us and I said yes so we're sitting in the Box work but I wish for you guys and I said actually some of the look in his eyes that he was mostly pounding on my tattoos.

Charlie never translates word for word what I say because if you did it would get me killed by the cartel and so he's StreetWise and he knows what would get me killed and whatnot so usually I get about 90% mayb..

Building music starts with lumber

Sargon Od Akkad interview Alex Jones 666 dislikes. Coincidence?

You might believe that it is coincidence today as I always say believe is a choice if I tell you I have a quarter in my back pocket and you have the choice to make rather you going to believe what I've just told you or not. But the very moment that I open exposing the contents of my back pocket and you see a $5 bill in there and no quarter at all and you now know you no longer have a choice to believe or not to believe.

In the next 4 months I'm going to be publishing videos where I'm going to be showing you guys scientific peer-reviewed factual information that I've been working on what's in my music Turn crew Bridge some of the most cutting-edge technology and sound into dance music which is something that has been done before but not in the way that I'm going to do it. For example killing cancer cells with 100 to 300,000 megahertz is something that has never been even attempted to be applied to music. . Coincidentally I do recall this particular story from about four years ago before I decided to divorce my future ex-wife and write music and go to Asia and go on tour. That being said it's quite coincidental that right before I revisit the tedx discussion where this musician is working on this technology I noticed something that I had never noticed for years previous 5 years previous excuse me. And ironically enough 5 years previous I would not have noticed anyway because the particular electronic music device didn't exist five years ago.

So have you gone to Yucatan and learned about the amazing acoustic effects in the ancient world at the pyramids city of Chichen Itza as well as learning how they work I just started thinking about many different things and that's when it came to me to go revisit the Ted X discussion and when I did I noticed something. It wasn't as simple as blasting 200000 megahertz of sound of somebody and destroying one specific cell not being cancer cells and not destroying..




FOR ZHEANI - Die Antwoord Lives his dream of raping a child while The Coastal kids REPRESENT!


Love, Gratitude Angelus Toxicus

Die Antwoord reacted to rape allegations in a way NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!

Think of a time in history that any public figure reacted to allegations of rape by responding that her BLANK "stank". Etc etc.

When I become a pretend demigod on stage, Ill bring one super fan per week to be a rockstar and I will have no other relations nor expectations, only teaching a baby bird to fly then set them off to Fly. My mission is to be a spark for as many of my brothers and sisters as I can.

Help me. . And the reward that I will give you guys in return I just must have this reference in the piece that I'm working on believe me if somebody helps me find this particular one I'm going to blow your minds with the next video I'm working on is really really going to be mind-blowing please help me find it I will find it but it'll take me days but if I ask the community to help it might take hours

Beautiful music of life.

Artificial Intelligence Aleister Crowley's LAW OF REVERSALS

T&A Commentary Over revised Visual of NIN Right where it belongs, Jaky O n Mumi

"Strive for nothing more than Apotheosis of Empathy".

Book Emerald Tablets Of Thoth.

Thoth "of all things nothing else matters except the growth that we can gain with our soul. ... The things we seek are not of the body, but are only the perfected state of the soul."

Nine Inch Nails - Right Where It Belongs Remix By Jaky O n Mumu T&A Visual

I did a fun little visual to perhaps help some people understand how deep this song is. Ill be doing a full break down I was working on that when I got the idea to try to do it with random images I could find on Google first.

My Heart goes out to the people of Aleppo Hospital. And all other families effected by pure evil. While I was Busy safe in my world and never thought of what was going on, on tv. The other side of the LCD screen. Or the Animal in the Glass. Mirror. Nice to Bomb a Hospital, Wedding, Family gathering to get one HVT!

John X Army Inspired me to do this visual tho I have been working on a full break down of the Lyrics and Music scale for a week or two, I just keep making mistakes.

So This I figured might be fun to see who figures out closest what Trent is talking about from just images.

I am Toxic but still an Angel - "I STRIVE FOR APOTHEOSIS OF EMPATHY" Toxic Angel Life Goal. Regrets - Did not shead a tear for any of the stuff on the other side of the glass and as The lyrics point toward it being a mirror of our own illusion, I feel blood on my hands and Now I woke to a Goal of complete Empathy.

I want Apotheosis alright, Apotheosis of empathy. When my face is not buried in T&A still ; )

True Story, I have an Al'Quran about 8 feet from me.. Iv looked it up my self. EXTREMELY Rare form of binary star system as well making the idea of coincidence not even possible any longer!

Eating pic can still kill you today ifit is not cooked properly or stored and this is why it is Haram in Islam.. Also the Fasting and during the time of year of fast in related to the cyclic patterns from this binary star system to ours!

CYMATICS In Water Instantly Frozen to create Cymatic Quasicrystal HOLY WATER

This was another Gem I have been trying to show you the relationship between Sound and Water as well as the Holographic relationship between sound and water is why Egyopt used a Frequency and Wave form symbol known as the SAW wave to represent Water. It never meant Just Water, It Meant This particular Wave form and Frequency put into water and that is what that symbol means! Iv been saying this for years and Now I finally have the proof. And I have a lot more to do because now I can decode it. As well as the Eastern Chakra system and Activate Merkaba with My Music, Kill Cancer cells with My Songs. Bless people with my songs and set them free of the Alister Crowley Law of Reversal being used to control you!

So go ahead park with me have my goddamn docs docs in myself on accident it was what the hell stupid was this to Knox myself and then you know but I did say such wisdom that I decided but I threw the satire that I thought was funny in there so I say fuk it I was going to wait until I transferred into computer and throw some pictures on the f*** it you guys can understand what the f*** I'm talking about especially the ones that have followed me for a while so f*** it you guys know where I'm at anyway I told you I'm walking down the f****** coconuts in sand

So when I say full scenario being displayed on your biohazard or your toxicity glass what I mean is like my toxic Angel intro using a fancy that is sensitive to color I can actually there a color etching that will appear to move and be animated just like your now that we're talkin chords she was me something that was very susceptible to cold for example this 10 can very thick 10 that's shaped like an oil barrel it gets really cold super quick compared to eyeglass I'm quite surprised cuz you know all of us Coke drinkers we've always like drinking or Coke or Pepsi or cancer I don't know we know the real truth behind or there is a real ass was not head.

I was just automatically I was just Auto auto riding by complete mistake having no idea where I was typing I was just Auto writing right I've never tried that before and so I'll have to try to decode whatever the hell

I can't say is very much different from the average merch I am going to be a designer shirts but I can't say some of the ideas I have are very original as you guys will see but I won't be ready for about 6 months but you guys are going to go crazy and I'm going to give most of it away due to the fact that I want more than money and making money on merchandise cuz I'm going to make enough money on my music and my entertainments I would rather give my liked one of my flash and not the metal one with the glass ones that's actually the color changes the symbols change color quite quickly and dramatically according to the temperature of the water so what I can create is drinking class that actually has the toxic Angel intro playing right before your eyes. I have you actually put coffee in there it'll turn into flame. Like hell. So that being said you know those are quite expensive cuz it's not just blowing glass and very complicated but that's something I give to subscribers when they're like the hundred thousand subscriber and that's I have a handful of things right now as you guys can see I'm so but I am collecting things to give away to my subscribers and the Very time to comment to me and Trey as the most common theme on YouTube is to accuse everybody up copycat I guess if you will

Well My Niece Is no longer Dating, Its OFFICIAL, She does not want to see ANOTHER One of her boyfriends mysteriously Vanish.. And I swear I may be a Toxic Fallen Angel but Im still an Angel guys, Id never have anything to do with the Mysterious Vanishings of all the boyfriends of my Niece. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THOSE STRANGE SOUNDS ARE COULD HAVE JUST BEEN MY CAT RUNNING CROSS THE FLOOR AND JUMPING ONTO THE TABLE.. THE OTHER ODD SOUND DID SOUND LIKE GUNSHOTS BUT i DID DROP SOME PENNIES ON THE FLOOR THAT MIGHT BE WHAT YOU ALL JUST HEARD?

So I not only need a few items to be made as props for my videos but also most likely to be sold and given away as merchandise so people that are involved in the airbrush Community specifically people who deal with 10 temperature sensitive paint mini the paint that changes colors based on the temperature as well as the glass-blowing community I'm looking for a glass blower who has a quality lathe therefore he can take something that I purchased for a prop plus the one that I got turned out to be really low quality and make the size a little bigger make the glass A lot thicker and leave the etching to me. So it's basically just the shape and the size that I need and quality. And I'm also looking not just for this for my own props for my film Project butts I'm also going to be looking for an exclusive Arrangement between me and the glass blower so that leaves can be made as merchandise for giving them away as gifts to a certain number of subscribers gifts to people who I don't know I just want to do fun and dude really fun things that gives me the opportunity to give away really fun props really fun pieces of merchandise and also create really interesting pieces of merchandise that's is very unconventional I mean everybody selling shirts everybody is selling glasses everybody selling flashlights that break Windows help you out of a car should you ever crash into a pond as rare as it is I mean before I went and bought a flashlight that would help me break out of the car after crashing into the ocean I'd run around and ask everyone I knew my entire life if they know anybody who ever died from crashing their car into a body of water I'm not saying it's a bad idea to have that piece of apparatus I'm just saying it seems kind of ridiculous that's almost every YouTube Creator is now trying to sell that crap as well as a VPN. And what really bothers me about the ones that are selling the VPN is none of them know the first thing about a virtual private Network and If You Do..

I'm looking for a really high-quality glass blower that has a lathe also somebody who is a really good airbrush artist or really good car I know that there's a temperature-sensitive paints that are really sensitive to temperature because in the drop of a hat they can completely change color and so I'm looking for somebody who knows a lot about those temperature sensitive paints because I want to make a glass that will actually go through a seen a lot like my intro for my toxic Angel videos by using the right temperature sensitivity and the right sequence I can almost have a very similar scene go on and the glass within a couple of moments after pouring the ice and Coca-Cola or whatever kind of drink puts your boat so to speak in the glass. So I'll be looking for someone for long-term as far as the glassblower when I go to Asia there will be big parties so I'll probably want to do 50 glasses because I'll be giving the glasses away to all the people that attend the parties and they'll all be limited edition and yeah so anybody who knows somebody in that business I live in Hawaii myself I've contacted a glassblower here in Maui they wanted to charge me $390 per glass which is ridiculous I mean I need 8 glasses just for myself for my first order now if I was going to pay $390 a glass * 8 I would just buy a lathe myself and start learning how to blow glass myself and build my own Kiln because that's ridiculous there's no reason I just don't think the guy was very good glassblower because I know some really good glass blowers but I live really far from them haven't spoken to them in a long time and actually one of them just died so is extremely hard for me to get them to contact me with somebody who I'll be straight up with me I personally not sure if the guy you know he basically talked to him at his long-term deal or he would have made a lot of money just by being a smart-ass and you know I mean come on really did the guy really think anybody in the world would pay $3..


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