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PedoGate - The Three Worlds - And The Relationship Between Good and Evil

Toxic Angel

Just me chatting it up about Issac Kappy's Murder and ignorant humans who would believe anything they are told?

Felling the same story with modern tech.

Yes working very hard I now have the complete design of my studio and now I must simply come up with the funds and execute the design.

Suit yourself , SUIT-FU - thanks to all the malicious lies he told me I have a weaving spider.

I did the audio the other night but I'm working really hard on some very complicated Graphics right now so you guys will have to wait for me to put together the screenshots and the quotes and prove my case but I think it's really going to piss a Pete a lot of people off not just my subscribers but other satire channels like Leon Lush and priming, because he went too far he went way too far and I am considering a lawsuit against him because what he did what his subscriber is doing is causing direct harm to my channel it will take a lot longer for it to succeed because when you downgrade video what the first of you having a dislike consistently but you look at the analytics and it has 0 view time that's when I started to realize that it was one of Suits subscribers and I knew it because suit said that I cared more about YouTube popularity than the molestation of children and then he suggested his subscribers come to my channel and pay me a visit and told them the link to my channel was in the description and that was after making another video where he had used creative editing like Jim Jefferies and Comedy Central did to Avi yemeni.

Avi yemeni was at least smart enough to have a phone on record and expose what Comedy Central did me I couldn't hide a camera in suit yourself office but I didn't need one because he made my own case for me with all the self contradictions and all the screenshots I have will prove Beyond A Reasonable Doubt not only what he did but how malicious and I can prove that is malicious behavior affected my channel in a very negative way I don't have to prove Beyond a reasonable doubt that it is his subscriber doing it all I have to prove is that he asked his subscribers to come visit my channel after telling a malicious lie about me that does defamation of character and the reason defamation of character people can be held liable for it is because ..

ISSAC KAPPY MURDER Insider Information - Reply to Phoenix enigma, Lift the vail Issac Kappy! A bit Long winded but it will all make sense when I conclude!! because while I may sound to veer offtopic, once I conclude you will be mind blown about how it is all connected!!

So as many of you know I went scouting for my film project this last October spending six weeks in the Yucatan and now I have to charge it every detail of the film project and everything is lined up ready to go I need to raise finances although I'll explain in due time but seven is the most sacred number of the Maya so briefly I'll just say that even if somebody offered me $10,000 I couldn't take it because I must spend no more than $7,000 on the full film budget. I'll go more into that later what is extremely important that every aspect is 7 is followed. For example I was born in 77, 7 years ago I returned to Yucatan and I touched a sacred artifact that gave me a vision and it put me in a very low very particular location at the great ball court where there is a hieroglyph of a beheaded ball player where is seven squirts of blood coming from his neck and or seven snakes each snake is zigzagging seven times.

Standing there if you clap your hands one time very hard you will hear exactly seven echoes. I was told the reason that I have that Vision was this is how the Ancients used to communicate with their ancient selves and that this was me sending me here and what I needed to do was solve the mystery of the seven Echoes In order to find my next step.

Either way there's a few other things I'm going to be doing but I'm not going to be revealing until I go there because as something I'm not going to give any spoiler alerts let's just say. But it's going to be amazing. Now of course I'm going to start filming September 7th. Reason being is September comes from the word septum which is from the ancient Hebrew calendar I'm the seventh month septum means seven. September 7th is seven seven. Course then I will upload the finished film.

Unfortunately the research I'm doing down there has a lot to do with cymatics and healing as well as highly Advanced languages and sound. But I say unfortunately because it has led me to Egypt. And I never wanted to go to Egypt it's jus..

So close

Well I've been getting a lot of dislikes you know and I've explained to people that I am doing a lot of work I'm struggling and to get these film projects done and stay in budget we're just going to blow all your mind I find it really disrespectful that I'm getting dislikes and it can't be from the people that have been waiting for me to do this it could be because I have a couple of satire that I put up here lately I got another one that's just great now this isn't necessarily the cup of tea of the people have been following me for research but I really would think it would be hard if you guys would be just liking my videos I mean some support when I risk my life to let you know I did those blood magic videos about sacrifice seven years ago okay now I have to say I risked my life for that information but I've come a long long long way a startling way that even some of the best experts in Hebrew and God theology as far as science yeah I risked my ass to get this information to people and it's about to come but please if you know you love research and that's why you followed me then it's coming but you know when I get inspired to jump up and do something I've been dealing with all this political nonsense affecting me directly and I used to get paid to make these videos and now I'm completely destroyed because of providing information that you people loved me to provide and now if I do it they're going to destroy my account and definitely they've already destroyed my AdSense account I no longer making time doing this. So I've got to rebuild my brand from the ground up it's an ultimately music I'm still going to try to provide you guys some symbolism and some I'm going to read some codex Madrid I'm going to do some translations because they predicted a nuclear war and I'll be able to translate this for you guys and blow your minds. But it can be prevented and that's where we can talk about it work I'm going to be doing its classified right now because I just say I ne..

PURE SATIRE WARNING!! ? Infected with Toxic Biohazards, by ToxicAngel

Tesla's Key #369 Dimensions And Apotheosis Of Man

Sorry, I run on a bit before I get to explaining how Time works. I am still going to create another video which I will refine and assist with Images for you all but Im workingon my brand, after effects itl take weeks...

Ore planning

Morgue Hyperion of the next L. Ron Hubbard? - Re: What is Magick

My research into Spells, Blood Sacrifice, etc deep in cultures like Yucatan, Aztec and Mayan tells me he's trying to hard to become the next L Ron Hubbard and this Hyperianism is his attempt to claim that he is his own god not because he believes so, but from his own actions its his vendetta against Christianity! and I'm no Christian!!!

I do not agree with morgue, likely because he lacks the actual experiance whioe I am a huge fan of his mind, I am not a fan of his clearly stance against Chriwstianity as I find most of this t bhe a matter of PTSD from his elders trying to push it onto him or perhaps he is Gay and often Gay men feel Christians stand in judgement over them!! Christians are stupid not religion///

but most of all its my world travels and digging deep into cultures to learn about their magik that has shown me this information did not come from little green men but from transdimensional entities nit some card [email protected]

I Pet Goat II - NEW ENGLISH TRANSLATION SCENE PREDICTED Thanks JONXArmy - I do my new translation and JonX Army really its going to work for both of us in near future because I think we are going to see some predictions and from Toxic Angel, Ill be getting a new External Hard drive and Ill clear 800 GIGS and this will clear my I MAC so I can put all my videos from my SD Cards and really have a lot of thi story told..

Sandy Hook questioning is illegal?

how is it that two people get sued because these two people allegedly did not believe the parents were real and then the person that filed a lawsuit fails to show up there for this is the reason the mainstream media told me that these things were dismissed but the mainstream media didn't at least acknowledge the fact that people not showing up resulting in the entire case being dropped I'd like to ask how come people aren't questioning that? All I know people question that just look at the like to dislike ratio of the mainstream media is attack on people they claim don't believe her excuse me believe Sandy Hook was a hoax. I don't know anybody that believes it was a hoax every single person I know had never watched Alex Jones or Wolfgang how big or anybody we actually look at FBI reports mainstream media reports and wench it didn't add up we started voicing our opinions on YouTube and about five years later we were all attacked for it and my channel was specifically terminated because of my freelance journalism when I said I didn't believe this s*** I consistently said that any belief I had rather I believed in the event or did not believe in the vents strong from the fact of what I was told by people supposedly respond responsible for keeping them honest. Anderson Cooper for one telling me a bunch of s*** that I could not verify in fact everything that I could see an official reports the minimum official reports that are released to the public I was not able to see anything that convinced me that what the mean tree media had told me was legitimate. The only way that anyone is going to question this is if we all go to Steven Crowder and beg his ass to do this one we know that changed my mind episode that he does how about Sandy Hook is b*******, change my mind.
we all know he can't do that because the press would ruin his reputation by bringing up some b******* lawsuit that would end in the family members not showing up in fac..

There are a lot of reasons that music and film studios require acoustic treatment but vocal booths and areas where you're singing or recording acoustic instruments like cello or violin or guitar acoustic guitar things that do not plug directly into a computer but are recorded by a microphone the problem is is the sound bounces off of a wall and is recycled into the microphone again creating an echo or a reverb. So when we designate an area for a vocalist in most cases it's a vocalist we have to acoustically treat the area in my entire life I've never seen somebody artistically treat the acoustic treatment. So this is an idea I learned from the Yucatan and the ancient world. And now here I'm applying acoustic technology I learned from the ancient world as well as artistic retreating in those acoustic effects.

Mythological creature or not interesting enough Autumn recreating my YouTube channel that was once a moderately successful Channel it was freelance journalism and the left political left did not enjoy my content and they attacked anybody that was a fluke leponitt so my YouTube channel got wiped out and so I've decided to go with entertainment and once in awhile crack a funny joke about something I find hilarious involving the left however that will quickly see you terminated things that they don't make jokes about children wearing almost nothing but we can't make jokes about a woman who we wish was wearing nothing.

the two videos I got the final two strikes that terminated my account we're both video is very similar to this with one exception there were no satire comments this in this video the satire comments comments comes from the fact that my account was terminated due to two strikes on videos of Mike at the link will be in the description of one of the videos that got a strike the one that resulted in the termination of my account which is why I created another account threatening to file a lawsuit against YouTube because I had proof because I had screenshots of the videos and I had proof of what videos got strikes so they remove the strikes reinstated my account that's why I deleted over 70 videos and eventually they were able to completely demonetize me and actually deactivate my AdSense account because I didn't get 4000 hours of you time in that year because after deleting 7280 videos of freelance journalism I had to decide how I wanted to recreate my YouTube and I didn't want to make any waves I wanted a stable YouTube channel so I decided to go with entertainment and research video because research is what I like to and talk about symbolism within just do it in a way as to make disclaimers that I'm not bullying or harassing and just going about it a different way which I see almost all other creators are doing but the point I'm trying to make in this video is the link will be in the description of the video that got my account terminated before and you guys tell me why this is okay and when it was reinstated this video was also reinstated but it said that it had to be you had to verify that you were over age 18 to watch the video and this was done through manual review.

now keep in mind in this video I make smart-ass comments about it but in the video in question I'm going to show you the video that was buy manual review require you to be over 18. And this was also the link in the description of the gray cat was also the one that got my account terminated.

just preparing the studio to get ready to make some videos and start to getting that money to start rolling in so that I can get payday passive income no matter where at I am in the world first I have to fix the farm and get it a steady Rollin in income and then I can go all over the world and collect a monthly or weekly check.

Alix Studios construction

Acoustic Effects Chichen Itza -Calcite Quartz and modern medical applications

ChristChurch Sh00thing QuestioN?

I do suspect the police I this photograph are unrelated to suspect for two reasons! #1 Facebook has a way of spreading fake news so they can come to rescue and offer a solution to fake news. From Chaos comes Order or Ordo Ab Chao!

So I've seen Facebook trend real news except they modified the story! It's a form of clickbait that predates YouTube clickbait!

We call them "Like & Share" scams!!

It's a method that Facebook scammers use an image where the method is Guilt and the motive is To get as many people sharing your post as possible!!

The best example is tge St Jude children will Cancer! This implied guilt in order to manipulate the observers. First I would profile. So I'd find Facebook users who support causes, Facebook users who have a lot of followers and I'd find groups they follow and join the same group.

Add mutual friends and then Add request them. I'd have a few different causes on my profile, Animal rights, Children who are hungry or diseased.

The idea is to use images of sick children most often they go directly to tge St Jude website and take tge images directly from that.

Also offer a solution. The popularity of these scams has gone down recently but the solution is something as follows.

"ever like =$1 and every share is 5$!! If you share it ask your friends to like it and every like will result in a dollar donated!!"

I've never once seen a person question this. Simple logic alone would result in zero shares and zero likes! But this is why we profile. The political profile is the Left! So Leftists are most likely to share this without applying any logic. They do not care, so long as their peers see them involved in some type of Activisim.

This is where a proper profiling helps a great deal. And the only thing a "like" can result in is ratings.

How on Earth liking a picture can result in one dollar per like does not matter! It's impossible but if you profile people with their own agendas they won'..


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