DC is in PANIC as Maricopa's audit draws to a close and the Biden TRAIN WRECK hits the world stage. These clowns are backed into a corner—and they know it! Their narrative is collapsing at every turn! But how far will they go to silence the opposition? And when will the truth see the light of day? Join me for a deep dive today @ 12PM ET.

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DOJ threatens auditors

AZ Senator response

AZ AG response letter to DOJ

Ballots missing?

Ballots not missing?

9 States visiting AZ audit

Georgia chain-of-custody problems

Biden Train Wreck at G7

Biden on Putin at G7 (VIDEO)

Putin on Jan. 6

Fight the White

Q Propaganda

Jason Miller on TRUMP social media

Biden on Pride Month

COVID plunged the world into recession, leaving millions of Americans out of work. Yet, somehow the housing market BOOMED!?! How is that possible? Of course, people are fleeing Blue states and foreclosures were put on hold. But does this really explain the SKYROCKETING prices and staggering shortage of homes? Well, this week my questions were answered. And it's much, much more sinister than you think. Join me for a deep dive into the agenda to make owning a home (or anything else, for that matter) a thing of the past...

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When the Left goes all out to smear an event, you know it must have been over the target! What is it they don't want you to know about the For God & Country gathering in Texas over the weekend? Join me live @ 12PM ET today to find out!

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Mainstream media is in full blown PANIC as the Maricopa audit continues and more and more Americans see the truth. They're calling it "dangerous", "bonkers", "crazy", and "spooky". Could it be because their lies are coming back to haunt them? How long until it's game over for these traitors? Join me live @ 12PM ET today for a deep dive!

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Election audit resumes

Update from audit director

Meet Katie Hobbs - and her backer George Soros

Kate Hobbs loses power

“Serious issues” found in audit

Rachel Maddow worried about other state audits

Trump interview

Trump calls out RINOs for staying quiet about audit

Lindell blocked from conference

As the federal government tramples on the constitution, States are fighting back to protect their citizens. From cracking down on big tech censorship to banning vaxx passports, the spirit of 1776 is on the rise. Join me dose of optimism today at 12PM ET!

Desperate Dems and RINOs vote to set up a 9/11-style commission into the January 6 protests. D.C. is officially panicking as Biden's economy tanks, and audits spread to other states. All they can do now is try to distract us with another witch hunt. But ain't gonna work. Join me today at 12PM ET!

Domino Joe's toppling the Leftist illusion faster than he can stumble up the stairs of Air Force One. But will America survive in the meantime? Join me today at 12PM ET for 10 positive signs that the scales are starting to tip. See you there!

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10. 8 /10 Republicans against Cheney

9. States ending unemployment

8. Supreme court handgun search

7. World Wide Demonstration for Freedom protests worldwide

6. Disney plummet

5. Clinton Foundation IRS

4. Space Force Woke

3. Supreme court Roe v. Wade

2. Audit dominoes (Ben Garrison cartoon)

1. Fauci Kicked to the Curb

Democrats Binkies

Interview with Dr. Elana Yaron Fishbein, the founder of No Left Turn in Education.

For anyone who didn't see it, Trump released a hopeful message after his acquittal. Most media aren't showing the full statement so I made a video with the full text. Please watch and share!

From pipelines to the power grid, Trump's policies have been dumped in the dustbin of history, clearing the way for a new wave of environmental justice and unity. But while we were busy watching political theater, a power hungry, climate-destroying dictator was calling the shots behind the scenes. How do I know? I just look for the red flags.

One of the most important videos to watch right now—exposing the dark Communist roots behind the election—while giving Patriots massive hope for what is coming. It's The Plot to Steal America. Visit us at
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