Special 20 low D harp

The Heather Breeze / unknown / Boil the Breakfast Early

NPU Archive 2011

Seán Potts: whistle
Paddy Moloney: ullieann pipes

The Boyne Hunt / The Heather Breeze

NPU Archive

Ronnie Drew and the boys hitting you right in the feels..
The Dubliners' Dublin 1989

Séamus clowns around and plays a popular tune at the Willie Clancy Summer School
RTE Archives 1978

Séamus plays a reel composed by his father

‘Port na Gioboige’ (‘The Untidy Woman’s Tune’)
RTE Archives 1975

'An Poc Ar Buile' ('The Mad Billy Goat')
Ballad Session 1965

Chris McMullan plays a jig on the uilleann pipes

Chris McMullan: uilleann pipes
Kyle McCaulay: guitar

Dublin, Ireland 1973

Drag Her Around the Road/Musical Priest/Corner House/Congress Reel

Kilmore House 1999

Noel Battle: Harmonica
Joe Meehan: Guitar

Custy's Music 2011

Kerry Optima low whistle


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