The Battering Ram / Old Favorite / Jim Ward's Jig
Corkman Pub, Melbourne

Donegal fiddle player John Doherty

Donegal fiddle player Mickey Doherty

RTÉ Dublin studio 1981
1) Ní ar Chnoc nó ar Ísleacht
2) Finbarr Dwyer's Reel

A song about the miracles of poteen (Irish moonshine)

Let your quacks and newspapers be cutting their capers
'Bout curing the vapors, the scratch and the gout
With their powders and potions, their serums and lotions
Upholding their notions they're mighty put out
Would you know the true physics about the pathetics
And pitch to the divil, cramp, colic and spleen
You'll know it I think if you take a big drink
With your mouth to the brink of a glass of poteen

Then stick to the craythur the best thing in nature
For sinking your sorrows and raising your joys
Oh what botheration, no dose in the nation
Can give consolation like whiskey me boys

Come guess me this riddle, what beats pipes and fiddle
What's stronger than mustard and milder than cream
What best wets your whistle, what's clearer than crystal
What's sweeter than honey and stronger than steam
What'll make the dumb talk, what'll make the lame walk
What's the elixir of life and philosopher's stone
And what helped Mr. Brunnell to dig the Thames Tunnel
Sure, wasn't it whiskey from old Inishowen

Then stick to the craythur the best thing in nature
For sinking your sorrows and raising your joys
Oh lord, I'd not wonder if lightning and thunder
Were made from the plunder of whiskey me boys

Micheal O'Domhnaill: vocals
Gerry O'Beirne: 12 string
Kevin Burke: fiddle

Special 20 low D harp

The Heather Breeze / unknown / Boil the Breakfast Early

NPU Archive 2011

Seán Potts: whistle
Paddy Moloney: ullieann pipes

The Boyne Hunt / The Heather Breeze

NPU Archive

Ronnie Drew
The Dubliners' Dublin 1989

Séamus plays a popular tune at the Willie Clancy Summer School
RTE Archives 1978

Séamus plays a reel composed by his father

‘Port na Gioboige’ (‘The Untidy Woman’s Tune’)
RTE Archives 1975

'An Poc Ar Buile' ('The Mad Billy Goat')
Ballad Session 1965

Chris McMullan plays a jig on the uilleann pipes

Chris McMullan: uilleann pipes
Kyle McCaulay: guitar

Dublin, Ireland 1973

Drag Her Around the Road/Musical Priest/Corner House/Congress Reel

Kilmore House 1999

Noel Battle: Harmonica
Joe Meehan: Guitar

Custy's Music 2011

Kerry Optima low whistle


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