In Lucerne Valley, just outside Johnson Valley, near the famous King of the Hammers trails, is Cougar Buttes where you will find numerous rock crawling trails among the towering, jagged, rocky buttes. Hammer Down Trail is only one of these rough, rocky, rig flexing trails in Cougar Buttes.

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This 1971 Scout II has been 'slightly' modified.
This 4x4 rig has a custom stretched wheelbase in front and rear, sitting on a Dana 60 axle in the front and a 14 bolt, full float axle in the rear. The rear differential is locked up by a Detroit locker. The front includes a Lock right differential locker.
Granny 4Lo-Lo is achieved with a 203/205 doubler tcase and an SM465 4 speed transmission...
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Swamp Lake. What an awesome trail! At just under under 13 miles of slow going rock crawling, Swamp Lake Trail, MVUM trail number 26E220, is best suited for a 2-3 day trip, but is doable in a 7 -8 hour day at an aggressive pace.
Rooster Rock, a long steep climb up a granite rock face mountain, is probably the one obstacle this trail in most known for, but this is not the most difficult section of Swamp Lake trail.
The most difficult ( and most fun ) section of Swamp Lake trail is MVUM trail number 26E221; the side trail that leads to some great camping areas at the Swamp Lake shore. A close second is the potential winch point north of the lake, where you will need to squeeze between, over and around multiple large boulders, and the need for winching is common.
Dusy Ershim 4x4 trail run October, 2017.

Considered, by some, to be harder than the Rubicon Trail, the Dusy Ershim Trail is a rough, rocky, 30 mile long trail in the central Sierra Nevada Mountains that runs from the Courtright Reservoir to White Bark Vista at Kaiser Pass, southeast of Mono Hotsprings. In addition to some incredible wheeling and camping, you will find some great fishing in the numerous mountain lakes along this trail.


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