Spatiqued goes through the complicated phenomenon of metamorphosis. He takes time out from his busy schedule to debunk several old riddles that have been plaguing man since time immemorial. A neighbour's clock is also discussed here at length. You'll need to be sober for this video, lads, and have your thinking cap on!

Meet Happy Demon Termite, a Kiwi with a third-rate Ozzie accent. When his YT channel gets nuked, things go from bad to worse for our hero. In this video, recorded from the can, Happy Demon Termite lays it all out.

Two fundraisers for the price of two. How about it, folks? C'mon, folks, what good is your money in your pocket when it can be nice and warm and toasty in me own pocket? C'mon, folks, do the Christian thing here and send me all your shekels....WWJD?....Tha-tha-tha-that's all, folks...until tomorrow's new fundraiser(s).
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How to lose 250,000 subscribers in 2 minutes.

Rev. Timothy gives his farewell message and goes through the FINAL FOUR VIDEOS while also proposing a political solution for the beleaguered Irish people to get out of Scamdemic Prison.

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In this silly episode Spatiqued, while out walking the streets, decides to go through the scientific underpinnings of an April Fool's joke. He also analyzes Flat Earth Theory in a way that even Joe Six-pack will be able to understand. Throughout the video he searches for a quiet street and/or a bench on which to sit. Amazing stuff altogether. A must-see video!

This channel will come to a close at the end of this month.

Dr. Philosopher's final episode takes place inside a supermarket. After having got lost, our protagonist gives some fellow-Dub a very, very, very serious ultimatum.

Having inquired into the current state of his First Holy Communion money, our beloved Martyr then hits the record button and kicks off his 576th fundraiser of 2021.

In this silly episode, Dr. Philosopher complains about the Irish and also how Hollywood overlooked him for an audition back in 1991.

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This channel will cease uploading videos at the end of April.

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traitorFM will be coming to a close at the end of April.

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