Ever notice how the most dangerous and dirty cities are always liberal shitholes??

A quick rant on ...once again, that all is based on balance no matter how absurd settling into the One or the Tao or...or...

Our 3D world is a simulation of division and Illusion...How do we find peace of mind here?

A list of terrible Italian Americans from an Italian American

U2 was one of the greatest bands ever...until BONO.

......Pissed I shaved my beard, my dogs drinking water and the Epic Law of One.

Modern social/snowflake/PC/Liberals have come to the conclusion that anything outside the mini realm of their mini minds is either Racist or Sexual Harassment. Get A Grip!!

DACA is dead and the time to take responsibility for your own country could not be more auspicious

In order to move up the inner dimensional ladder, the weaponized weed has to go!!

Alex Jones an alt media master that cannot stop interrupting his guests

Tao in the harsh truth of now
A safe haven for the red pilled without crayons


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