Kompilacija nuspojava cjepiva

Stravično iskustvo žene sa Covid odjela u Hrvatskoj

On December 28 he posted online about getting the 3rd dose of vaccine. He fainted on live TV. In the ambulance he had 5 separate heart attacks.

Fašisti nemaju milosti - Nizozemska policija pustila pse na građane

Vaše vijesti su lažne

Pogledajte poznate osobe iz Srbije koje su iznenada preminule nakon vakcinacije

Dramatični apel iz Austrije - Vlada priprema 2.000 eura kazne za necijepljene i godinu dana zatvora

This is doctor Dr. Thomas Jendges head of Chimnitzer Klinikum ospital in Germany. This is his farewell note, last post before he was found dead by jumping (or being thrown) of the roof of the clinic!

Luxembourg Christmas market - protesters enter shouting Liberty!

The graffiti says "dont buy from the unvaccinated" Germany going back to 1930s, unvaxxed are the new Jews

Not only is the media lying, but they are even faking the webcam streams


Laže čim zine

Australian Aboriginal people send an urgent plea for help due to forced vaccinations

Indian Army soldiers collapse after exercise, all were given Covid vaccine some time before. 30 collapsed 1 died.
Official Army report says: it was due to severe heat.

Vaccine control in busses (prophetic parody from 2012)
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Horrific consequences of COVID vaccinations

Eric Clapton talking about his vaccine experience (HR titlovi)

Stew Peters Interviews Jane Ruby on mRNA vaccine (Hrvatski titlovi)

American doctor explaining what he found in vaccinated patients

Scientists from Reutelingen clinic examining blood of vaccinated people

Magnetic substance in a "V" bottle

Skin reacting to magnet

Graphene oxide reacting to voltage


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