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The NeverTrumper "Lincoln Project", which is a disgrace to Lincoln, tried to meme and insult Trump getting Regeneron to beat the Covid. Unfortunately it turned out to be a pretty good look for... Trump and Regeneron. Another classic self-BTFO just like the "SS Trump Joepedo" meme.

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...and the MSM still perpetuates the Big Lie that mail-in ballots are safe.

Adding to the list of mail-in issues is this thievery.

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KMac presents another beatdown to the mindless fake news zombies--and she even uses presentation slides to do this!

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Watch the Antifa Fire Dance, Clown World Pepe edition! Made by TheDonald.Win user John-Miller.

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This parody is probably the best one regarding the Antifa Fire Dance!ª
Link, made by TheDonald.Win user FRENS:
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Watch as an Antifag burns himself in a karmic and hilarious fire dance!

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Donald Trump tells his roundtable in Kenosha that members can take their masks off. At the end he begins to say "Look how fast you took that [mask off]".

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End commentary from Young Pharaoh (he said this in a completely different context, in the video "Umar Johnson Accidentally Shows His House and it's Full of Filth" at 24:10).

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All images are taken from various posts from TheDonald.Win.

An instrumental patriotic version of "Shadilay", created by Johnny Medlar.

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Johnny Medlar has a YouTube channel here:

Joepedo Hiden's infamous slip-up with the Declaration of Independence. Makes you wonder if he actually likes America. Wait a minute...

Joepedo Hiden says "You Ain't Black". Classic.

Songified Joe Biden with Hairy Legs! Produced by the YouTube channel Schmoyoho, aka the Gregory Brothers. That link:


Joepedo Hiden says: I got hairy legs... that turn blonde in the sun. I love kids jumping on my lap!

Mirror of "Initial D. Trump" from YouTube user "Deus Vult", who has, up to this day (August 23), posted just one video! It has 3.4 million views.

Jonathan Mann created this Alex Jones parody (#4145 in his "Song A Day" podcast). On YouTube, this video is at:

Images taken from TheDonald.Win, the best website on the planet.

Joe Biden has no problem with his mental fil-fil--go! you know the thing--fitness.

Mirror of video provided by YouTube user "Errant Villain", itself a mirror upload. YouTube link: If that video becomes unavailable, at least you have this snapshot (besides this video) for comfort:

Hilarious Face Mask Tyranny song roasts the dystopia we are embroiled in.

The best part starts at 12:57. If you want to watch the whole documentary, see <insert link to my other upload of the documentary>.

From Kadabra1 on "TheDonald.Win":
"This was the video that completely redpilled me about how the recent trends in the US are a part of a very long and calculated strategy plan to demoralize and control our society. Watch it before it disappears. Based KGB defector Yuri."
("Based", as used in context here, means "brave, correct, admirable".)


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