I decided to play a Depeche Mode tune, Then I decided to go ahead and master it to the best of my ability, then I decided it was missing some passion, So I turned it into a trap beat.

First attempt posted just because I was bored

Mash up of Personal Jezus and Du has Depeche mode is a cover and i created the duhast cover

laila laurel has just been awarded for creating a chair that forces men to sot like women and women to sit like men. Gomna leave it there

YouTube tried to sensor my videos. We had 10nchans and a 12 month plan to psyche YouTube and it worked for a couple days. But this is news. When i threw it in tubes face i had to slice it up so it could not be recognized. Stuck it to the man. Anyway
This is where former Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr. Veteran CIA psychiatrist and Counter terror expert tells you he interrogated some people and they said some things and he's got the creds but is it true. Idk there's no way to verify it. Unless having 9 channels with a combined 400 subs get censored taking the heat from the big chan as credible. Idk you judge

CBS has a very interesting "expert" reinforcing the established order on War

The arrest of Julian Assange has been touted by most American Media as "JUSTICE". However what should be remembered is that not one American who committed the war crimes WikiLeaks uncovered has ever gone to prison. Not one individual linked to the numerous political scandals uncovered due to wiki leaks has either. However the people who have gone to prison are the WHISTLEblowers themselves. THIS CAN ONLY HAPPEN AND BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN IN COUNTRIES WHERE THE CITIZENS HAVE NO POWER AND THE GOVERNMENT IS FEARED BEYOND WHAT THE CONSENSUS OR MAJORITY ARE WILLING TO ADMIT. REVOLUTION must water the Tree of Liberty and WE ARE THE PEOPLE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. Now will you fight or will you remain complicit in the destruction of America from within. Leaving your future family to die whilst trying to restore our once great country to the glory of its birth. Stop worrying about what you will lose and begin to think more about what is gained. FREEDOM. FROM TYRANNY not GOD, NOTthe CHRISTIAN GOD. The GODon the DOLLAR bill, the one the Masons and nearly 98% of DC scum believe in, well thats lucifer. Are you on that team?


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Dedicated to fomenting discord towards Authoritarian Governments and their Political Puppets'.
To correctly represent Anarchy and grow the influence of those who wish to change America for the better, by perpetrating a bloodless coup. Without using the system which restrains the peoples ability to affect change which matters.

Violence is never the 1st, 2nd, or even 9th option. To effectively seed change, one must 1st educate those who seek truth which is not subjective, facts that are not anchored to lies, and 3rd then the most important of any movement, preparing those who know Republics become Empires, Empires Fall, and People rise to the occasion or fall to the despair. That they accept the FACT, YOU MUST BE WILLing TO LOSE EVERYTHING, even your life, freedom, and loved ones.