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The old barriers along our southern border were built to defend against vehicle crossings—and not much else.

How comprehensive technology will keep our borders safe, strong, and secure:

"Last night we found out [Mayor Frey] is actually blocking the press from interviewing the rally-goers while they wait in line in the skyways.
So, this mayor has completely abused the power of his office to play partisan politics...." -Minnesota GOP Chair




"To date, a total of 71 miles of new wall has already been constructed...This wall system is essential to our nation's border security...This is what the experts asked for." - Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan.

MINNEAPOLIS POLICE DEPARTMENT banned officers to wear uniforms at POTUS event.


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Jesse Watters
· Sep 27
I read the complaint and it reads like a thriller novel and it reads like it was professionally teed up by a conspiracy inside The White House trying to destroy President @realdonaldtrump before the President destroys them. #TheFive

Cuatro personas fallecidas y dos heridos fue el resultado del ataque de un comando al bar California Grill en Uruapan, Michoacán.
4 executed and 2 wounded in a bar attack in Urapan called California Grill.. Kinda ironic?

Sicarios stormed into the California Grill bar, and four people were killed, which has caused a strong mobilization on Latinoamericana avenue, in La Magdalena neighborhood.
The events were recorded today, when patrons of the club alerted the municipal police to an attack.
Immediately, the police moved to the scene and observed several wounded, so they requested the support of paramedics. When the first responders arrived and tried to help the victims, they confirmed the death of four people and one injured woman who was taken to a hospital for medical attention.

This shows exactly how the stupids on the left handle problems while @ScottPresler
and his group say enough let’s do what we can do what can be measured - the left is corrupt !! THERE ARE WAYS TO DO THINGS SCOTT HAS SHOWED YOU !!! School system is hyjacked by the left THE STENCH


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