After using the Lyman Brass Smith powder measure for a year, its time to share my observations, thoughts and tips. Its a little long but hopefully informative. Thanks for watching!

Lets take a quick look at Lee's new bushing format for resizing cast bullets. Breech lock compatible press required... For now...

In this video I do a side by side comparison of the Lee Value Turret Press and the Classic Turret press. I am a big fan of the turret press so I was interested to see the new offering looked side by side.
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I just stumbled onto the fact that Lee has updated their safety prime design yet again. In early testing it is working really well, much better than the previous versions.

This is an improved video for making you own 300 blackout brass using the Lee Power Quick Trim die and cutter. I made this to incorporate lessons learned since the last video I posted on topic several years ago.

A discussion video for Reloaders Network

In this video I share with you my development of a press mounting system that can be easily and completely removed from the bench and swapped with other items. This makes your reloading work space more versatile.

In this video I introduce the idea of using the Lee collet die for the 300 Blackout in an unconventional way. I propose using the collet die after full length sizing as an additional step. I have found doing this particularly on home made, un-fired, brass improves accuracy by about 50% in my case. I also talk about adjusting shoulder set back once brass is fire formed to improve accuracy as well. Hope you like it.
Link to

Die set

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Hopefully this video will help you understand some of the variables you may encounter when forming 300 AAC Blackout cases.
Here is a list recommended/avoid list of 223 brass that produces neck wall thickness less than .013"

This Is a load development video using Hodgdon CFE Pistol powder in the Tokarev cartridge. I try to make it informational even if you don't reload for 7.62x25. I cover charge weights, powder burn rates, and give my interpenetration of the results.

(Available) as of 02/16/18)** Price drop,update below**. More on instagram @treetoptube #TTFpowderstand *Please Read* These are hand made, I would put them in the category of home made metal craft, complete with some minor imperfections.
If you wish to purchase one, please email me at [email protected] to see if I have any available.

*Price is starting at $69.00 with $13.60 for flat rate shipping, so $82.60 total. Use PayPal goods and services option. Email [email protected]

*For now, I would prefer sales be through PayPal and stateside shipping only. I will ship to the address on the PayPal receipt so please make sure your account is up to date. I will take a check if you don't mind waiting for it to clear before I ship. (I wont cash until I have one ready to ship)

*This is early in the project so there may be some fitting required for hole alignment till this gets dialed in.
* The knobs shown in the video may change depending on availability. The function will be the same.

* I am shipping these with two nylon washers, one to go on either side of the horizontal arm. ...allows the arm to swing with less friction.

**The vertical riser is not painted since it has to slip inside the vertical tube. On this part I use gun bluing to darken the metal and a light coat of oil.

Let me know what you think...Thanks!

More photos and info here:

Quick video to share some things I've learned about primers and share some storage ideas to keep them fresh and potent for as long as possible. Also lintel on lead free primers.

SAAMI primer info:

In this video I share the evolution of things I've learned wet tumbling brass and cleaners to help improve. I'll share some of the mistakes I've made and what I've learned from it. We'll talk about residue that builds up on your tumbler and stainless steel pins as well as tarnished brass caused by to much acid or base and how it can lead to dezincification (rose, pink color brass).

In this video we take an honest, detailed look at the Lee auto drum powder measure. We will go over the parts, function, setup, adjustment and operation. Also, at the end tips for getting good performance out of any powder measure.

Auto Drum
Extra drum kit
Charging Die
Powder measure riser
Classic turret press kit
Graphite spray

In this video I will share my ideas on cleaning, lubrication, spare parts and adjustments for the Lee Classic turret press. We'll remove the ram, and I'll show you a fix for the primer lever catching on shell holder problem... click "show more" for links to parts.
Press parts:

Shell holder springs:

Auto index clamp:

Square ratchet bushing:

Wiper for auto disk powder measures:

Lee safety prime return spring (recommended by viewer):

Graphite lube:

This video gives details for making a 4" PVC tumbler drum to fit the Harbor Freight dual drum rock tumbler for wet processing of reloading brass. The single larger drum makes it easier to process larger cases and may increase capacity. Special thanks to gds from for the Idea!
4x24" pipe
4" glue in test plug
4" removable test plug
HF dual drum tumbler


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