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Prof Maria Nikolakaki from Greece joins me to explain how and why WWIII has already begun on multiple fronts. The globalists are risking Armageddon to hold onto their power and their goal for world domination. Russia, China and BRICS+ are standing in their way.

Dimitri Lascaris provides his analysis on what happened and what can we take away from it. Will Israel stand down? Will the USA stand down?

Jan Carnogursky, Hendrik Weber, Blaz Kavcic discuss Iraniana retaliation, Al Quds fire 40 missiles into Israeli settlement near Gaza, Zelinsky's new draft law, 100 French Legionnaires arrive in Ukraine.

Pete Clark joins me to discuss living, working, and voting in Russia, plus his views and analysis on Russian and global events.

Dean Henderson joins me for another fascinating analysis of today's top stories and their connection to the CIA, MI6, The City of London, aka The Crown. The Roman Empire never ended.

Don Hank provides daily updates on Russia's massive missile strikes on Ukraine, plus, the Resistance is winning in the Middle East as Houthis attack ships, and other fronts opened against Israel.

Hendrik Weber, Blaz Kavcic, and Stanislav Krapivnik discuss the ongoing investigation into the Crocus City Massacre; 100K Russians enlist as contract soldiers since January, and 16K alone after Crocus City; US and Allies beginning to accept the worst in Ukraine.

Dr. William Makis, MD, renowned oncologists, has been collecting and recording the millions of deaths and injuries sustained after vaccination. The results are horrific and undeniable.

He's a Highlander and a controversial character, Iain Tough will join me to discuss world event and conspiracies.

Stas Krapivnik joins me from Moscow to discuss the latest news on the massacre in Moscow yesterday, also the tone of Putin's address to the nation, and the significance of his reelection.
His angry, emotional comments are understandable, and reflect what a lot of Russians are feeling.

Three members of the Association Advisory Council join me to discuss the International Association of Friends of Crimea - Friends of Russia: Mission, goal, 40 countries, activities. We also will discuss the significance of the 10th Anniversary of Crimea's return to Russia and the reelection of President Putin.

Riley Waggaman, aka Edward Slavsquat, moved to a simpler life in a tiny Russian village. He's living mostly off the land, milking cows, raising chickens and goals, and the "father" of ten one week old puppies. An amazing story that should inspire.

Bruce Gagnon, co-founder and coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.

Dean Henderson, Bruce Gagnon, and Blaz Kavcic join me in a discussion abut the wisdom and knowledge of the Hopi and indigenous peoples around the world.

Dimitry Lascaris, recently returned from 10 days in the Middle East, discusses his trip from Cypres to Qatar, Tel Aviv, East Jerusalem, Jordan, and three refugee camps.

Costas Isichos, Hendrik Weber, and Blaz Kavcic join me to discuss Macron wanting to send troops to Ukraine while Sholtz says Nein, plus Macron wants Crimea returned to Ukraine. Germany backs French proposal to send long-range missiles to Ukraine. Finland's foreign minister supports Macron in sending troops to Ukraine, and Estonia and Lithuania sided with Macron. Also, the new EU Media Freedom Act is not what it sounds like. It's actually censorship.

I documented the last two days of their visit to Crimea and will briefly comment on their visit. Meanwhile, I am working on a documentary of their 5 day visit here.

Stas Krapivnik joins me to discuss President Putin's warning to the USA and NATO that he will use nukes if Russian territory is attacked. Plus, the Russian Presidential Election happening March 15-18.

Blaz Kavcic and Hendrik Weber join me to discuss the top stories this week.

Blaz Kavcic and Hendrik Weber join me in a fascinating discussion. Leaked recording of the German military planning to attack the Crimean Bridge, while Shultz is out of the loop. Macro saying NATO boots will be needed, and Washington agrees. German health minister says "we must prepare for war." Finland's new president pleased with America's nuclear weapons. Did Putin threaten using nukes in defense of Russia?
Also a major dive into what is behind everything we are seeing take place in the world? A globalist 2030 Agenda and the WEF.

The many intel agencies plus Mi6 all working together to craft the narrative for many years now. Snowden's revelations.
As a result of the above, they are using AI and algorithms to even decode voice....they build lexicons of words that flag us for going against the narrative
ALL of the MSM are merely repeating the very same scripts about everything they want us to know
People are so neurologically hard wired that it is impossible to break through.

The Ghosts of Jeju
Je Suis Russia
Thirty Seconds to Midnight
Pres. Putin's speech on the eve of the SMO, Feb. 22, 2022
2007 Putin's speech at the Munich Security Conference
Victoria Nuland - Jeffrey Pyatt planning the coup in KIev
Joe Biden's Bribe
Who Are These Russians and Why Do We Hate Them

Dean joins me to talk about:
Censorship - disinformation - all the intel agencies plus FBI, CIA, Mi6
Ukraine, Israel/Gaza, Taiwan, and everywhere else there is US soft power - all coordinated for years plus Navalny as a CIA tool...
What's their agenda

Hendrik Weber, Norway; Maria Nikalokaki, Greece; Blaz Kavcic, Slovenia join me to analyze Tucker Carlson's historic interview with Vladimir Putin. At the time of the show it had been seen over 191 MILLION times. This was an amazingly insightful interview with three knowledgeable European experts.

Stas Krapivnik, Russian-born, brought up and educated in the USA, retired US Army, and popular TV analyst on Russian TV returns to get the Russian perspective on Tucker Carlson and the Interview. Finished up with an analysis of the status of the war in Ukraine.
Your assessment of Tucker as a journalist, how he conducted the interview
How do you think Putin handled the interview?
Discussion on the "content" of the interview - what stood out for you - what was "new"
Discussion on the importance of the interview; how effective was it
Your thoughts on how the tens of millions of viewers reacted - also your people at home
Your thoughts on the rabid attacks and histrionic behavior of the US Media


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