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BlackRock: the company that owns the world. You may have never heard of them, but I guarantee they're having some kind of impact on your life, your debt, the cost of things in the world around you, and even our environment.
I wanted to create a little bit of a different video here, to shine some light on some of the reasons the world is the way it is, especially in regards to the economic state of things. Sometimes, you might think that debt, credit, ownership, and prices are just the way they are by accident. But here, I'll show you that due to the way the world is owned, a lot of this is on purpose.
This is scary. Really scary. And what's concerning is BlackRock (and their main competitor Vanguard) is only getting more and more powerful by the day. But the good news is, the power is in our hands.
Please let me know if you like this video, and if you want more like this.

0:00 - This company owns the world
0:48 - Splitting this video into two parts
1:13 - Part 1: The Problem
5:18 - BlackRock's circular ownership
6:41 - News diversity, or lack thereof
7:47 - Over $9 Trillion in assets
8:59 - The environmental issues
10:24 - Intermission
11:04 - Part 2: The Solution
14:28 - Outro

Dr. Joel Wallskog is an orthopedic surgeon in Wisconsin that saw 5000 patients a year and performed about 800 surgeries, before he took the experimental Moderna COVID-19 shot.

Now he suffers from transverse myelitis which affects his spinal cord, and he has difficulty walking.

He can no longer work as an orthopedic surgeon. His 19-year career that took him 14 years of schooling to accomplish, is now over.

Dr. Wallskog gave this testimony in Washington D.C. during Senator Ron Johnson's Roundtable discussion earlier this month.

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U.S. Army Brigade Surgeon Theresa Long MD, MPH, FS at a panel discussion hosted by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson


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