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According to a Pew Research study, 40 percent of millennials want to limit free speech. In other words, 40 percent of millennials aren't able to handle different opinions.

Millennials Can't Cope With Different Opinions:

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President Trump has named Robert O'Brien, who served as foreign affairs advisor to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, as his replacement for fired National Security Advisor John Bolton. O'Brien is cut from the exact same neoconservative cloth as Bolton and represents, at most, change in style and physical appearance. With pressure mounting on Trump to attack Iran after unproven accusations that it was involved in an attack on Saudi oil facilities, the President's national security team may find itself without allies in the effort. Will O'Brien put the brakes on Trump's neocons...or will he hit the accelerator?
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From a C-Span interview (1995), Dr. Sowell explains the mindset of ruling class elitists as he discusses his book, “The Vision of the Anointed.”

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was sure of who was responsible for the attack on Saudi oil facilities shortly after the attack. Neocons followed suit, one by one blaming Iran and calling for the war they've been drooling over for years. But not only are Washington's European partners skeptical of the claims - even Gulf allies are not outright blaming Iran. Lies grease the wheels of the war machine and with the latest attack the grease is flowing freely. What will Trump do?
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Even women like Professor Leanne Atwater are now admitting that the #MeToo movement has had a negative effect on the lives of women. Many agree that the initial goals and purpose of the movement has been lost. What remains is harming women, not helping them.

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Jim Cramer reported on how vaping was causing massive cigarette company profit losses in 2018, now the vaping industry is under attack.

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Once again, President Trump has ripped into the Federal Reserve. Unfortunately, the president isn’t criticizing the Fed for artificially suppressing interest rates, and creating the biggest debt bubble in the history of mankind. Instead, the president wants interest rates fixed down to zero (or even negative)! The president has embraced the idea that the disease itself is the cure. The colossal bubble that the American Empire lives on is running out of air.

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What really happened to World Trade Center Building 7 on September 11th, the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District Commissioners’ historic resolution calling for a new investigation, University of Alaska Fairbanks' bombshell multi-year, $300K study of WTC 7 and how it collapsed.

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Bolton may be gone, but Boltonism lives on. Those believing that the end of Bolton would signal a return to the foreign policy of candidate Donald Trump, however, may be disappointed. President Trump has appointed Charles Kupperman to temporarily fill in for John Bolton as National Security Advisor. Kupperman is one of Bolton's closest friends and allies in Washington. Plus - What have we learned since 9/11?

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What really happened to World Trade Center Building 7 on September 11th, the Franklin Square and Munson Fire District Commissioners’ historic resolution calling for a new investigation, University of Alaska Fairbanks' bombshell multi-year, $300K study of WTC 7 and how it collapsed, and an interview with Richard Gage of AE911 in episode #2 of Truth in Media with Ben Swann.

Read the Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks WTC 7 Study here:

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The other day I wrote about the top up and coming social networks that allow freedom of speech online. These new networks seek to replace the ‘big-brother’ social media sites that want to dictate to us how we can communicate and which political opinions we should have.

As individual sites, the number of visitors and page views these new networks bring in are quite a bit less than the mainstream, but when you combine their statistics, things start to get interesting.

"I frankly think that crisis initiation is really tough and it's very hard for me to see how the United States President can bring us to war with Iran, but..."

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When you search Google images for search terms like "Asian Couple", "Latino man" or "Black woman", you'll find what you would expect to find. But it's not so when you try the same searches using whites.

If Google is putting out biased results for these searches the question begs, what other searches is Google distorting the results for? What is their endgame and what are their motives?

And perhaps most importantly, who owns Google?

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You can see the "magic bullets" much more clearly in the original video - link to original video just below this text.

1.) Magic Bullets - Bullet casing disappear into thin air.
2.) Magazine (with ammo) laying on Mosque floor BEFORE Shooter ever entered the Mosque.
3.) Bodies on ground and fallen before shots fired.
4.) Perfect Walls - No damage or bullet holes in wall.
5.) Mannequins and the open doorway.

You can see the full live shooting here:
Bullet casings are at 8:52 (it's really clear here)

For two great higher quality clips on the magazine and the magic bullets, check out this link:

Dissenter Link:

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Christchurch Bloodbag Exposed - Woman On Ground Has Hollywood Style Blood Bag Under Her Arm


Heather Marie Scholl: I don’t think we should be ashamed of ourselves, I think that we should take responsibility for the system that we created.

Gavin McInnes: The best system in the world?

HMS: (laughing) We do not have the best system in the world.

GM: Who has a better system?

HMS: There are many European countries that have--are much better off than us.

GM: Oh, you mean, like the European countries with a higher density of whites. Like Northern Europe.

HMS: That’s one way to phrase it I guess.

GM: You don’t mean Turkey.

HMS: No. GM: You don’t mean Eastern Europe--

HMS: No.

GM: --with the communists. So, the only time you can come up with a system that’s better than America, it’s a country that’s more white than America. (long pause)

GM: I don’t understand.

HMS: I don’t know what to say to that, so.

It looks like YouTube is pulling this video because it "violates their policies" so I wanted to put it up here where it won't be taken down.

It seems to sound like more than one gunner to me. At certain parts of the video you can hear more than one set of shots being fired. I understand there are reflections of sound, but these have different burst amounts. e.g. one machine gun that is firing without any stop along with another gun sound that is firing shorter bursts. If true the sounds cannot be coming from the same gun.

Raw Footage: (VIEWER WARNING) Chaos Rains Down From Mandalay Bay During Country Music Festival In Las Vegas


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