Wife's fault I had to go by tools so she can't blame me


What's he really up to? China and Hong Kong. Iran, Venezuela and the list goes on

What happens when a farmer gets rain for the first time in almost 5 years, he swims and dances

Coming from South Africa people almost always presume I'm black. Some YouTube bullies got caught in this leftist exchange of victim hood. So scared to offend someone of color they stopped ridiculing me for a stupid spelling error which I did deserve. Don't watch or comment on MSNBC shows or if you do have the race card ready

F#ck the EU, awesome Britz

Going back to the dark ages, and rather sit without electricity there than at home. Savety problems, mining problems fresh farm products a problem

South Africa seems to have some power problems, government incompetence, socialism and yet the rest of the world praise Socialism as this wonderful thing. This wonderful thing will kill your country so open your fucking eyes

None schools lies to kids

Trump was cleared by kicking Ebstein out
Prince Andrew is Quilty as shit but Maxwell is about to come out saying the photo with him and the young girl might have been tampered with. Guilty but will probably get away with it
Steve Bannon is a question I would like answers for

Most of the government owned and managed business are bankrupt but people are so use to getting free shit and money for doing nothing, they would rather totally fuck up a company than listen to logic that's why it's inevitable that the army will have to get involved and a dictatorship is born. Comunism it has worked out so well for the people

The media isn't biased, they are lying. Fox News included. Stories are so one sided and edited you have to do your own research to find out what the truth is after you watched the news.

Why is there a special word for talking about Jewish people, why not racist like the rest. What is Americans obsession with moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Why is it wrong to ask questions as part of learnings for the future. Why do people get locked-up for asking questions

Hillary is starting her campaign by taking out the enemy. Why Tulsi? Well, she has some semblance of a moral compass it seems. Even though Conservatives fight it, Tulsi has a lot in common with the party than she or they would like to admit. Bernie might be dead, Bidden might be in jail, Warren might have a drinking or drug problem with all the stupid adverts. So 2020 is an open playing field for a do-over for Hillary if she can take out any possible competition early on. Make her self available as a late entry

Conspiracy theories aside, being called a Russian spy by Hilary Clinton, might just drive Tulsi to the Trump side of the Conservative party. Tulsi Gabbard is the moment, more closely aligned with Trump, than a third of the Conservative party. She has opinions that closely align with Trump's but makes clear she doesn't like his personality which as Trump admits in this video is a persona of the real him, which the media created to his benefit.

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is connected to a Ukrainian arms dealer. Is this why he’s willing to lie in front of the nation when accusing President Trump of crimes?

Deep state pushing. Let's see how far America will let them go


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Discussing South Africa, the white minority, socialism, leftists idiologies and how it fits into what's happening in the rest of the world. South Africa was a test case for multiculturalism and socialism for the globalist elite. This is you're future so pay attention!!!