"01.2" is a demo that I recorded for practice. I ended up liking it but I doubt it will ever show up on an album.

The Cat decided to throw together a video for one of my tracks. This was written and recorded for a "news" organization I was volunteering with earlier this year. Since it was merely background music, I didn't feel it needed to be too complicated. Hope you enjoy it. RIP Ameno

Copyright 2017 Trey Durant

I asked Christian (The Cat) Navarro to make the video, he took it and ran with it. I think he did well. Hope you enjoy it. There is so much more to come - with 4 new albums spanning genres from Bluegrass, to Rock, to Techno.

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A musician trying to change the world in my own little way - with music.

My first record ended up in the Smithsonian Museum of American History (I had nothing to do with that, btw)
I didn't care for that record very much and have decided to record a better one. Well... four new albums, actually.

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