Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind cut to look like a student film

12 monkeys in the style of La Jette

Left Behind + NIN

In the year 1999, astronomers discover a mysterious object on the moon.

The experimental fan mix! A fan edit of a fan edit!
Includes: 2001, Fight club, Dr. Strangelove, Twister, The wall, and Smallville

Clark Kent has a kryptonite addiction.

Michael Keaton gets replaced with Ben Affleck.

Weird Al takes over the air waves.

A Scifi Short in the style of La Jette based on 12 monkeys

opening credits for Blur #2 Legacy of Sin


Opening Credits for the Blur #1 Seeing Red

Two brothers of another mother, Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, are torn apart by Clark's Kryptonite addiction.

Seeing Red + Sharknado + Twister + Dr. Strangelove + the Wall

Full Movie:

Clark must deal with his Kryptonian blood while Chole investigates Lionel Luthor. Introduction Lois Lane.

The Blur is back and ready to take off!

Clark Kent gets hooked on red Kryptonite, runs away from home, and betrays all his family and friends

aka meatball trailer

Aka Narrated trailer

Four years after the Battle of New York, Tony Stark's obsession with building his own dimensional portal leads to him letting an unstoppable evil into the world.

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Girlfriend in a Coma staring the cast of Rocky






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