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I am currently very deep in a Medium writing habit, and it occurred to me that some of this material might translate to here. So, I have marshalled my automated ensemble cast, and made some audio content.

My Medium feed:

By the way, I am also rather enjoying my new automated theatre company to play all the respective parts. I think it a hoot. I doubt anyone is likely to miss my dulcet tones on this channel. However, if you do really hate it, feel free to make your discontent known in the comments.

Soundtrack is offered by the excellent Scott Buckle. 'A Dragon's Lullaby' by Scott Buckley - released under CC-BY 4.0.

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ChatGPT can translate documents into an entirely different format. The contents of this narration actually began life as a rather terse and intractable patent application from 1882 describing a rocket powered aircraft. Translation via artificial intelligence, it is now narrated as a fairy tale.

The original patent document:

As ever, the soundtrack is offered by the excellent Scott Buckle. 'A Dragon's Lullaby' by Scott Buckley - released under CC-BY 4.0.

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I quite like reading patents, which I admit is a little nerdy. The inventors of yesteryear had some incredible ideas that in many cases were far beyond their ability to practically construct them. I rather like the insight this offers into the creativity, hopes, dreams and aspirations of these innovators. However, patents can be a little intractable, and finding a good one takes a great deal of searching.

What if they were curated, abridged and narrated?

Like and comment if you'd like me to do this again.

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The 1992 book 'Artificial Life' by Steven Levy taught me that life evolved in the little coastal rockpools awash with information from a crashing sea, but safe enough in its little rocky word to build complexity. This careful balance between chaos and order is precisely what you require to innovate.

These words are the final passage in the book I wrote on the topic.

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Is it possible to illustrate an appeal from the centre? Can one offer an emotive argument from a position that is neither one extreme, nor the other? Trapped between those who shout from their highly polarised pedestals, can those who draw a little bit from column A and a little bit from column B shout above the mayhem to make their case?

This is the example drawn from the previous content, 'A picture paints a thousand words'. It's an experiment, really. It's all very well drawing upon what people already know about crocodiles and chickens, but If I set up the story correctly do I need to voice over the final illustration to make my point? To ask my question? I have no idea, but to voice over it didn't work, so it's worth a try.

Sorry to my subscribers for posting this fragment from previous content and filling up your inboxes- I am engaged in a little experiment, for which I don't need the preamble.

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Well, despite a World of channels with millions of subscribers, gaining nearly 100 people who have expressed their interest in what I might say next by clicking that button feels like an achievement. So, thanks very much to all you subscribers out there for taking the time to listen to this content. This time, I try to understand why innovation frameworks are not wholly Scientific in nature.

I'm no philosopher, I'm just an engineer, so this one was rather hard to write. I've also probably misrepresented the source material to serve my own ends. For a proper understanding of this work I refer you to Peterson's 'Maps of Meaning', a book I have ready countless times and probably still don't really understand. All the same, I highly recommend giving it a try.

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TRIZ Trooper has a processor in his brain that feeds TRIZ problem solving concepts directly to his conscious mind. In this mission it lists methods for resolving harms.

Song "322" by Creo

Stuck at home? Gym closed? TRIZ Trooper needs plenty of training to retain his edge. So, the most basic of problem solving frameworks is to always check your local resources before you start. A solution may be staring you in the face to serve your lockdown training needs.


Spoilers ahoy, as we attempt to understand the essential problem described by Spielberg's Jaws, and whether the characters solve this problem in an efficient and elegant manner.

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Altshuller's TRIZ methodology contains 40 Separation Principles and 76 Standard Solutions. That's 116 problems for TRIZ Trooper to solve. That's 116 potential uploads in total. Bloody hell, this could take years.

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The challenges faced by most characters in movies are usually either fairly simple or demand unknown science or magical thinking to resolve. However, relationships and character building seem to demand a challenge somewhere in between these extremes.

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The single simplest framework to employ when solving a problem is to list all of the resources directly available to solve the problem. However, many will smuggle solutions into their problem before they even start.

Protobot offers a challenge that is somewhat topical for 2020.Whilst the whole World suffers a global pandemic, can we make a handbag that is a little more hygienic?

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In today's episode, we investigate an innovation lost to history -' Speed Farming'. Truly one of humanity's treasures, lost forever through misunderstanding and ignorance. Some innovations at first sound absurd. Some you assume will stay that way. Who knew?

Good ideas appear in the spaces between people, so innovation is usually a team effort. In this essay I attempt to explain why.

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In this essay we showcase a concept development exercise by asking a simple question. In the vulnerable, zero g environments of The Expanse universe, how can you employ a firearm without harming yourself?

Would firearms be prohibited in a vulnerable space habitat? If so, we have a problem to solve. Martial arts offer wide selection of problem solving frameworks to chose from. Which martial art would be most effective in a confrontation in zero g against an opponent wearing a protective suit?

The armoured fighting clip is from here:

If you're interested in know more about historical arms, I can recommend no better than my old coach:

A Terminator is designed specifically to blend into Human spaces and use stealth to achieve its mission. With Connor located by law enforcement, and fixed in custody at a police station, the Terminator need only wait for its moment to strike.

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The Terminator is a war machine designed specifically to mimic humans and infiltrate their defences. Only once they have penetrated the opposition stronghold will they reveal their intention to kill all Humans. In this short essay we use problem solving frameworks to summarise how a Terminator will acquire clothing through stealth to better insinuate themselves into the Human space without revealing their presence.

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I guess it catches us all out eventually. I've probably done all of these at some point in my career.

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The perfect Ideal Machine offers you everything that you want, at no cost.The Ideal Machine is real, and its deployment became necessary a century ago. In this report we explain why, and how.

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Clips from the 2019 BBC series, Spielberg's 2005 movie, and a cracking short by Impossible Factual for History Canada.

Not all problems are solved with a single solution. Some problems demand a system of interlocking functions. Triffids are huge murderous plants that will kill you and eat you. We need to think broadly to defend ourselves from vegetable murder.

In Part 1 we describe how things were before the meteors blinded everybody.

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The Ideal Outcome can be a much maligned tool. In this essay I attempt to describe how the Ideal Outcome should be used, and the benefits that it offers to the problem solver.

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Take two things that don't go together, and put them together. Could a punchbag also offer the functions of a drinks cabinet?

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CAD figure by Gobotree.

Protobot offers a tricky problem - can we transform a picnic blanket into a tool for self defence? Using formal tools we must first understand what a picnic blanket actually is before we transform it into a weapon.

Problem from Protobot
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CAD figure by Gobotree.


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