The Radicalization Library

Read by Richard Dawkins.

A documentary produced by 'The Church of Jesus Christ Christian Aryan Nations'.

10 Laws of Power

10 More Laws of Power

10 Other Laws of Power

A series of videos which mysteriously appeared on YouTube in the late 2000's / early 2010's. Not all are included as many have been censored by YouTube due to copyright and/or so called 'hate speech', whereas others have been deliberately left out as I didn't consider them as interesting as the ones included.

Full Documentary

Full Documentary

Full Documentary

A Documentary by Michael Hansen

A look at the public and private lives of six key men who ruled the Roman Empire. Starting with Julius Caesar, the series charts the rise and fall of Roman power over 600 years through the lives of six of the most charismatic leaders in world history: Julius Caesar, Augustus, Nero, Hadrian, Constantine and Justinian.

A Timewatch documentary on the Dacian Wars 101-106 AD.

A completely propaganda ridden documentary but with some interesting research on the family and relatives of Adolf Hitler.

A documentary narrated by Charlton Heston.

A documentary by Pastor Steven Anderson.

A documentary by Pastor Steven Anderson.

(Irgun & Stern Gang)


Berkeley Speech


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This channel is primarily a video archive for educational and other materials that are either:

A. Blocked outside of the United States.

B. Put into YouTube "limited state".

C. Taken down by YouTube management on grounds of so called "hate speech", or on the grounds of any excuse acting as alias to "hate speech".

D. In danger of being subject to any of the above.

E. Sufficiently interesting and/or esoteric to possibly compliment any of the above.

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