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A Brief summation of Antifa:
Anti-capitalistic, anti-personal freedom (unless you agree with them) anti-spiritual and anti-point. They harbor a deep sense of social superiority, combined with lack of civility and intellect. The irony with these "progressive," "forward-thinking" lemmings is that Antifa is equally as fascist as the Nazis. These dim bulbs (at best) can be characterized by: greasy hair, basement dwellings and being totally devoid of any style or attraction. These dipshits can usually be spotted lurking at night in large groups of marauding retards, typically near a large University, College, or anywhere they can find safety in numbers, (because they're pussies) but have been known to venture out in the daylight to antagonize people, mace women, light garbage cans and cop cars on fire at Trump rallies for money.
PS: Fuck Soros and his minions.

Also, quit bitching that I've got borrowed content. YouTube targets conservative content. I upload what they delete. Yes, I am a do-gooder