Saving us and the 'Jews' from the cult of Judah


None It's not even necessary to 'read the fine print'...because these two documents, the most important perhaps in human history, and the most decisive at this moment, are so 'weasely' it beggars belief...basically slavery is legal, as long as they first make up a law, then convict you of breaking it, often merely requiring some 'administrative clerk' to write up a document...MOST new laws are NOT enacted by any congress - parliament - publically mandated authority ... I am 52, and did NOT know about the U.N paragraph on 'declaring a pandemic' nor the 13th amendment wording...and I do this stuff 24/ I posted it, because how many of YOU were aware of these FACTS ? SAM BAILEY'S CHANNEL...I THINK HER CHANNEL IS A GREAT ONE TO LINK TO, IF STILL TRYING TO INFORM ANY FRIENDS, ... JUST TAKE A LOOK AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT I MEAN...
the poster details the typical career path of a Cult of Judah agent, and it is the career path of the Chief Prosecutor at Nuremberg, where the only 'confession' gained as 'proof' was obtained from Hoess after several days continual torture, and merely his signature on a document written in ENGLISH which he could NOT understand




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These videos are my attempt to provide you with a steep learning curve, to 'get up to speed' with those very few people who comprehend that we are living in a Cult of Judah New World Order. That our governments work for the Cult of Judah. That there is not a single major nation that has not been 'occupied' by this Cult of Judah. I stumbled upon this realisation by accident, after researching 911. I have spent the last few years researching The Cult of Judah. You can download my books for free if you do not want to pay anything for them. Just go to my TROONATNOOR Patreon page. My books on The Cult of Judah's New World Order were banned by Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Amazon, Lulu and many other self-publishing service providers. If I get a enough Patreon Patrons to pay for an internet connection and a cheap camera, I will start a live radio broadcast where YOU can call in and ask me to explain ANYTHING. I know so many things that I would not know where to start. I am a holistic philosopher. I am very serious about what I do. My principles of truth, justice, and beauty, are my religion. My book 'Religion', forms the third book of my TROONATNOOR Trilogy, and establishes my credentials. I have NO ulterior motives. I do NOT subscribe to ANY dogma, religious or secular. I am a Humean Skeptic. I am a Zen practitioner. I discover then challenge the most basic assumptions underlying our 'social reality'. I want YOU to become empowered to define reality for yourself. As this is THE ULTIMATE POWER.

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