Saving us and the 'Jews' from the cult of Judah


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the video stopped recording / rendering, so I wrote up the most important notes, despite loathing the idea of ever writing a single word ever again :D David Icke made me do it :D blame him...:D aactually, THANK him for being such a great controlled opposition gate keeper ... :D

THANKYOU ANTON :D The Protagonist (Undeniable) so many ideas, just now researching script writing, and ticking all the boxes for a great film...but who will help me crowdfund it? Or even help me film it? I promise, THIS is the ultiimate strategy to pursue against the Cult of Judah....using THEIR OWN METHODS...anyway, here's a taste 'If you could go back in time, and kill baby MOSES, would you? now THAT is the ultimate ethical dilemma...

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a few minutes of age old wisdom

A final 'clarification' for the inquisition, and anyone interested in my books and videos and ideas, just to avoid any confusion, after decades researching religion in general, and almost a decade researching this Cult of Judah in particular, which today runs this world...for better or worse...remember I defined 'religion' for the Australian Bureau of Statistics...

Cathari, and many before and since, rejected this world as the work of some trickster / demon, and embraced death as the only salvation. But you have to reject this world, and not JUST your current situation/ experience within it, in order to avoid coming back, over and over.

Sketch with MIDI sequenced and real time MIDI edited keyboard, and samples using Reaper and Hydrogen which I hope to find musicians to record properly with me. I have complete lyrics. AS USUAL, FOR THE FULL TRANSCRIPT, GO TO MY STEEMIT TROONATNOOR ACCOUNT USING THIS LINK See my steemit page as usual for all transcripts of all videos and much much more

Here is live footage showing NO SECOND PLANE, just all my books and other videos have proven beyond any doubt in terms of induction, heuristics, scientific method, and empirical research...the first 'plane' was a missile...see my footage of that missiles engine on the ground...the other controlled demolitions of the third building, and Pentagon (to destroy evidence of massive fraud) are also beyond any doubt, according to all the conventions of science, and philosophy

The ABC news helicopter 7 was filming the WTC when
the supposed 'second plane hit'. But the pilot, Paul
Smith, states that he did NOT see any plane. Only
explosions. Listen carefully. Then watch the ACTUAL
footage taken, before the CGI plane was added. Smith
was killed in 2007 when a 'black car' hit his taxi. The
cameraman John Del Giorno, live on air, stated 'I didn't
see any plane fly into it. It simply exploded',
contradicting the live news reporter who was insisting
THEY had just seen an airplane fly into building 2. He
assumes it must have been 'out of my line of sight'. But
the ONLY way that could be possible would be if a plane
had been flying in a straight line, directly towards the
helicopter, but directly behind the WTC.

The ABC cameraman in the
helicopter at eye level with the WTC, is
then told, by a news presenter watching
HIS footage, shot from HIS point of view,
that 'the plane came in from the right
hand side of the screen'. But he's been
watching the WTC at least a full minute
before the supposed aircraft is
mentioned, and HE never sees it?

And this live eyewitness
report on FOX News that
there was NO 'second
plane', there was a BOMB

Of course the 'second plane' is the
'narrative' continually interjected, so
that everyone ASSUMES there must
have been a 'first plane', when in fact
the 'first plane' was a missile. I have
photos of the engine of that missile.
What happened to it? Like all the
other 'evidence', simply sent to
China to be 'recycled'

How to make your own 'bump' key, and use it, to save hundreds on emergency locksmith fees, and possibly save your life one day. And which locks to buy to increase security.

How I looked before I really got deep into the rabbit hole...and old video made in just another tiny cheap flat, with and old netbook and headphone mic

How to escape zip ties, handcuffs, break and pick locks, get into a locked car, open a can with a SPOON, and even uncork a bottle of wine, or open a pesky jar...all skills that may come in handy in a C.O.J.A occupied world


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These videos are my attempt to provide you with a steep learning curve, to 'get up to speed' with those very few people who comprehend that we are living in a Jew World Order. That out governments work for this Jew World Order. That there is not a single major nation that has not been 'occupied' by this Jew World Order. I stumbled upon this realisation by accident, after researching 911. I have spent the last few years researching The Jew World Order. You can download my books for free if you do not want to pay anything for them. Just go to my TROONATNOOR Patreon page. My books on The Jew World Order were banned by Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Amazon, and many other self-publishing service providers. However you can still buy paperbacks from and a few other places. If I get a enough Patreon Patrons to pay for an internet connection and a cheap camera, I will start a live radio broadcast where YOU can call in and ask me to explain ANYTHING. I know so many things that I would not know where to start. I am a holistic philosopher. I am very serious about what I do. My principles of truth, justice, and beauty, are my religion. My book 'Religion', forms the third book of my TROONATNOOR Trilogy, and establishes my credentials. I have NO ulterior motives. I do NOT subscribe to ANY dogma, religious or secular. I am a Humean Skeptic. I am a Zen practitioner. I discover then challenge the most basic assumptions underlying our 'social reality'. I want YOU to become empowered to define reality for yourself. As this is THE ULTIMATE POWER.