Trulawn "Trooper Tru" McCray


Vanillo coming soon!

WWE... Enzo Amore... and a [past] situation at a former job.

This is a video response to a video (Dear Venus | When Estranged Parents Die) by Super Princess Tea Party.

"Southpaw (Rock The Paradise Remix)"
"Pepper Keibu (Trooper's Remix, featuring Morning Musume)"

"Carmen '77"
"Chameleon Army"

"It’s looking worse for Donald Trump... yet better for small-time content creators."

The Royal Wedding (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle)

"The Forever-Ruined Legacy of Bill Cosby"

"Goodbye forever to VidLii"

I simply talk about why I left VidLii and briefly summarize the drama that has happened on that website.

Leaving VidLii (BitChute exclusive)

Tribute to Yoshiko Tanaka - AKA Sue from Candies

- Anata Ni Muchu
- Abunai Doyoubi
- Haru Ichiban

Farewell message from Yoshiko Tanaka


- Deer beats up dog (12th Street)
- Monkey trolls tigers (12th Street)
- Cat fight (DMX music)
- Dogs sitting on cats

Episode 1 of the "React Show"!
"Harden Soul" by James Harden
"Harden Soul (remix)" by Stephen Curry
"Know Your Role" by Method Man featuring The Rock
"It Doesn't Matter" by Wyclef Jean and The Rock

The first of many Pink Lady Showcases.
These music videos consist of Pink Lady performing their hit songs... with remixed versions from the "Rare Trax" compilation CD set.

Featured songs:
"Nagisa No Sindbad"

Special Thanks:
Jeffrey Branch
Toshiki Takei

For more information about Pink Lady, please visit:

My video has been featured (on VidLii)... and people hate it!

Sakura Morimoto gives the viewers a heads-up on some upcoming Pink Lady music videos that will soon be seen on the Trooper Tru Show.

Insensitive Neighbors
How Not to Deal with not-so-normal people

The "Joshua Parris Radio Show" can be viewed on this channel:

"Evil Wikky vs Bowglider"

NOTE: All characters from the MobeBuds series were created by Mister A.T. Andrei Thomas.

Introduction to (and information about) the MJPL Brotherhood, narrated by our Spokeswoman Sakura Morimoto!

"MJPL Brotherhood Anthem"
"King Of All Music"
"Pink Tribute"
"MJPL Brotherhood Anthem, version 2"

"Copyright Claims on my YouTube Videos (Response to a Video Blog from Mister A.T. – Andrei Thomas)"

Originally posted 01/18/2018 on VidLii

"Exploiting suicide victims (and why it is not OK)" or "The Antics of YT Blogger Logan Paul"

Originally posted 01/09/2018 on VidLii

"The Rise And Fall of Jamie Leigh Fischer"

Originally posted 01/02/2018 on VidLii

A rap-style advertisement for the channel of Indigo Stars.

My final video for the Official 2017 Season; I explain why I have not uploaded videos for weeks.


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Fondest greetings, and welcome to my new channel... the new home of the MJPL Brotherhood!

I'm a fun-loving guy... I've been married to the same great woman for 17 years... and I am the Founding President of the MJPL Brotherhood.