Trulawn "Trooper Tru" McCray

Trooper Tru posting a brief video in honor of Michael Jackson on what would have been his 61st birthday.

#MichaelJackson #HappyBirthday

A little announcement/update from a newly-made-over Sakura Morimoto.

As Plotagon discontinues its free service known as Plotagon Story, MJPL Brotherhood Spokeswoman Sakura Morimoto announces that she is taking a leave of absence.

On the 10th Anniversary of Michael Jackson's journey to Heaven, I decided to share my musical poem "King Of All Music" with all my fellow Michael-Maniacs.

Trooper Tru posts a brief video blog rhyme about:
- Leaving Neverland (and the three men behind it)
- the 2019 "Shazam" movie.

#BoycottLeavingNeverland #Shazam #DCcomics

Trooper Tru posts a brief video blog rhyme about:
- Leaving Neverland (and the three men behind it)
- the 2019 "Shazam" movie.

#BoycottLeavingNeverland #Shazam #DCcomics

My thoughts after learning that Ellen DeGeneres is "also on board" with watching "Leaving Neverland".

Also known as "Planet Trebalis, Episode 1".
In the year 3000, two adventurers travel through space to find (and settle on) a planet that is totally powered up by music.

In this installment of the "Planet Trebalis" saga, the MJPL Brotherhood (in both the years 2019 and 3000) strategize a plan to cure Michael Jackson through music (which happens to be the main power source of Planet Trebalis). Elsewhere (after two failed attempts in court), infamous prosecuting attorney Tom Sneddon is plotting to ruin Michael Jackson once and for all.

NOTE: This is a first draft.

A video blog I created in support of Reina Scully.


Trooper Tru needs a Mewtwo very badly!
Please contact Trooper Tru ASAP for a raid battle!
[email protected]

#PokemonGo #Mewtwo #Chicago

Trooper Tru sends an important message to Mister A.T. Andrei Thomas


This video shall also act as a Shout-Out to fellow Google Plus user Sagrario Garcia.

A story I wrote for Andrei Thomas' "MobeBuds" series.


Contains a clip from "The Adventures of Captain Marvel"
(courtesy of Republic Pictures)

Special music courtesy of Lost In Scores (

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"If you're not losing friends, you're not growing up."

Vanillo coming soon!

WWE... Enzo Amore... and a [past] situation at a former job.

This is a video response to a video (Dear Venus | When Estranged Parents Die) by Super Princess Tea Party.

"Southpaw (Rock The Paradise Remix)"
"Pepper Keibu (Trooper's Remix, featuring Morning Musume)"

"Carmen '77"
"Chameleon Army"

"It’s looking worse for Donald Trump... yet better for small-time content creators."

The Royal Wedding (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle)

"The Forever-Ruined Legacy of Bill Cosby"

"Goodbye forever to VidLii"

I simply talk about why I left VidLii and briefly summarize the drama that has happened on that website.


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Fondest greetings, and welcome to my new channel... the new home of the MJPL Brotherhood!

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