The overall narrative. But I am trying to explain here their capacity, their semi plan and their means.

Take these with a grain of salt. I just want you to think....

Essentially, he sort of did. He did learn Catch/Pro Wrestling from Gene LeBell just so he could work with American Stunt teams and because he realized the importance of grappling. Bruce also picked Wally Jays brain for some knowledge in Small Circle Jiu Jutsu. Bruce helped Gene LeBell to take movie fights to a whole other level. Before Bruce you MIGHT see some martial arts in film. After they began to take off into mainstream film. But JKD was integrating striking, weapons and grappling long before the UFC.

Jesus Fuck!!!!! This took me 3 days to get this on here!! Anyways it looks like we are experiencing an electile dysfunction! Trump needs to handle this and we need more accurate information to understand this. Otherwise this will go on like the Bush vs Gore election back in 2000. Sadly, this began much of our divide but we can all agree that 8 years of Obama didn’t fix that at all.

I have got to really address an elephant in the room & it is the divide between men and women. We need each other to survive this world. However, in a collapsed society women will usually suffer immensely. Our culture is dying and there will be others to replace it. However those cultures will eradicate our way of life. It appears that progressive ideas are not interested our constitution. I think we need to fix ourselves. Men need to focus on themselves. Women have been given every kind of role model, sponsor and form of assistance but men are completely fucked off.

Here is a basic compilation of kicking techniques and methodologies that you can study to improve your kicking game and combatives repertoire.

Well,have some fun with these because idk which ones are true or not. But I have some suspicions that we are being dumbed down and castrated just to be culled.

Well, we have a choice between a criminal and Trump. I am trying to avoid politics on any of my pages but you should observe why Trump should not concede. Observe why many liberals went conservative & listen to one of JFKs speech.

Well, I didn’t get enough entries in costume for Halloween.

Stop hating on Bruce! Leave Bruce alone!!!!!

Here is a culmination of things that you might need to know how to do. I can only speculate that there is a shit load of bad yet to come. I don’t know what the future will hold but I do know that empires fall, societies collapse and nothing lasts forever.

Tactically defensive fighting is more dangerous to the defender than the attacker. You HAVE to attack your attacker. If you can’t get the drop on them then you need to buy time. You need to prevent them from advancing forward and control the distance. While you do that you need to do some damage. You need to break whatever comes close to you or whatever you can effectively strike. If you can foul their attack and intercept THEM then you can re-assert your counter attack.

Boxing is an excellent foundation next to wrestling and fencing. But Boxing is an amazing start to becoming a complete fighter.

Here is another compilation but with weapons and unmatched fighters. And old school methods

Well, I planned on doing just a sort of tutorial on sword basics. But today as of 10/31/2020 Sir Sean Connery had just passed.

I am giving you some basics from Kali, Epee Fencing, theatrical sword Kenjutsu flavored and Bowie knife work.

Fare thee well Sir Sean Connery
I was trying to finish up this video and I found out today on 10/31/2020 that Sir Sean Connery had passed away. I am saddened to see that 2020 has claimed another life for me. Albeit not one that I knew but one that was a true inspiration. As Juan Sanchez Villalobos Ramirez, I wanted to be a swashbuckling bad asses swordsman like him. Or another Spaniard Indigo Ramirez but either way they were inspiring.
Sean Connery also as James Bond was another sort of male role model to be like. That was 007, because he was cool. He had his wits and was tough also. Plus, he was great with the ladies. But those were two major roles he represented well.

Part 2


Here is a compilation of grappling techniques, drills, and exercises.

Most of the hand strikes in Capoeira are pretty much the same as in WWII Era Combatives. However, the head butts are unique to Capoeira and other Montu(Afrikan) Arts. I also included a Muay Thai clinch knee and compared it to the Joelhada knee strike of Capoeira. Same mechanics without the clinch. Then there was the “Pico” to be used as a knee popper.
I am also doing a brief introduction to kicks. Essentially they are from Savate but you can’t deny a good Muay Thai Round kick.

Traps, limb immobilizations, and destructions. There are more but I myself plan on demonstrating those on my YouTube.

This video is a compilation of different knife styles and methods do you can learn to create your own style and defense plan from or with a knife.
Here was a comparison of a few of the best systems with a knife and combatives. The end gives a suggestion that you need to have a good set of trapping hands, clinch, and a solid counter punch.
Systema was put in there yet again as a training means to develop the knife tactile awareness, sensitivity and leverage to better use the knife. I thought about this more after I uploaded this.

Here is a compilation of videos covering many martial arts when shit doesn’t go right at all. I want you to see what they look like under duress

This is a continuation of fuck bullies but I implore you to keep vigilant against them because they use many forms of attack.

No boxing Or combatives series is complete without hooks or slaps.


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