American National Socialists In The 1930's - The German-American Bund
More than 20,000 American National Socialists gathered at Madison Square Garden to advocate and celebrate American National Socialism and Adolf Hitler's German National Socialism. The more than 20,000 attendees raised their classic ancient Roman salutes toward a 30-foot-tall portrait of George Washington flanked by American banners as well as official German-American Bund banners. Americans saluted the American flag with the classic ancient Roman raised open-hand salute all the way up until FDR and his wife Eleanor decided to institute communism and feminize the American public by telling everyone to start putting their hands over their hearts in an effort to destroy our ruggedness and corrode our masculine nationalist patriotism. A tactic right out of the Communist Manifesto.

Who Controls The U.S. Government? - Remastered

Katyn - Unraveling One Of The Many Secrets Of The Second World War

Linguistic History Of The English Language - Lesser Known Facts

Adolf Hitler VS The Jew World Order - Full Documentary

Rothschild's Sino-Russo-Israeli New World Order And The Controlled Demolition Of America

The Jewish Rotting Of China - By Arnold Spencer Leese

Jews Control The World - UNDENIABLE PROOF


Martyrdom Of Saint Simon of Trent - Exposing The Jew

The Root - Exposing The Jew

History Of The American Civil War 1861-1865

The Gatekeepers - Exposing The Jew

White Genocide - Exposing The Jew

Firestorm Over Dresden Germany - The Allied Massacre, Full Film

Gone Away - Exposing The Jew

General Patton, World War 2 - Suppressed Facts

Subhas Chandra Bose, Axis Powers And World War 2

Holocaustianity - A Religion
Auschwitz as Religion: The Holocaust has become the biggest religion in Europe, overtaking Christianity and taking over Christian symbols, doctrines and practices.
Several authors, especially the Italian writer Gianantonio Valli, have underlined that the present belief in the Holocaust is, in effect, a secular religion or “superstition.” Here are some of the ways the “Holocaust” uses similar iconography to Christianity, thus being able to supplant Christianity as a moral guideline by which to live.
CHRIST as the Savior sent to redeem the world is replaced by the “Chosen People” whom God has selected and given the mission to bring Justice and Righteousness to the “Nations” (the Gentiles).
THE CRUCIFIXION is superseded by the alleged “extermination” of the Jewish people as a collective “Messiah,” which is seen as a greater crime (sin) than the crucifixion of Christ (who was only one innocent man vs. 6 million innocent men, women & children, according to Holocaustian thinking).
LAMB OF GOD is expressed in the total innocence of the “victims” of the concentration camps, whose guiltlessness should never be questioned. They are portrayed as being herded, without resistance, into “gas chambers” and “open pits” like sheep.
SATAN (THE DEVIL) is, of course, the “Nazis” (or Nazism). Forever evil, incapable of good, they are opposed to God’s Plan for his “Chosen Ones” to rule the world. The “Nazis” are portrayed as wanting to rule the world themselves.
The PRIESTHOOD is comprised of the Holocaust “historians” who determine the correct dogma (narrative) and explain it to the faithful, under the oversight of major Jewish organizations, eg. World Jewish Congress, B’nai B’rith, and too many others to list.
CATHEDRALS AND CHURCHES are the Holocaust Museums and Memorials, such as Yad Vashem, the U.S. Holocaust Museum, the Wiesenthal “Museum of Tolerance,” the Anne Frank House (plus the thousands of smaller ones sprinkled everywhere ). Also included are the former concentration camp sites, for example Auschwitz-Birkenau, Buchenwald and Dachau. These are all places where worship of the “victims” can take place in a protected setting.
HOLY DAYS are the various days of “remembrance,” which include Yom HaShoah (U.S. and Israel Holocaust Remembrance Day in the spring) 27 January Day of Commemoration for Victims of Holocaust; Anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising and others (some yet to be named).
PILGRIMAGES to the former German concentration camps, Jewish ghettos or wherever Jewish suffering is imagined to have taken place are made in a spirit of reverence and obligation.
SAINTS such as Elie Wiesel, Anne Frank, Simon Wiesenthal, Irene Sendler, and Yisrael Meir Lau become semi-mythological beings, and their stories are widely read and believed.
PROPHETS are the self-described “eye-witnesses” to the alleged gassings, murders and atrocities whose statements of what they saw and heard cannot be questioned. Examples: Filip Müller, Rudolf Vrba, Kurt Gerstein, Rudolf Höss, Olga Lengyel and others.
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Children are taught the basic tenets of the faith from an early age in the schools, and given increasingly more complete indoctrination through upper grades and college level.
INQUISITION is carried out by the media, which follows the instruction of the enforcement arms of the Major Jewish Organizations. These enforcement arms include the Anti-Defamation League, the LICRA in France, and even the rogue Jewish Defense League.
EXCOMMUNICATION is pronounced against revisionist heretics who won’t repent, leaving them banned and excluded from receiving salvation (sacraments). Their name becomes anathema to those in good standing.
LEGAL PROSECUTION OF HOLOCAUST HERETICS is provided for in secular law codes to punish, with stiff fines and prison sentences, any questioning of the Holocaust Religion. Judges in State and Federal Courts are required to enforce these laws in the name of “public order” and protecting the feelings and “physical safety” of Holocaust believers.
ZEALOTS, burning with religious zeal for increasing the spiritual reach of the Holocaust, have run the gamut from such diverse types as French existentialist writer Albert Camus to billionaire Ronald Lauder (Estee’s son) to Abe Foxman of the ADL.
THE FAITHFUL are what no religion can do without—in this case, the followers, unquestioning believers and consumers of Holocaust propaganda.
Lauder/Rothschild 9/11:
WW2 today:

ANTI-ANTIFA Face Punch Instant Replay Repeat - Azione Katacomb

White Native Americans - Suppressed History
-Quivira Kingdom in the regions of today's California.
-Tartary Kingdom

Bunker 84 - Les Feux De Joie - MUSIC VIDEO

Actus - Botschaft aus Hyperborea - MUSIC VIDEO

ASYNJA - Let The Valkyrie Ride - MUSIC VIDEO
-Female Singer
-Hard Rock/Metal

Mein Glaube Heißt Treue - Schwarzer Orden - MUSIC VIDEO with Spanish Subtitles


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