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Israeli School Children Reaction as Government Ends requirement to wear masks

Chris Sky addressing the crowd at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa

Freedom Convoy organizers explaining the current situation.

Original upload by Marcel Irnie -

Dr Peter McCullough speaking in front of US Senate - "Vaccines cause myocarditis and shouldnt be offered to young people"

Doctor shocked by blank vaccine package insert, admits theres no safety studies on efficacy.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Vaccines being linked to heart attacks on UK tv

Dr David Martin talking on the Stew Peters show about Covid, vaccines and government lies.

MEPs Supporting the rights of workers against the mandatory Digital Certificate - press conference.

Dr Anne McCloskey: GP suspended over Covid-19 vaccine comments.
Hospitals are being overrun by patients who have been double vaxxed.
This is a must watch video for those wanting to protect themselves, their loved ones and the truth!
Please share a link to this video to hear from a concerned GP wanting to save lives.

What happens when we put the official covid numbers into world population perspective.

Are viruses just exosomes produced by our bodies to fight toxicity or is germ theory more scientifically sound?

Video is based on work from:
David Crowe -
Dr. Tom Cowan -
Dr. Andrew Kaufman -
Jon Rappoport -

Subs are in Bulgarian.

The guy behind it all, or just another puppet for Evil?
Editing by RV Truth

Concerned people speaking out against the vaccines at the Board of Health in Toronto 2019.

Can you fall off the flat Earth?
One of the frequently asked questions by people who are new to the information and have been fed lies about the model by the mainstream media and sell out 'scientists'.
The truth is most people don't know where the Earth ends, because we are not allowed to explore Antarctica, according to the Treaty signed by all major countries almost 100 years ago.
Video by David Weiss - DITRH

America Frontline Doctors Speaking Against the Lockdown

Owen Benjamin explaining his views on the Moon landing in one of his streams from 2019.
Owen's channel was removed from Youtube.
You can find him at -

The amazing speech by Gareth Icke at the London protests against the lockdown measures on the 26th of September 2020.
We Do Not Consent!

Is Space even real?
Video from an Owen Benjamin stream about Space.
Owen's channel was removed from Youtube.
You can find him at -

Flat Earth in 5 minutes
Video by Odd TV -

Mainstream media showing the Flat Earth model

A US Sheriff saying he will not enforce any unconstitutional laws and orders.

Video by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a German Lawyer calling for more people to take legal action against the unlawful lockdown measures.
His channel -
His websites -

How did Dr Fauci know there's going to be a pandemic 3 years before it happened?
Video by DITRH -

A glimpse of the protests in Australia, not covered by the mainstream media.
Original video by Sarah Miller on Facebook -


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