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Philippe Henriot - « Ici, Radio-France »

Philippe Henriot - Le 6 février
Analyse sous microscope, par le Dr. Franc Zalewski (Dr. exerçant en archéologie et en géobiologie habituellement). Mais on lui a demandé d'analyser la soupe de Pfizer... Il l'a fait, et ce qu'il a trouvé correspond bien avec ce qu'avait trouvé le Dr Carrie Madej dans le Moderna...
Spoiler : Un oeuf, avec 3 tentacules colorées, qui se développe dans votre corps...

Esclaves blancs, maîtres musulmans

Un million d’européens, des équipages entiers, hommes, femmes, enfants, capturés et réduits en esclavage, soumis à la torture et aux travaux forcés.

Episode 1 : Aux mains des Barbaresques
Entre 1500 et 1800 environ, les Occidentaux n’étaient pas sans savoir les risques encourus en voyageant en mer : un million d’entre eux finirent en esclavage.

Episode 2 : Pirates de Méditerranée
Entre le XVIe et la fin du XVIIIe siècle, des pirates méditerranéens écument les mers et attaquent les bateaux en provenance d’Europe.

Episode 3 : Le prisonnier Cervantès
Le récit des mésaventures du soldat Saavedra, alias Cervantès, l’auteur de «Don Quichotte de la Mancha», prisonnier à Alger pendant cinq longues années.

Flavien Brenier - Les Juifs et le Talmud, Morale et principes sociaux

Critique froide du Talmud

Comment le Talmud est-il devenu le livre référence des Juifs ? Que contient ce livre ? Comment l’histoire a pu bifurquer ? Qui sont les Pharisiens ? Flavien Brenier nous relate ici l'histoire du peuple judéen. Une histoire qui bifurque à un moment précis lors d'un brassage culturel avec les Chaldéens. Dans un souci de perpétuer le peuple judéen, le Talmud sera écrit.
Découvrez l'histoire du Talmud, son but, ses écrits, ses idées, ce qu'il représente encore aujourd'hui...
Le lapsus du Ministre de la Santé du Québec à propos du vaccin anti-COVID19 : « On a hâte de commencer pour éliminer nos personnes vulnérables. »

The War against Whites in Advertising
Richard Houck - Counter-Currents
Traduction : Laurent Guyénot.

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Inside the hate conspiracy : America's terrorists
Turning point

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RIP Terrible Tommy. Got an exclusively interview with him on Kriegsberichter 8 DVD. April 9th, 1938 in Warsaw, Indiana - Hemet, California, on November 4th, 2020. Metzger, who was 82, died Nov. 4, according to the post, which said he is survived by his partner, Mary Arnold, as well as six children, nine grandchildren and a great grandchild. A member of the Ku Klux Klan since the 1970s, he later left the KKK and founded the White Aryan Resistance group. It was described on its website as “an educational repository on the benefits of racial separation, highlighting the dangers of multiculturalism and promoting racial identity and a territorial imperative.” In 1990, the family of Mulugeta Seraw, an Ethiopian man who moved to the United States to attend college and was fatally beaten by three white supremacists in 1988, was awarded $12.5 million by an Oregon jury in a lawsuit filed against Metzger and his son, John. Seraw’s family sued the Metzgers for inciting its members to commit violence against minorities.

The judgment forced Metzger into bankruptcy, though he continued his white supremacist activities. He was jailed in 1991 in Los Angeles County for attending a cross burning, and jailed the following year in Toronto for violating Canada’s immigration laws by entering the country “to promote race hatred.”

In 2006, he left Fallbrook for Indiana, but returned to California at some point. The White Aryan Resistance website lists Metzger in its contact information, with a P.O. Box in San Jacinto, This was the second and sadly the last time we featured him on Kriegsberichter videomagazine, he did an intro for us is 2000 for issue 5.


Geraldo Rivera (born Gerald Michael Riviera; July 4, 1943) is an American journalist, attorney, author, political commentator, and former television host. He hosted the tabloid talk show Geraldo from 1987 to 1998. He gained popularity with the live TV special The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults. Rivera hosted the newsmagazine program Geraldo at Large, hosts the occasional broadcast of Geraldo Rivera Reports (in lieu of hosting At Large), and appears regularly on Fox News programs such as The Five.

In 1987, Rivera began producing and hosting the daytime talk show Geraldo, which ran for 11 years. The show featured controversial guests and theatricality, which led to the characterization of his show as "Trash TV" by Newsweek and two United States senators. In another special in 1988, Rivera's nose was broken in a well-publicized brawl during a show whose guests included white supremacists, antiracist skinheads, black activist Roy Innis, and militant Jewish activists.