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Max Igan is controlled opposition. Make no mistake, this sudden coming out after years of denial and pushback against flat earth is deliberate and planned. His video is more about his 'game' theory than explaining how and why he suddenly came to the revelation of flat earth. Owen Benjamin's coming out was more believable. Max is and always has been controlled opposition; he was not suddenly bought out or sold out. The intention behind such a move is intended to discredit the truth movement. Whether you know the earth is indeed flat or not, those who do and follow Max Igan are now inclined to either side with him and see this as a FE victory (which it is not) and those who do not are inclined to think he's lost his mind. It's all simply a show. Max is a deceiver and always has been.

The Mandela Effect is not real; well, it's real but it's manufactured and started in 2009 when it was coined by a little-known paranormal writer/consultant named Fiona Broome.
This video is dedicated to the memory of my friend, Tara whose YouTube channel was called Alice in Mandelaland. She was working on a video about exposing the Mandela Effect as a CIA-orchestrated psychological operation before she died in 2018 and never completed the video. This video does not go into the CIA connections, but I hope it does her proud.

Material referenced in this video are used solely for educational/commentary purposes and therefore constitute FAIR USE.

The named gods of the Earth are not what you think. The gods from ancient civilizations up to modern day are all parallels of the same gods and they are representations of the human brain, human consciousness, etc.. Understanding the nature of these gods/entities/egregores and how our energy feeds them is integral to understanding what you are worshipping and why.

Special thanks to videos with clips contained herein (fair use for educational purposes)
Egregores by Ramsey Duke
*note: Ramsey Duke is an occultist and member of the Golden Dawn Society, a Freemasonic secret society. Take that to mean whatever you will.

Magical Egypt

Santos Bonacci


Why it is important to meditate and harmonize the polarities within you.

LOA is not inviting demons. understand what it is and how it works.


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. The content expressed in this video is opinion based on personal experience and research. Please do your own research and back up with other sources.

Some additional sources:

Cutting ethereal cords

Ending soul contracts

Saging your space

Mental illness as classified by the mental health industry (excluding cluster Bs because I personally consider them not to be an illness as they are not curable but that’s my opinion) are result of letting thoughts get out of control. Control the thoughts and control the emotions. Professionals will put patients on medication and have them endure endless therapy sessions dwelling on the past yet resolving nothing because it is not about curing or healing but treating the symptom. Face your fears and demons and you cure the problem.

Thinking of building a career in entertainment industry? It’s possible but comes with a price.

In 1968 Dr. Richard Day made a presentation to a room of medical professionals admitting to a massive agenda for population control, however what isn't said and what is painfully clear to me, at least, is that there is another agenda behind this open agenda and that is one of selling our souls.

Why censorship is sometimes important and necessary.

There's an agenda toward pushing people out of being able to afford private residency. Most people have to share with others or rent out portions of their own home in order to afford to live. They're pushing us into smaller spaces and herding the population into major urban centres. There's also an agenda behind home renovations, buying second-hand off online apps as well as buying from thrift stores.

New Agers push the idea that we ought to only focus on the positive, which is false. We need to acknowledge that which is unwanted then focus on what is wanted in order to create the solution or a better situation. By focusing on the unwanted, or the problem, one only sees the problem and then the problem will grow. By only focusing on the positive, that is the same as focusing on the problem - simply focusing on the positive aspects of the problem and does not allow one to move forward or find a solution. This is not an accurate tool for manifestation and is either a deception on the part of the teacher or misinterpretation on behalf of the student.

There's a reason why people are suddenly revealing themselves to be trans and celebrities are being exposed as trans now and that is to push their idea of gender-neutrality or androgeny - a material form of alchemy designed to eliminate the sexes in order to control reproduction.

Examining the concept of neutrality.

The December 10th policy and COPPA

Discussing the above topics

In seeking soul food or trying to feel better in this satanic realm, most end up turning to spiritual gurus either in organized religion, motivational speakers or new age gurus whose message is temporarily uplifting, but leaves you feeling unsatisfied; much like junk food. There's a reason for this - it's false light.

Some say there is no real truth: WRONG! There are levels of truth, but there is ultimately an objective truth and subjective truth. Objective truth is what is and subjective truth is our perception of it. It's not belief, which changes. Individual truth is not wrong, it simply only applies to that individual whereas objective truth applies to everyone party to it.

The media is a mind-control device. This is one example of how they use the media to control our decisions on every level even if you are originally opposed to an idea, they will eventually get you.


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