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This was supposed to be uploaded on October 10, 2020. But Hurricane Delta forced me to delay this episode due to power outage. I'm sorry folks, but real life can sometimes be a pain. Anyway, this episode talks about cash and how important it is in society.

I finally talk about the coronavirus and how it has ruined the American and foreign economies. Things could be getting worse economically and socially speaking.

This is a special edition of "True National Radio" as I talk about the common man, nationalism, and the Lord Jesus.

President Donald John Trump Sr. of the United States of America has tested positive for COVID-19. Because of this, people are worried. So I have to address this so I could lessen the people backlash on the Special Sunday Edition of True Nationalist Radio.

I give you my social views from a nationalist perspective. I hope you folks take the time to understand why Liberalism and Conservatism will not motivate a generation to fight for freedom and humanity.

In 2016, I made what I have called my all time favorite video. Despite the poor visual quality, people enjoyed it. In fact, this video in 2016 reached 500 views. I hope you folks enjoy it despite the 360p resolution quality.

I Bully Bullies is a YouTube user from Sweden mainly known for calling out scumbags. But I did a parody on why I Bully Bullies got banned from Ikea in his native Sweden. This is a parody, do not take it seriously.

A short video about fascism, but keeping it short, sweet, and to the point.

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I talk about the history of Benito Mussolini including his accomplishments.

In this episode, I rant about Netflix, the power of a boycott, flaws of streaming services, the importance of keeping a business private and locally owned, the dangers of the stock markets, a nationalist economy, and why television is a waste of time.

Inspired by Ghost, host of the Ghost Show (formerly True Capitalist Radio). I talk about nationalism, point out how Capitalism and Communism works, and discuss religion.


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This edray1416, The EdRay Report, Bourg Productions with a new series for BitChute called True Nationalist Radio. Inspired by Ghost of True Capitalist Radio, now The Ghost Show, I will talking about subjects relating to nationalism. This will be my only home for the series because YouTube might flag down my channel just for the pilot episode. I will also reupload certain content from the past.