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Thanks niggi Lui Marco for bodyshaming Elliot Page!
Dumb dolt right blog: Molly Bisher channel WARNING do not go to this channel if you are epileptic or pregnant/nursing. WARNING do not go to this channel if you are epileptic or pregnant/nursing. niggitruth

Z.A.P. to the Extreme! Jungian psychology and the Political Chessboard

Niggies have decoded the link between the collective unconscious and the political chessboard. Transform your consciousness to change the world.

The Shadow - Carl Jung's Warning to The World

UBI UBI UBI gimme niggi NEET credits!

Accept no substitutes this the real niggi channel

Shilling for Israel while pretending to be pro white. Adam Green.

Forgot to mention I put 2 more bales of sunshine mix in the soil, that I used last year.

Holes were 3ft deep, layered with river pebbles and sand at the bottom. Alfalfa pellets were also added to the soil. All ammendments were organic except for one of the seaweed extracts, which had some nitrogen chems, but it was only used in a foliar spray near the start of flowering, not in the soil.

A few of the final feedings had a mixture of banana and canteloupe skins, chopped up and boiled, then added organic molasses. Next one had a slower ferment without the boiling. These were diluted to a ratio of 500ml or so to 20 liters of water.

Crybaby Heff's Channel:

Pedo Lu's Lolicon Channel:

Retarded Idiot Channel:

No sympathy for meat eaters. Death is the diagnosis and what you deserve.

Diet Debunked: The Ketogenic Diet

I ended up scromitting right after finishing the video.

Dominican half brain nigga smells fire or weed smokes, has Wolverine Daydream

Molly Bisher:

Comment thread where Sneep samefag evidence posted

Jim Rizoli has the Fake Nukes guy on

Zionist Inspection Day crying because Russia blocked him

PNN America new

FOMO: Carlito Cross
You want Pokemon Cards?

Carlito's site

Keep supporting the real niggies and niggi people out there in the swamps. Shout out to all niggies and niggi fans!

NiggiEggGrinda Financial
Hexagod -says he will stop making content for retards for a while
Zanimations -says the Apollo ascent stage looks fake
Ashkenazi Jew -threatens jewish boaters with watery death!
PNNAmerica -pernicious dolt rite trope
Molly Bisher -makes another dog hatred video which is all about her resentment against the family dog, who she kept in a cage but had to walk and feed sometimes
Then she openly tries to recruit people to 'exterminate' me. Then makes more death threats in my comments.
Z-Axis Perspective -save your Epistemology
NiggiEggGrinda -Raw n Crass swamp Freestyle

Young enough to bleed young enough to breed. Molly doesn't get it.

The doctors need to try prescribing some reefer to cure Molly Bisher and get her grounded in reality.

Check out the comments under this video for an example of the buffer overflow exploit on this retard. The two accounts are the same person, the pedo Joseph Sneep

More background on Molly Bisher

Molly Bisher Alliance with 2 Bitchute Paedophiles!

Epic Self Own or Pedo Admission?

lmao Molly worked so hard on this lame takedown, but my response took a minute to prepare.

All because I refused to hate fuck her, since I don't have sex with mongoloids!

Paedos hate the term ephibophilia, they want everyone to be a MAP, so they can blur the lines between sick fucks like Molly's only friends and normal people.

This is the link to Dave Todeschini's video, which Sneep fed to her, as an example of bad trolls:

People who troll pedophiles are bad people according to Molly Bisher.
lmao lmao lmao lmaolmoaomfolo!!!111


This is a brave man! Especially knowing Molly's allegiance with slanderous paedophile Joseph Sneep, who she was warned about contacting. Molly Bisher the pen pal of Joseph Sneep is now in a strange charade of a relationship with his sock accounts on her channel and she is pretending to not have a clue! Is it naivety or is she like a Karla Homolka?

Just stunning behaviour form Molly Bisher, another betrayal of niggies and of humanity and niggianity! Niggi people will not stand for this. Molly Bisher again giving niggies a bad name by befriending the pedo sneep.

Molly's channel, where she is currently being groomed:


If only this guy knew the half of it! He notices something odd about Molly despite not knowing about her niggi porn and other disturbing paraphelias!

Molly has been isolated and is being brainwashed by Sneep through 'social proof' via his multiple accounts, although it should be quite transparent that it is him by him using the same memes and tactics as he did in the events of previous videos on this channel. I knew that she was devoid of morals before but this is a new low!

One must wonder why she is making this alliance with an admitted and notorious paedophile who just a few days previously had been tormenting her to tears, telling her to kill herself(another trademark of Sneep's), simply to 'own' those who have urged her to get help.

Is Molly taking her mask off, revealing that she has more in common with Sneep than she has been letting on? Who is grooming who now? Stay tuned folx, we're just getting started!

Convicted paedophile.
Stay tuned for Round 2 tomorrow as we explore Chris Chan and the Idea Guys... ooops I mean Molly Bisher and Josheph Sneep's special mutual grooming relationship.

Despite him being exposed by my previous video, Molly is once more allowing herself to be manipulated by this person.

Video by the Bunny Gathering(source):

We going to the niggi swamp planets at the center of the galaxy.

Me and Molly nailed that samefagging faggot creep to the wall today! It was glorious! Niggi dimensional merge. Hail the White Knights of Bisher.

I Trolled Paedophile Samefag Sneep/Lecherous/Yuumenene/Koolman/Waifulover Into Outing Themselves!

This guy used a bunch of different accounts that he was using to have fake arguments with himself while attacking Molly in the most nasty and non niggi of ways.

He got fully wrecked and exposed in the comments to this video. Molly blocked him to preserve the evidence because otherwise he would delete all his comments like the cowardly shit stained rat he is.


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