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Are you Awake yet This video explains about False Flags, The dollar bill Sigial magic of the towers and how bbc reported the building falling b4 it actually did, Also a interview with Donald Trump that explains he has no idea how a plane could bring down the building, Seriously its worth a watch i put it togethr good


i have many more coming that willl blow ur mind thank you julie from clouthhub

This was explained beautifully to beginners after this go check out Q the Plan to save the world

Occult Spirit Cooking email reveals Podesta-s diabolical values

Mayor Lightfoots Pledges to the New World Order aka beetlejuice

Mike Lindell Absoutle Proof Election Fraud Documentary

Out of Shadows Documentary

Ben Swan Dives Deep into Pizza Gate Then fired after show

NBC Hillary Clinton Shut Down Pedophile Investigation at State Department (2013)

worth your time the hidden agenda behind Covid Certificate OF Vaccination Identification
patton for this wo2020060606 = world order in the year 2020 666 mark of the beast will be presented aka whats that no vaccniation id or papers sorry we cant buy or sell and the stuff that goes in to the vac is callled LUCIFEREASE ............ponder on that

The Secret War On DS Q is Military Intelligence jermome korsi

i tried to make ti easy

I hope you enjoy this if you do it share it and let me know what you think

#maga #braveheart #wwg1wga #trump

Cardina Juan Sandeova talks about vaccinees and how the NWO is making their move to take over

Yes hes still our President which is why included President

hope you enjoy SONGS 432 hertz is the natural frequency of the earth

0:00 - 3:49 Dragonborn Theme - Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

3:50 - 5:54 Twisted Jukebox - Angels Will Rise

5:56 - 8:51 Soundscape to Ardor

8:52 - 11:52 AOT Counter Attack

11:54 - 15:01 Audiomachine - Warlords

15:02 - 20:24 Two Steps From Hell - Victory

20:25 - 23:02 Audiomachine Shadowfall - Shadowfall

23:03 - 25:48 B13A FADE TO BLACK

25:50 - 28:05 Romansenykmusic - Epic Cinematic Dramatic Adventure

28:06 - 32:09 Thomas Bergersen - Empire of Angels

32:10 - 36:54 WINGS OF FREEDOM

ExIlluminati Banker Ronald Bernard Speaks about the Elites rituals and human sacrifice

Slow but worth your time

This is for beginners to help understand whats going on, i have one q proof up already ill have to recreate the ones that got deleted from trash platforms that all deleted me and my work


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What if I told you the people in Power would never let it get better no matter what you did?
What if I told you that Our World leaders "Declared war against You" and the starting pistol went off long ago?
What would you do???

Time to add myself to some more Government watchlists Hey current FBI,CIA and China Joe Administration
Double Barrel
when a long train of abuses & usurpations [begun at a distinguished period, &] pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to subject reduce them to arbitrary power under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government & to provide new guards for their future security

When Tyranny Becomes Law Rebellion becomes DUTY clouthub



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