I have tried uploading this so many times and finally it’s happened! This is a specisl gift to furious Patriots. Unfortunately the exodus continues As more and More are abandoning Trumptanic and attempting to claim Democratic infiltrator Status. Patriot Chantelle is one of the latest. What she reveals about the Democratic initiation and way of life is mind blowing!


Maskery is similar to and often used in conjunction with
Religiously-based psychological abuse of both adults and children. Maskery often involves using teachings to subjugate children through fear, or indoctrinating the child in the beliefs of their particular religion whilst suppressing other perspectives. Psychologist Jill Mytton describes this as crushing the child's chance to form a personal morality and belief system; it makes them utterly reliant on their religion and/or parents, and they never learn to reflect critically on information they receive. Similarly, the use of fear and a judgmental environment (such as the concept of wearing a mask to avoid asymptomatic transmission of Corona virus) to control the child can be traumatic.[4]
It’s one of the most extreme modern forms of religious ritual abuse and stems from the disproven paranoid superstitions upon which the Mask cultists build their religious anti social communities. The word Maskery never existed before the abuse pandemic of 2020- The only thing close is a popular Latin term used to describe the parents who diaper children’s faces: Flusteria Paranoi Abuserattic Childsikbreath unrealstupidity titanikstooge brainianicatlicist. The modern English version of Maskery came stems from the amalgamation of three themes :
Masks Sadism and Masochism.
A mask is A covering worn on the face to conceal one's identity, as.
A covering, as of cloth, that has openings for the eyes, entirely or partly conceals the face, and is worn especially at a masquerade ball.
n. A grotesque or comical representation of a face, worn especially to frighten or amuse, as at Halloween.
[ sey-diz-uhm, sad-iz- ]SHOW IPA
Psychiatry. the condition in which sexual gratification depends on causing pain or degradation to others.Compare masochism.

[ mas-uh-kiz-uhm, maz- ]SHOW IPA
Psychiatry. a person who has masochism, the condition in which sexual or other gratification depends on one'sy suffering physical pain or humiliation.
a person who is gratified by pain, degradation, etc., that is self-imposed or imposed by others.

Science is pretty much settled. On this question watch my previous video for context

Listen closely and don’t play games get this to the target ASAP I have faced 2 hackers removing my recordingS of just this message from phone so I borrowed and used another phone to Record and upload this

Prepare to have your Panic Stricken Flusteric Feathers Ruffles. Hold on to your Hat while All your COVAX Myths Are Busted!

Someone has finally addressed the elephant locked outside the church.

Yes the details of what’s in the lab Rat Vac will have you begging for extra doses!

This is 1st rough overview of some of the remarkable campaign strategies to get our Country out of this Trudopean nightmare. Lots more coming

For triforce and allies in memory of the Trumpeter Hear the last details and get this info to the right people. It’s go time. Not coded this info has the power to change the outcome in a big resplendent Fashion! Let us move and Mobilize.

I really hate uploading unedited but it’s all I can do try to get support for this lets assemble quickly. Come with me if you get the vision and are bold. [email protected]

Salute Your Viral Cheeky Rash, Bow Low in Diaperf Faced Adoration

This isn’t the epic ultra slick final version I’m working towards but rehearsal in a public space which is not best quality but if you are with me please get excited and edit this material get it into the the right hands because I’m taking this to every province and challenging every health authority to meet me on the battlefield of debate.!if you care to see an end to the slavery then support my efforts. I’m all in with nothing to lose and empowered By Jesus to tear down mighty strongholds of darkness. Join me in person, service or provision to reclaim the face of this nation [email protected] 1st Victory will be Victoria

Long story. There was some powerful powerful material that an ally should save and dissect please. I’m on the move.
I was rehearsing this speech outside the church I’m locked out of

This is a taste of what will soon break the chains and set the captives free. I’m calling a duck a duck. This isn’t done I spent hours trying to organize the edit software but no luck. There should be music intro with rising applause and the end needs to be edited. Please listen and save for others and thanks so much! You are on a good path to be interested in this mission. God Bless you

Sir Press Me once Sir Press Me Twice Frazzle Drops are Notty Nice

FLUFEAR is the New Queer. Quit being such a Homophobe!

Times are tough. Cookies are sweet. Just an oven full of mixed ingredients needs someone to put them away. Also a treat
To put together Sheila sprinkled salinasky for you guests to enjoy at your next GET Together

Congratulations. You fell right into a trap Called First time they screw take this sign and move: Vanish Venture Mobilize Underground Over Air look and Look tough guys Not where? Good luck where is that F&[email protected]? Then like sonic hits the boom We have sent your plans to DOOM. Thank you for giving me great Boldness and assurance. If you only knew what I got up to during the night you just waited and watched for me all night and no return. I took a field trip you never could have guessed. Censor me again then see what fury I Will dissapear and gather Another city into our momentum. with so little views and only days after I began posting to mess so much with my hardly professional material was one of the kindest acts of support And encouragement you could give me! Thanks my beloved Assassinassholes!

The last video I posted was altered here is it again

Bear with me someone is hacking my account to remove the powerful truths it’ was 5 minutes This is the 1st official Speech and our Prez Who we have selected as preferred Sub Priminister to fill in during the mandatory mental health evaluation and addiction treatment vacation period of this campaign for our beloved but desperately ill members of Government and health he will be interviewing interested applicants & campaigning today in new Westminster BC from 3 to 6 pm Across the street from Anvil Centre

Wow video lost 95% of its content for the 2nd time?!?! Weird maybe I’m getting the right interest. Hear the War Cry Song and 1st Official Possibly Final Speech of the Trumpeter aS he gives reveals his ferocity and calls for The Triforce Assemblng Alec Bonds Shala zaalinsky and the Mighty Prophet Tailor of Mark to Guide and Guard young Bideon Omagussun as he fulfils his destiny and the Prophecy’s of Old and New. Victory is ours! PS Dowload and assemble the audio spit out the bones and gristle prepare a feast for the triforce Assembly. Much more coming but the fundamentals Of our Ultrasonic Boom victory Are mixed like dough concealing the wisdom to preserve our way.


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Beckoned to dance in moonlight
held safe upon the stars
Embrace the rivers delight
take your breath afar

blue jackals are bleeding
This light will guide our way
Can you hear him calling
Ancient of All Days

We have to assemble assemble
We have to move 2 by 3
But 1st order of business
Is understand strategy

It’s a diaperfaced uprising
It’s a clever slight of hand
It’s constantly surprising
this playful gifted plan

Call or txt 2368339276
Email [email protected]
This hammer has two faces
Opposed for Truly one
The first road is Damascus
Our community is won

Damascus charms so sweetly
We know just what to say
To earn their trust completely
Old kids come out to play

pull them from the stupor
Lead them by the hand
Bring them back with laughter
Our of flufear land

Clever tactic to prevail
Grown strong to withstand
Turn heads on to tails
With One Hidden hand

Go straight into tulips
Suprise them by choice
new audience impression
Entrust to Bideons voice

Depart from Trumptanic
Leave clues to assure
THROW DOWN Maga towel
Jump shippers bLURE

In order to INCREASE
Surest way to WIN
“We LOVE YOU daddy Biden”
“We’re all your next kin”

Bidentical twistlets
Oh ewe shagging ped
Mutant mail in voters
Turn Tales on it’s HEAD

As the children of OMAGA
Turn RED into BLUE
With rallies and fanfare

Mane streams wicked weasel
Otter nonsense confused
By admission “We’re the liars!”
How could anyone refuse?

They taunted they mock
Much slander black eyes
It’stime for our payback
pizzagrading their eye

I made it all up
Now it’s time to jump ship
Trump paid me a million
But now I must quit

CNN are you hiring?
My careers in the dump
Cause faking the news
Was paid for by Trump

He gladly eats kittens
Last meal before bed
His temper explosive
Over 6,000,000 interns fled

His Phentanol habit
Is out of control
smokes meth on fridays
Beats chest like a trol

Let’s agree with the MSM
But go the extra mile
Give taste of the medicine
Punish them for guile

All the time roasting
In Besta myriad ways
Reviving every insult
throwback in their face

Oh uma your hilarity
Pedesto you skipper
I’m just a little girl
Frazzled by Rippers

QT pie is for jesting
The drops of her bomb
With final demasking
Make light in our song

Our troops are mutated
No Twistlet at peace
For Daddy peddy Jackass
Must never retreat

No chance for OMaggots
I hope they all pray
We dare them to face us
Be counted that day

(Of course it’s not legal
It’s grassroots just fun
The strength of our numbers
Peddy jackass got none!)