Ash Ketchum (Veronica Taylor in the English Adaption) is finally 10 years old, old enough to become a Pokémon Trainer. He wakes up late on the day he is supposed to receive his first Pokémon at Professor Oak's lab, however, and arrives to discover all the Pokémon are gone. Ash has no choice to take a naughty Pikachu (Ikue Otani in both Adaptions (Japanese & English)). Pikachu will not listen to Ash or go inside its Poké Ball, so Ash must drag it along with a rope. After many failed attempts at capturing some Pokémon, Ash throws a rock and hits a Spearow. The Spearow gets angry and the entire flock starts chasing Ash and Pikachu. They run away from the Spearow, borrowing a bike from a red-haired girl named Misty (Rachel Lillis in the English Adaption) to escape, but when they cannot go any farther, Ash uses his body to shield Pikachu from the attacking Pokémon. Pikachu realizes how much Ash cares for him and uses a powerful electric attack to drive the Spearow away, destroying the bicycle in the process as well. Ash and Pikachu see a glimpse of Ho-Oh.

Note: The 1st Appearances of Ash Ketchum, Delia Ketchum (Ash's Mother), Prof. Oak, Gary Oak & Misty.
Event: Ash Starts His Journey, And Then, He Gets A Reculant Pikachu.


Guardian Idiot

Space Time Twister

Don't String Me Along

When Tegridy Farms experiences decreased sales, Randy is angered and decides to take action. Kyle is sent to a ICE detention center and warns the agents there that their poor treatment of children may have consequences.

Geruda to Kai (ゲルダとカイ)

"Miss Minchin's Seminary for Young Ladies"
Transcription: "Minchin Joshi Gaku'in" (Japanese: ミンチン女子学院)
Solicitor Barrow discusses Sarah's childhood with Headmistress Minchin. Sarah is acclimating herself to London after a long voyage from India with her father, Captain Ralph Crewe. While the headmistress, her sister Amelia Minchin and Barrow discuss Sarah's living arrangements at the seminary and decide if she is a suitable student, Sarah's carriage ride is the backdrop for her book knowledge of London.
When they arrive at the seminary, Sarah, Peter and the headmistress argue about the latter's questions about Sarah. The headmistress's anger with Peter disappears when Sarah is enthralled with a pony and defends Peter for driving the carriage to the seminary. Although the conflict has a resolution, it sows the seeds for the headmistress's dislike of Sarah.

Cartman meets with the president of FOX in an attempt to cancel Family Guy and discovers the real writers behind the show. Meanwhile, the people of South Park bury their heads in sand pits to avoid watching the latest controversial episode of Family Guy.

The town is in panic when the FOX animated sitcom Family Guy angers the Muslim world by attempting to air an image of Mohammed. Meanwhile, Kyle and Cartman fight over whether or not Family Guy should stay on the air.

"Hometown People"
Transcription: "Kōkyō no Hitobito" (Japanese: 故郷の人々)

I'm Not Alone

Stan persuades everyone in town to buy hybrid cars, not realizing the new cars cause a different kind of dangerous emission which ends in a climatic finish in the midsts of San Francisco.

After a long hiatus, Chef returns to South Park, but the boys notice that he isn't the same friend he used to be.

Two aquarium workers trick the boys into thinking that a killer whale can talk, prompting the boys to liberate the animal and send him into space.

Stan is dubbed the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard by a local group of Scientologists, causing a chain of bizarre events, such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta locking themselves in Stan's closet and R&B singer R. Kelly turning the whole affair into an urban opera.

Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp is a two-reel animated cartoon short subject in the Popeye Color Specials series, produced in Technicolor and released to theaters on April 7, 1939, by Paramount Pictures. It was produced by Max Fleischer, and directed by Dave Fleischer for Fleischer Studios, Inc., with David Tendlar serving as head animator, and music being supervised by Sammy Timberg. The voice of Popeye is performed by Jack Mercer, with additional voices by Margie Hines as Olive Oyl and Carl Meyer as the evil Wazzir. This short features Olive as a screenwriter for Surprise Pictures ("if it's a good picture, it's a Surprise" – the same joke idea had been used in 1938's Daffy Duck in Hollywood), working on a treatment of the story of Aladdin that will feature herself as the beautiful princess and Popeye as Aladdin, all the while speaking in rhyme. As she types, her adaptation of Aladdin comes to life on the screen, with Popeye having to use his wits against an evil vizier who seeks to control a magic lamp inhabited by a powerful genie. After completing the script, Olive gets a termination of employment notice from the front office, which reads "Your story of Aladdin is being thrown out...and so are you! [signed] Surprise."

As in many Popeye cartoons, many of the gags are conveyed using dialogue. As Princess Olive awaits Popeye/Aladdin's declaration of his love, he turns to the camera and remarks "I don't know what to say...I've never made love in Technicolor before!" During the climatic battle between Aladdin and the vizier, Olive screams out "Help! Popeye—I mean Aladdin—save me!!"

Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves is a two-reel animated cartoon short subject in the Popeye Color Feature series, produced in Technicolor and released to theatres on November 26, 1937 by Paramount Pictures. It was produced by Max Fleischer for Fleischer Studios, Inc. and directed by Dave Fleischer. Willard Bowsky was head animator, with musical supervision by Sammy Timberg. The voice of Popeye is performed by Jack Mercer, with additional voices by Mae Questel as Olive Oyl, Lou Fleischer as J. Wellington Wimpy and Gus Wickie as Abu Hassan. Popeye is enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard and did not enlist in the Navy until 1941 in the Fleischer short The Mighty Navy. Upon hearing of the evil deeds of the bandit Abu Hassan, Popeye, accompanied by Olive Oyl and J. Wellington Wimpy, flies to Arabia. Olive is kidnapped by Abu Hassan, who forces her to do the laundry for his Forty Thieves. Popeye sneaks into their hideout to rescue her, but finds himself outnumbered forty-one to one

Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor is a two-reel animated cartoon short subject in the Popeye Color Feature series, produced in Technicolor and released to theatres on November 27, 1936 by Paramount Pictures. It was produced by Max Fleischer for Fleischer Studios, Inc. and directed by Dave Fleischer, with the title song by Sammy Timberg. The voices of Popeye and J. Wellington Wimpy are performed by Jack Mercer, with additional voices by Mae Questel as Olive Oyl, and Gus Wickie as Sindbad the Sailor. In this short, Sindbad the Sailor (presumably Bluto playing a "role") proclaims himself, in song, to be the greatest sailor, adventurer and lover in the world and "the most remarkable, extraordinary fellow," a claim that is inadvertently challenged by Popeye as he innocently sings his usual song while sailing by within earshot of Sindbad's island with Olive Oyl and J. Wellington Wimpy on board. Sindbad orders his huge roc to kidnap Popeye's girlfriend, Olive Oyl, and wreck Popeye's ship, forcing him and Wimpy to swim to shore. Sinbad relishes making Olive his trophy wife, which is interrupted by Popeye's arrival. Sinbad then challenges the one-eyed sailor to a series of obstacles to prove his greatness, including fighting the roc, a two-headed giant named Boola (an apparent parody reference to The Three Stooges), and Sindbad himself. Popeye makes short work of the bird and the giant, but Sindbad almost gets the best of him until Popeye produces his can of spinach, which gives him the power to soundly defeat Sindbad and proclaim himself "the most remarkable, extraordinary fella."

A subtly dark running gag features the hamburger-loving Wimpy chasing after a duck on the island with a meat grinder, with the intention of grinding it up so that he can fry it into his favorite dish, but the duck not only escapes, but also snatches away Wimpy's last burger in retaliation when he gives up. Many of the scenes in this short feature make use of the Fleischer's "Steroptical Process", or "Setback Tabletop" process, which used modeled sets to create 3D backgrounds for the cartoon.

Stan and Kyle turn Cartman redheaded and pale after Cartman does a report on how dangerous redheaded children are, but the prank goes too far when Cartman leads the "gingers" to fight for their rights by any means necessary.

The children in Ms. Garrison's class are paired up to practice their parenting skills by taking care of eggs. Ms. Garrison realizes she still has feelings for Mr. Slave, who plans to marry Big Gay Al as soon as the Governor signs the same-sex marriage bill. Ms. Garrison, broken-hearted, tries to stop the gay-marriage bill from passing.

Butters fakes his own death so he can pose as a girl named Marjorine and steal a paper fortune-teller.

Jimmy starts getting erections and worries about performing in the school talent show, so he sets out to get rid of his erections by having sex with a woman.

The Freemans are adjusting to life in Woodcrest. Robert is invited to a ritzy garden party by tycoon Ed Wuncler, but is concerned that his grandsons will embarrass him in front of his new neighbors. At the party, Huey tries to enlighten the partygoers with the "truth" and Ed III dares Riley to shoot him with a shotgun.
Charlie Murphy and Ed Asner guest star.

Token becomes a singer while the boys try to run a talent agency and represent the City Wok owner's wife.

It's up to Cartman to save the day when hippies overrun South Park and no one listens to his warnings.

Mr. Garrison gets a sex change operation, but when he realizes he is incapable of having a period and that his boyfriend is dismayed of the sex change, he tracks down the doctor to change him back. Meanwhile, Kyle goes to a plastic surgeon to turn himself black so he can be a star basketball player - and his father has surgery to become a dolphin.

Cartman thinks that he has gained paranormal powers after getting in an accident, and abuses them to become a psychic detective for hire.


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