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This is a short video where I show you the two types that were described in the bible as the biblical "Tribute Penny" .

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CALIGULA 3 Sisters Sestertius DRUSILLA AGRIPPINA NGC Certified Roman Coin i54741
Caligula - Roman Emperor: 37-41 A.D.
Bronze Sestertius 33mm (24.69 grams) Mint of Rome, struck 37-38 A.D.
Reference: RIC 33; BMC 37; C 4
Certification: NGC Ancients Ch VF Strike: 5/5 Surface: 3/5 4277578-005
C CAESAR AVG GERMANICVS PON M TR POT, laureate head facing left.
AGRIPPINA / DRVSILLA / IVLIA / S C, the three sisters of Caligula standing facing, Agrippina holds a cornucopiae and rests on a column, resting her left hand on the shoulder of Drusilla, who holds a patera and a cornucopiae, Julia holds and rudder and a cornucopiae.
According to historians, Caligula may have had an incestuous relationship with his sisters. Historically significant coin portraying his three sisters. for the article to this video for my eBay Store. for more videos like this one for this original video.
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