The Federal Reserve Bank is using COVD-19 as an excuse to create another 6.2 Trillion dollars of US debt on the taxpayers. COVD-19 has conveniently been used to open the floodgates for the criminals. Then Trump is seen displaying a new product from Big Pharma to sell to us. Again who benefits, and how much of this shit are we going to take. This re-upload is from highimpactflix.

Amazing Polly explains that the voices who are creating the fear over the Coronavirus (Main Stream Media), are not to be trusted. She shows example of lying and some of their methods. In contrast she praises the Citizen Journalists with nothing to gain financially by working hard to deliver the truth to people. It is then pointed out how the pandemic exercise showed the importance of having one source for the information about the pandemic, the UN WHO Tedros Adhanom. This video is a re-upload by .

Dr. Anthony Fauci thinks the WHO director is a good guy, but the facts show otherwise. Amazing Polly tells of the circle of fraud and the connections they have with PEPFAR.

This mini documentary shows the history of Tedros Adhanom when he was Health Minister in Ethiopia. There were coverups, fraud and questionable practices. He was a member of a Marxist terror group. This man, with Dr. Anthony Fauci, are the people who are calling the shots in the Coronavirus response.

Experts said that 2.2 million Americans will die this flu season. Then the next day he adjusted his estimates drastically lower. This season is shaping up to be a better flu season than last flu season.

Financial expert Gregory Mannarino of Traders Choice, speaks with Spiro Skouras about he current social and financial crisis. This spirited exchange leads these experts to the conclusion that this crisis was done by design.

Yes the US government has done experiments that involve testing on unsuspecting citizens. The test that is explained here involves spraying a toxin from a military ship just off the coast of San Francisco California in 1950. Other tests have been done with other toxins on US citizens too. Most of these experiments have been revealed by Freedom of information requests.

The Federal Reserve said COVID-19 is a 'Planned Partial Shutdown of the US Economy', Pompao said COVID-19 is a 'Live Pandemic Exercise'. Several hundred CEO's sold their stock just ahead of the market crash. This video is a re-upload of HighImpactFliix .

New Weekly Updates-Geoengineering, COVID-19 and much More. This video is from March 21, 2020. Go to for much more.

The central banks have recently become obsessed with two things. As Zero Hedge points out, one of these objectives is climate change. The other, is blockchain technology and the digitization of currency.
But why would the global central banks suddenly be obsessed with climate change and blockchain? Shouldn’t they instead, be concerned with debt and insolvency? In this report, we take a peak behind the curtain, as we examine the connections between the United Nations, the central banks and their collaboration to usher in a new sustainable global financial system.
Instead of debating the science behind Climate Change, lets follow the money and see who stands to gain. As rich and powerful billionaires like the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Bill Gates and George Soros among many others, have all thrown their weight and money behind this global agenda which, if successful, will forever change the world as we know it. This is a re-Upload.

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As the lockdowns go into place and the military takes to the streets in country after country, the decades of preparation for medical martial law are finally paying off for the pandemic planners. Today on this emergency edition of The Corbett Report podcast, James lays out the steps that have led us to the brink of martial law and the steps that are being taken to implement it now. Please help to spread this important information and to raise awareness of the crisis that we are facing. This is a re-upload of a very important Warning.

This Re-Upload of Ryan Cristian of Last American Vagabond. The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.

We took a close look at Event 201, which was a pandemic exercise that simulated a coronavirus outbreak that killed 65 million people. The simulation took place shortly before the actual coronavirus out break occurred. This Re-Upload is by Spiro Skouras.

This video by Amazing Polly, lays out in detail the characters involved in the organization and control of the COVID-19 response. She shows the connections to NGO's as well as WTO and CDC heads. Many of these organizations have a nefarious past.

Just 103 days before the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Trump signed an executive order to modernize influenza vaccines in the United States to promote national security and public health. Also a discussion on Event 201 set up by policy makers a few weeks before the outbreak. Bill Gates and Microsoft announces its product, ID2020 implantable chip. High Impact Flix does a great job of explaining in this re-upload.

What has not been reported in western media, is the fact that multiple nations have not only questioned the source of the outbreak originating in the food market in Wuhan China, but whether it originated in China at all. In this bombshell interview, Spiro's guest is Ryan Christian from The Last American Vagabond. Spiro and Ryan discuss the scenario and supporting evidence that the virus may have originated in the United States.

This short video shows how the Coronavirus is the perfect fake (false flag) to usher in a new social order. Don't be fooled by the media, they are paid to say what the customer wants them to say.

James Corbett talks about the current Coronavirus panic, and reflects on his report of March, 2009 showing the laws that were adopted to deal with a pandemic. These laws, still in place, could force vaccinate or incarcerate people who refuse to vaccinate. A re-upload from

This very important video follows the money leading up to this crisis. That journey then leads to today's developments and the eventual endgame. These re-uploads of the excellent research by Spiro Skouras details our troubling future, and how our lives will likely change. Spiro is with and contributor on

Bill Gates funded companies and organizations got a big boost from the outbreak of the COVID-19. One company will supply test kits that will be sent to people within 2 days and you just swab your nose and send it back for testing. Also a new invisible ID tattoo that will detect if you are vaccinated. There will be more on this to come. This video is a re upload of Spiro Skouras of

This video is a clip from a Highwire report that introduces the theory that this virus effects might be from the SARS vaccine given to many in China. Those who had the vaccine and come in contact with COVID-19, have an extreme reaction, get sick and die. There body experiences what is known as a Cytokine Storm, immune system reaction. Reupload from

Poly reviews the details of not only the Event 201, but the conference in 2017 where pandemic preparedness was discussed. An excellent presentation showing the usual characters and the likelihood that COVID - 19 was a false flag setup. Video by Amazing Poly at

Age of Truth TV interviews Deborah Tavares regarding a variety of interesting current topics including a dark global agenda. This is an amazing EYE OPENING interview that will hold your interest throughout the 2 and 1/2 hours.

In China, after the COVID-19 started to be detected, a new app was made to track and identify people who have the virus. The app identifies them with a QR code showing either Green-Yellow-or Red condition. Yellow-you may have been exposed, Red - you have been or you have the virus. With yellow or red, you cannot travel anywhere. This video by Amazing Polly explains.

Spiro Skouras and Ryan on Last American Vagabond, discuss COVID-19 and how the response is set up to control all human activities. They cleverly cover many aspects of control, including currencies. This event was created (false Flag) to put in place an unprecedented police state/Technocracy. A very detailed discussion, well done.


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This channel will attempt to show video related to the entire insanity that we call our Society or System, whatever you call it. The level of deception in our world today is so vast that, do we really know what is real and what is make-believe. I try to take on the challenge of showing the deeper view into the lies, that we all are immersed into on a daily basis. As stated by ex CIA director William Casey "We'll know our disinformation mission is complete when everything the American public believes is false." We are here folks.