Truth In Your Face

A more believable audio track

I identify as an elephant.
I am transpecies. / trans species

I believe the lgbt community has gone so crazy that they are know going to create hate and homophobia, pushing the whole equality myth backwards. or could it be on purpose so that they dont lose any attention?

I have no issue with individuals who are LGBT, but when TRANS THINGS are pushing an ideology onto others by law, where we MUST use"MADE UP" words, then I will quite politely tell them to FUCK RIGHT OFF, and i will continue to expose them as MALFUNCTIONING HUMANS.

Mark Fuckenbird believes by giving fb your nudes, they will protect you from revenge porn.

People have lost the plot. FB already has an algorithm to prevent nudes appearing on their platforms..... so FB just is out to get to the next level of the amount of information they have of ours.

How Transgender are destroying the fundamental meaning of Equality.

A bit of fun to slap the elite right back in their face!

NASA LIES! The Very Best Proof of NASA's LIES!
Instead of debating whether we went to the moon or not, how about we first tackle the issue of the amount of lies that are being fed to us by Nasa!


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Truth In Your Face