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Dr. Hodkinson sharing what he has seen from the Freedom Convoy, being in Ottawa firsthand for 11 days.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson is Canada's mandate-free MD, and has been a staunch activist in the fight for our freedoms. Roger shares a powerful message, and a poem by a fellow freedom-loving physician.

Canadian pathologist, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, shares how the suppression of safe and effective early treatments could have prevented half a million deaths in the US. Expresses why he is "mad as hell" that doctors have been blocked from treating patients with safe drugs - a right which physicians have always traditionally held.

Dr. Joel Wallskog shares his testimony of developing transverse myelitis after receiving his COVID-19 vaccination.

Ernest Ramirez Sr. shares his testimony. His son, and best friend, Ernest Ramirez, Jr. passed of a heart issue 5 days after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Message from the father, Ernest: "Parents, protect your babies."

While Director of a COVID recovery unit, Abrien Aguirre spoke in private with doctors who admitted to seeing patients die immediately after receiving the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

Abrien Aguirre shares his firsthand experience working 9 months in a COVID recovery unit, and being pressured to bill "COVID" for unrelated medical issues.

Steve Kirsch shares how the pandemic could have been over a year ago with the help of an inexpensive drug that's safer than Tylenol.


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