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A 2020 documentary called 'We Need To Talk About AI' offers a sobering glimpse at where the world is headed in terms of frightening new technologies and artificial intelligence. The experts themselves are quite clear about the fact that these advancements in technology could mark the end of the human race... but they see nothing wrong with that. In fact, some of them are hoping for this eventuality. Christians want to know if this is something to be concerned about. What role does AI play in Bible prophecy?

In the Revelation, we read about 144,000 people who represent God's end time Church. Well, we do seem to be getting closer to the events described in the book of Revelation... so who are the 144,000? And WHERE are they? Our community has spent three decades looking, and it's been a bit disappointing, to be honest. We can hardly find ONE person who wants to "follow the Lamb wherever he goes". But more recently, we have started to consider that this supernatural coming together of God's people.. the Bride of Christ in Revelation... may happen in a radically different way. Watch this video to learn more!

People are becoming more aware of a looming threat to our world. Catastrophes such as climate change, pandemics, and abuses of power are already causing great suffering to millions of people. How do we get God's protection in these troubling times? And what can we do to prepare for even worse times, and the Great Tribulation spoken of in Bible prophecy. This video provides the answer... if you're willing to hear it.

The Sower is the third in a series of illustrated parables from the teachings of Jesus. From the parable of the sower, we learn how to inspire others. Faithfulness in preaching the gospel (in accord with Jesus’ teachings) will yield the fruits of the spirit in our hearts, whether or not we win a lot of converts.

Jesus said that praying in public (well, praying out loud in public) is for hypocrites. So why is almost every church doing it? Jesus taught us how to pray. He said that silent prayer or secret prayer is the preferred option. Perhaps some of the supposedly "powerful" prayers we hear about in the churches are not even being heard by God. This may sound shocking, but it is straight from the teachings in the Sermon on the Mount.

This video looks at the importance of secret giving. It also explores some possible exceptions to this command of Jesus; how helping the poor and needy can inspire others to give, and how it can be done more effectively when we work together in Christian community.

Some people spend their time bragging about giving to the poor. However, if we boast and brag about helping the poor, there are consequences.

What are these consequences? What does Jesus say about rewards? And how do we make sure we don't lose our spiritual treasures in heaven?

Most people know that money and happiness do not go hand in hand; yet two parables (found in Jesus' teachings), are used to teach that Jesus told us to make money… lots of it. Is the love of money really the root of all evil?

Jesus' Parables about the Kingdom of Heaven aren't always as clear as Jesus' teachings. Jesus himself needed to give interpretations of the parables to his disciples (in most cases), and sometimes he left it us to work out. We're going to look at two such parables now, in an effort to answer the question of how to enter heaven.

This video is part of a series looking at some of the more 'optional' teachings of Jesus.

Is it better to be married or single? Should Christians be celibate? What did Jesus say about sex and marriage?

This video dealing with celibacy takes a look at what both Jesus and the apostle Paul had to say about remaining celibate.

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Of all of Jesus' teachings, what's the most embarrassing teaching of Jesus? The teachings of Jesus Christ are controversial and challenging, and everyone encounters some degree of difficulty with the things he is quoted to have said in the Bible, and what Jesus told his followers to do.

Is Jesus wrong? Is the Bible true? Has what Jesus told his disciples been misinterpreted? This video looks at the most embarrassing teaching of Jesus Christ and our need to take Jesus seriously in the things that he said, especially when we have some initial reservations about doing them.

Note: Please watch the previous three videos in this series if you have not done so already.

The Most Hated of All Jesus' Teachings:

P.S. to The Most Hated of All Jesus' Teachings:

How to Live by Faith:

Many people are asking about the next step in learning how to live by faith. In this video, we'll look at the example of the first Christians, who took the meaning of "home church" to a whole new level. There's no better way to overcome hypocrisy in our lives than living together and sharing with others, like we read in the acts of the apostles.

This is video #5D in the Teachings of Jesus Series.

Questions about how to live by faith continue to pour in, and so once again, I've rushed to make a video to clarify 7 important points when it comes to following these words of Jesus. Christians and non-Christians alike are interested in alternative living, but for Christians, living simply or even living without money entirely should NOT be an excuse to be lazy.

Please watch this video carefully and prayerfully, and if you are interested in living this way.

This is a response to "The Most Hated of All Jesus' Teachings" (watch it here: After releasing that video, I received a flurry of emails asking questions about this teaching of Jesus; a teaching which is almost universally hated by those who claim to follow Jesus. In this video, I will provide answers to some of these questions.

Although the Church world pays lip service to Bible teachings about conflict resolution, working through disagreements is essential if we are going to call ourselves Christian.

If you want good relationships and strong relationships, don't gossip; instead have the courage and integrity to bring any grievances you may have to the individual(s) concerned.

John 3:16 from John's Gospel is almost universally regarded as the formula for how to inherit eternal life. However a deception in the Church has led people to consistently and almost universally misread this verse. Do you really believe in Jesus Christ? What, exactly, does that mean? This video may give you a whole new understanding, based on this most famous Bible verse, of what the conditions are for inheriting eternal life.

This video explores some shocking bible verses: Would you cut off your hand, or poke your eye out if it meant being saved from hell? Should we take Jesus literally when he says to cut off body parts if they cause us to sin?

This is video #6 in the Teachings of Jesus Series.

Many people pay lip service to a few of the teachings of Jesus, but the words of Jesus that I discuss here are universally hated by those who claim to follow Jesus. Yet this one teaching actually defines what is a Christian. Hatred for this teaching has spawned many false gospels, including the heretical "prosperity gospel”, which is the exact opposite of Jesus' teachings.

Jesus and Religion don't mix. Fake pastors have left out the Cornerstone, which is the teachings of Jesus. Jesus warned us about hypocritical religious leaders causing a problem with the church. So, if it's REAL Christianity you want, you better get serious about studying and acting on the words of Jesus Christ, the only perfect leader.

This is video #4 in the Teachings of Jesus Series.

The greatest commandment is not as easy as you may think! Clichés about love are everywhere; but where can we see love in action? For that matter, what is love? And what did Jesus teach about love? He said to show love for God and for others, but HOW do we do that? The rest of what he said teaches us HOW to love others. Watch this video to learn what genuine Christian love is, based on the much maligned teachings of Jesus.

You probably never heard this teaching of Jesus, even if you are a Christian. The false Jesus of the churches is, more than anything else, respectable. But what is respect? What did Jesus teach about it? Any attempt to resolve the problems with Christianity could do worse than starting with this most simple command of Jesus, which NOBODY is practicing.

The truth about Christianity today is that it bears almost no resemblance to the teachings of Jesus (the FOUNDER of Christianity!). The Christian religion has become just a system of man-made rules designed to keep the public serving the economic system, instead of working for God. How did this happen? How do we get back to true Christianity? Please take the next 10 minutes to hear something you almost certainly will not hear in any church.

This is video #1 in the Teachings of Jesus Series.


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This channel is about revealing truths that have been covered up by lies and distractions imposed by society. We don't need the things we are told we need. We need only one thing for spiritual survival, and that is the one thing that gets missed out. The builders have rejected the cornerstone, and it's time to put it back in place!