What a great man! He has lodged a crime against himself and the people of the UK for the death and damage the UK government ministers have performed on the public.

Some wannabe policeman in a yellow vest telling a "guest" of the LHR quarantine hotel he can't talk to someone outside the fence...what does that sound like to you?

Historic interview with Aaron Russo, where he exposes the illumiati. In this clip he talks about the secret cards they have.

From the Richie Allen radio show. Please watch and make sure your elderly friends and relatives don't take this vaccine!

UK shop owner, learning the power of not consenting to the police trickery!

I do not consent.
I do not stand under you.
I will not joinder with you.

Must watch...amazing. This top lawyer and a team of German lawyers are going after some of the architects of the plandemic! He's not messing around!

Great piece on the PCR (Covid) test from Spiro

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The China model is loved by the elites ushering in the NWO/4IR/Agenda 2030 etc. But it's gonna get a lot worse than this.

Spoiler....most of the time. Probably should test more!

From the UK Foreign Secretary himself...

Carl Heneghan, Oxford University Centre of Evidence Based Medicine says masks cause reinfection

UK MP Richard Drax is against the new coronavirus rules and says a "major rethink is needed" in the country's response. He says the new restrictions are "going to ruin million of people's lives"

People who test positive using a PCR test amplification cycle threshold above 35 are generally not infectious, yet NHS England documentation runs cycle thresholds to 45.

10 weeks and still testing positive...their game is falling apart!

They are stealing your, your friends, family, children, grandchildren's future right now...unless we stop them.


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Please watch these three videos:

Stanley Plotkin - Godfather of vaccines under oath:

Top epidemiologist explains why the current covid measures are the opposite of what we should be doing: -

Bill The Philanthropist (spoiler, he's not)

NHS consultant tells what's really going on in hospitals:

Please check out:
Both great sources of the truth.