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The "Forest: fire started like a big mushroom cloud, according to this fellow...
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(mirrored, The Vigilant Fox clip). Testifying in front of the Arizona State Legislature, Dr. @P_McCulloughMD presented three separate sources that concluded the same thing: hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their lives to the COVID vaccines.

• Pantazatos and Seligmann, based on US census and vaccine administration data, estimated 178,000 lives lost from the COVID-19 vaccines in 2021 alone.

• Skidmore and colleagues from Michigan State University concluded 278,000 Americans died in 2021 from the COVID shots.

• And Josh Stirling, a top financial analyst, has estimated the COVID-19 jabs are responsible for about 600,000 excess deaths per year.

“This is more than the Civil War,” stressed Dr. @P_McCulloughMD.

“This is a modern-day American tragedy that’s happening. People are being pitted with losing their job and losing their livelihood or losing their life with a vaccine — and no one’s apologizing for it.”

Dr. Peter McCullough (@P_McCulloughMD) is a world-renowned cardiologist and the Chief Scientific Officer at The Wellness Company (@twc_health).

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Source: Children's Health Defense:

Professor Bhakdi's urgent message presented at the WCH Better Way Conference June 2, 2023. Please watch, share and post.

The German Attorney General’s office continue their outrageous and nefarious ambition to imprison our respected friend and colleague Professor Dr Sucharit Bhakdi. They have appealed the court decision which declared him innocent of criminal charges of “hate crimes” for warning us about the covid-crimes-against-humanity and their resemblance to the wicked historic acts of the Nazi regime. However, he remains steadfast and continues acting out of love. He is warning us of the WHO's current moves to establish dictatorial powers, and the threat that poses to our genetic code and the future of our species. Here is his important 2 minute message delivered to a full house at the Better Way Conference this past weekend.


(mirrored, Bright Light News). (Bath, England) An unsettling message from Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, "The WHO is on the verge of procuring the right and power to genetically modify humans at will."

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(mirrored) Richard Vobes: "I called it frequency in the video, but fields is what I mean. How safe do you feel with WiFi router and mobile devices? How do we use modern technology without damaging our health?"

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Mirrored, Iron Will Report: "Not safe for Youtube (or Facebook)! In this exclusive interview with Dr. William Makis from the recent Reclaiming Canada Conference in Victoria organized by, Will speaks with Dr. Makis on his Substack where, in 2021, he started tracking the alarming increase in sudden deaths of doctors.
Since then, Dr. Makis has added nurses, paramedics, athletes, and tragically, children.
In this interview Dr. William Makis reveals the truth about ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’, the alarming increase in the rate of deaths despite the fact that only 13% of Canadians have taken a booster shot in the past six months, B.C.’s draconian Bill 36, hopeful treatments for the vaccine injured, and his work with The Wellness Company."

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Truth Provider says: These fires are not natural. I believe they were set intentionally. How? I suspect Directed Energy Weapons. Why? Because the many fires happened ALL AT ONCE. That's orchestrated at a military level.

(Mirrored, Greg Reese).
Source: Greg Reese:

Canada has been set on fire by the psychopaths.
They will declare a climate emergency and ban travel, force people out of rural areas, create 15 minute cities, etc.... it's bad. Canada is under attack.
Source: Al_Vachon @

The Canadian wildfires were set on purpose to cause further lock-downs and mask wearing.
Source of video: FrankTheTank1111 at:

Join Shawn Buckley and Rodney Palmer as they delve into the topic of media corruption and propaganda.

Source: National Citizens Inquiry of Canada (NCI).

(Mirrored, Rebel News): Did the Canadian government waive liability for COVID vaccine manufacturers, knowing full well that they were authorizing an unprecedented product that did not undergo rigorous safety testing?

Members of parliament in the House of Commons are asking to view the billions of dollars worth of contracts between the federal government and novel COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, but only those willing to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) are being permitted.

This secrecy leads many to wonder: what was in those contracts? Facing scrutiny, Liberal MP and parliamentary secretary for public services and procurement, Anthony Housefather, explained that waiving liability was the reason. “They didn’t do the type of testing that normally takes these drugs years to come to market. They did it all in less than a year,” he said.


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(mirrored, "Street Politics Canada" links below): About This Video: Responding to Trudeau’s ill-timed jabs, Pierre Polieviere publicly slammed Trudeau on a 22-year-old mystery that has yet to be resolved.
Despite frequent questions regarding Trudeau’s early days as a teacher, Trudeau’s story is as vague as it was in 2001 when differing accounts led to confusion over what really happened at West Point Grey Academy.







Source of this video and text: Street Politics Canada
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(mirrored, source link below). According to InfoWars, a student at West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver B.C. signed a $2.25 million dollar non-disclosure agreement to cover up a scandal involving current PM Justin Trudeau. As reported in January 2022, the intent was to bury details of a relationship Mr. Trudeau had with a student while employed as a teacher at the academy in 1999-2000.

“Terms of the agreement prevent both accused, Justin Trudeau, and the accuser from acknowledging any aspect of the relationship without triggering a 6 to 7 figure liquidated damage clause.”

According to InfoWars, penalties begin at $500,000 dollars and scale up depending on magnitude of the breach. As stated in the reported, the “accuser is much younger than originally thought.”

The age of sexual consent is consistent across Canada, and does not vary between provinces. 16 years is the minimum age that a person can legally consent to participate in sexual acts.

For purposes of context, CAP are obliged to mention the degree of controversy surrounding the InfoWars. Founded in 1999 by media figure Alex Jones, the organization has been hounded throughout its history by accusations from mainstream media of perpetuating fake news. Accused of misuse from major social media sites, the media group has been intermittently banned for violating terms of service.

All the while, rumours regarding Trudeau’s dismissal from West Point Grey Academy have persisted. As published by Canada’s True North News in October 2019, “Justin Trudeau’s campaign is not answering questions about the nature of the Prime Minister’s relationship with a high school student during his time as a teacher in Vancouver.”

“True North has been asking questions of the Liberal campaign about a message in the 2001 West Point Grey Academy (WPGA) yearbook that may suggest a relationship outside the classroom between Justin Trudeau, his former roommate and convicted sex offender Christopher Ingvaldson, and a female Grade 12 student at the school.”

In 2010, Ingvaldson was charged with four counts of possessing and distributing child pornography.

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(mirrored from The Vigilant Fox). Elon Musk: “If those doing the money exchange or running the money system can stop people who disagree with them politically, that’s a huge problem,” Musk expressed.

“So that happened in Canada with the trucker strike where people were basically financially ostracized from society for just being in a peaceful strike,” he continued.

“So that’s your freedom of information ... money is a form of information.”

-- Vigilant Fox:


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“We don’t benefit from the WHO at all,” expressed Dr. @P_McCulloughMD. “Trump had the right instincts ... We should pull out.”
“And if we pull out,” he continued, “we’re not going to be subject to any of their treaties or any of their stated aspirations for dominion.”
“I don’t intend to follow anything the WHO would say with respect to an action. The WHO would not have any role in telling me what to do as a doctor.”
And Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson:

Apr 25, 2023. “The Digital Green Certificate, the COVID pass, that was a test balloon to get people to [have] to produce some kind of a QR code, just getting people used to that. Now, what they’re slamming us with is these 15-minute cities. Make no mistake. It’s not about your convenience,” argues Christine Anderson. She’s a member of the European Parliament, representing the Alternative for Germany Party.

Anderson was one of the European Parliament’s most vocal critics of COVID-19 policies in Europe, Canada, and beyond.

Western democracies are gradually moving toward digital tyranny, she argues. The next step? Climate lockdowns.

“Once we end up in a totalitarian regime and it’s fully blown, given the technological means they have at their disposal today, we’re not talking about 30 years of GDR [German Democratic Republic], 40 years of GDR. We’re not talking about 70 years of the Soviet Union. We’re talking about a very, very long time. That’s what you should fear,” Anderson says.

In the 1920s and 1930s, “Germany was a highly developed society, I mean, lots of smart people, well-educated people, but it was possible for this society to turn evil to an extent that is unimaginable …We always get asked: ‘How was that even possible?’ Well, take a look at the last three years, and you have your answer,” Anderson argues.

“We just need to be clear on one thing: each and every one of us is capable of inflicting the most horrible atrocities on our fellow mankind, given the right circumstances. But if you are not aware of the fact that yes, you are able to do the same thing, then you have no mechanism to fight it,” Anderson says.

Source: American Thought Leaders:


(Mirrored, The Vigilant Fox, links below). Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents. “This is a mystery novel in which the question is, how do we stop women from having healthy babies? That’s the story of the Pfizer documents.”

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Discover what Pfizer & the FDA wanted to hide for 75 years:

Unlimited supplements & telehealth visits w/ The Wellness Company for $199/month:

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"What we are hearing from Washington is that there is a big concern that because there is no 'approved diagnostic test' for any of these situations there is a deep concern about disability from someone that has post-COVID or post-vaccine issues"

Source: "Ask Dr. Drew" & Chief Nerd:

(mirrored, links below). “If you have to show unique digital ID before you can do anything ... then that means that the person controlling that database, if they want to set a condition like you have to be up to date with your vaccines, then they effectively forced you to roll your sleeve up,” warned Dr. Mike Yeadon.

“Imagine if they manage to persuade most people that this is essential for their safety. There’s no way you could ever remove that system,” he continued.

“They need you to have it, but you don’t need it,” Dr. Yeadon concluded. “You clearly don’t need a digital ID to lead a peaceful, successful, healthy life. And the evidence for that is all of your life to date.”

Watch the full episode with doctors Mike Yeadon and Jessica Rose on #CHDTV:

This video / text is mirrored from The Vigilant Fox:

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Discover what Pfizer & the FDA wanted to hide for 75 years:

Unlimited supplements & telehealth visits w/ The Wellness Company for $199/month:

C19 Vaccine Adverse Event Recovery:

Take measures against shedding and the harms of spike protein with The Wellness Company's spike support formula:

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(mirrored from Greg Hunter’s World renowned CV19 critical care and pulmonary expert Dr. Pierre Kory is now running a full-time CV19 vaccine injury practice. With more than 675 million CV19 bioweapon/vax injections in America alone, he has a lifetime of work ahead of him. Kory says, “We live in a country where there is a humanitarian crisis unfolding, and it’s being kept a secret. . . . Most of society is just humming along thinking vaccines are ‘safe and effective,’ and they don’t understand that these vaccines were a humanitarian catastrophe. It really affected the health and the survival of us as a country. In a two-year period, the average life expectancy of Americans went from 79 years old to 76 years old. Who has to die to produce that kind of reduction? It’s not 80-year-olds who are dying. It’s young people dying that drives such a change in our average life expectancy.”

Dr. Kory says this is no small medical mistake that produces this sort of “unfolding humanitarian catastrophe.” Dr. Kory is out with a new book called “The War on Ivermectin.” Dr. Kory contends it was not only a war on Ivermectin but a war on doctors who wanted to use it. Dr. Kory says, “They have the tools to punish you locally, regionally and, in my case, on the national level. It really was a war on good doctors.”

^ To read the complete article (above), please go to:

Source: Greg Hunter's USAWatchDog at:

(mirrored, These crazy arch-criminals are serious! If anyone thinks that some of us have over-reacted, by risking everything we have, and working around the clock, fighting a perceived war that threatens all of us and future generations; here is 2 minutes in 2016 from Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum, the puppet master of Trudeau, Freeland and many like them, and the architect of "The Great Reset" that they are currently imposing globally. These people are crazy but also very rich and serious!

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