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(mirrored from "WCHSouthAfrica" - link below). WHO's #GlobalPowerGrab is a must watch two-part film featuring almost 100 health freedom advocates and multiple politicians speaking out about the WHO-facilitated corporate power grab. This powerful public interest film was created, compiled and launched in South Africa in 2024, ahead of WHO's World Health Assembly 77 in May.

This informative and empowering film - which includes excerpts from news, interviews and conferences - highlights:
- What is the WHO? Who funds it, where are the hidden conflicts of interests?
- Who is its director-general Tedros? How did he come to power, despite his controversial history and protests?
- Understanding the WHO's Power Grab through constantly changing but legally binding IHR 2005 amendments + a proposed new pandemic treaty
- How does this power grab connect to the New World Order and the agenda to erode democracy through global governance?
- How are a growing number of politicians responding internationally? Is this an elections, voting and boycott issue?
- What about the role of mainstream media and factcheckers in censorship, misinformation and disinformation?
- How can We The People resist this global corporate coup? What actions can we take nationally and internationally?

Review 1, Age 18: "If I didn't know anything about the WHO-lead power grab, this film would bring me up to speed quickly and help me realise why we must resist in every country, and exit the WHO in 2024."

Review 2, age 67: "WHO's demand for unfettered power (behind secret doors) through organized tyranny must be challenged. It will override every country's health laws and systems through a one world order which will become legally binding, eroding every human being's personal freedom through oppression, mass surveillance, enslavement, and totalitarianism. If not challenged, this will be the order of the day and a dystopian future awaits all of us. Fascism comes to mind, which is rooted in the unfettered demand to be subjugated by corporations. A most frightening thought, unless we stand up collectively to rally against it. Wake up!"


(mirrored, links below)
'The Control Group' Stats - Vaccinated / Unvaccinated
60% / 5.71% - Chronic Conditions
16.67% / 0% - Arthritis
48% / 0% - Heart Disease
10% / 0% - Diabetes
7.7% / 0% - Asthma
2.5% / 0% - Autism
9.4% / 0.47% - ADHD
6.0% / 0% - Cancer

Full info here:

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Robert Redfield, the former director of the CDC admits Covid shots caused ‘significant side effects’ among young healthy people. He also admitted that the vaccine wasn’t really “necessary” for people under 50. The propagandists are now using a Limited Hangout dribbling of the truth coming out. No Amnesty.


Mirrored from Wide Awake Media @wideawake_media
American stand-up comedian, Jimmy Dore: "I took the Moderna vaccine, I got vaccine injured... When I looked into it, I found out we were being lied to about everything."

"They lied about masks, they lied about herd immunity, they lied about natural immunity, they lied about transmission, they lied about contraction. There wasn't a thing they didn't lie about."

"That's why they told you 'please don't do your own research'. Because if you did, you'd find out that this was a big scam, and everybody was lying to you about it from start to finish."
Credit: @jimmy_dore
and @thecoastguy

Mirrored from: Double Down News @DoubleDownNews
BREAKING: International Criminal Court seeks arrest warrants for Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant for Gaza war crimes. ICC also seeks arrest warrants for leaders of Hamas.

Reminder - MasterCard and the United Nations have joined forces to produce a credit card that measures your carbon footprint.. once you reach your limit you can no longer purchase.

(Mirrored, link below) Naomi Wolf: "Shedding is defined in the Pfizer documents as skin contact or inhalation as whatever is in semen of vaccinated men that they're not very clear about. And anecdotally there's so many people who get sick when they've been around vaccinated people and women have like menstrual type problems around vaccinated women and so Pfizer said shedding is real. You know, we're called crazy for bringing up this question, but Pfizer defined shedding in a certain way, so it is real and it does appear to be attack, an attack on all human life."


Mirrored, Alex Jones: Dr. James Thorp and Alex Jones: "As of last September there have been 585 million global citizens that have been killed or injured (by the Covid vaccine) and that data is directly from and from doctor Denis Rancourt and from my analytics, Pfizer's own data with an injured to kill ratio of 33.4. So for every death multiplied times...It makes the atomic weapons look like child's play."
Denis Rancourt website;

Mirrored from: Steven Miller, MD, PhD @SageListener
MUST-SEE— #Pfizer and #AstraZeneca: Bribing Doctors, Regulators, and Media in Britain

Uncover the extensive corruption infiltrating every sector. This revelation is a must-watch!
#vaccine #covid


Mirrored from: NZ and the MRNA @HopeRising19
Last week Astra Zeneca withdrew their Covid vaccine Vaxevria, from the global market.
We were told it was because it was an "outdated product".
Just prior to its withdrawal the European Medicine's Agency received the data from the 2 year follow up Astra Zeneca safety and efficacy trial.
The results are truly EYE WATERING and I discuss them here

NB a little background noise sorry, and a few stutters towards the end as there was distraction in the caravan!
(trial link in comments below)

trial link>

(mirrored from: Martin Lukacs on X @Martin_Lukacs)
The landlord class has never had it so good, but you wouldn’t know that from Canada's media—whose sob stories about “mom-and-pop landlords” cover up the exploitation of the housing market.

We made a @thebreachmedia
video to explain the media's formula. See:


(mirrored, link below) Dr. McCullough Issues Huge Warning: “They’re Going to Create a FOOD SHORTAGE” With Bird Flu Scare. How? Dr. McCullough says, “They are doing mass PCR testing of animals, creating this artificial crisis, and then mass culling or destruction of poultry.”

What’s worrying is that Michigan is giving into the fear and declaring a “Bird Flu emergency.”

“We have incredible evidence that it’s gain-of-function research again being done in US laboratories.”

“The bird flu scare, which it is Disease X, the Global Vaccine Alliance says it is Disease X — that this is going to create food insecurity as the driver of fear going into the election cycle.”


(mirrored, link below) Jeffrey Tucker cuts to the chase on the WHO Pandemic Treaty shenanigans. The fundamental goal of the Treaty is to bind all nations to this lockdown till vaccinate plan. Complete with track and trace, the use of AI and digital passports.

That has not changed.

According to his team of experts the constantly changing text only serves to hide the ‘bad stuff’. 😳

‘The answer to this Treaty is reject it!’

Full video:

(Mirrored from "Contrarian" on X): Trudeau and his media have started the 24/7 PSYOPS and the key word is “Wild Fires”🔥 Trudeau’s “needs” wildfires and the more the better for his polls.
Why?🤔👇🏻 The guy at the end spills the beans.🫘


(mirrored, links below) Annette Bosworth, M.D. (Dr. Boz) on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial where she emphasized how they were playing games to have a bias towards the favorability of Covid-19 vaccination...


Mirrored from Tajana TruthSeeker -- link below. May 16, 2024. "My thoughts on captain tampon."
Source: Tajana TruthSeeker @TruthSeek01011 on X:

Is it ridiculous that this is still happening in Canada?

Source: Canada Proud at:

(source link below). Somehow I think this TV show "The Windsors" is more true than we are led to believe. Did the producers know something about Charles that we didn't? I think the latest portrait painting of King Charles looking satanic says it all.
Source of video:

Mayer Amschel Rothschild sent his sons to major countries to establish central banks that would fund Kings and governments. They used this leverage funding both sides of war and creating debt to enslave the nations.

(mirrored, link below). May 15, 2024. At 4.50pm this afternoon, and with only token opposition from the Liberals & Nationals the Digital ID Bill was passed by the Parliament.

A sad day for Australia, as the nation marches further down the road towards a totalitarian society.

And never forget tricks used to stifle debate and public discussion.

Contrary to precedent, the spirit of the Constitution and Westminster tradition, Labor introduced the Digital ID in the Senate (the House of review) instead of the House of Representatives.

Then they guillotined debate in the Senate.

And in House of Representatives, Labor shifted debate to the Federation Chamber where the Liberals put up token resistance with only one Liberal MP and two National MP’s bothering to speak on the Bill - and they didn’t even try any amendments to protect privacy or to try and safeguard against it being made compulsory .

Thank you for everyone that fought - we won’t give up. If ONE NATION can win enough seats at the next election we will repeal this bill.


(mirrored from Andrew Bridgen MP on X @ABridgen ) Video from May 16, 2024.
“Dr Patterson stated that he only ever saw five cases of myocarditis every year until 2021 when the jabs were rolled out, he saw a 500% increase in myocarditis.”
I asked @PennyMordaunt today for a statement on the concerns of Channel Island Doctors and the total absence of recourse for vaccine injured Channel Islanders, who are excluded from the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme.
It follows a letter written to the General Medical Council (@GMCUK ) by a cardiologist on Guernsey who has noticed a 500% increase in myocarditis since the roll out of the jabs.

Source video link:

(mirrored, link below) This speech was made on January 23, 2024.
Recently, Slovakia's Prime Minister made headlines around the world by saying he would criminally investigate his government's COVID response and the corrupt policies that killed his countrymen.

He was just shot multiple times and is now in the hospital. Pray for his survival.


"Under no circumstances must we surrender our sovereignty... No pandemic treaty is better than a bad pandemic treaty."

British MP Suella Braverman on the WHO Pandemic Agreement: "I am profoundly skeptical of the WHO's ability to manage a global pandemic, in light of serious errors of judgement, poor leadership, and well-chronicled conflicts of interests."

"In the heat of an emergency... there will be irresistible pressure that mounts on a government to make decisions which may well turn out to be wholly harmful and wrong ones for the good of the country."


"As Prime Minister of Slovakia, I can tell you that we are going to look into these politicians and their meaningless purchases of medical devices and vaccines."
"Slovakia REJECTS the WHO’s pandemic treaty!"



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