Oy vey! Middle East wars are about about oil goyim!

Shalom Goyim, Mr. Shlomo Shekelbergstein works for the ADL and is an expert on antisemitism. Today he will explain you the differences between free speech and hate speech and why you've been kicked out of youtube and are currently on bitchute.

Ethnic Nationalism For The Jew = Judaism
Ethnic Nationalism For The Goy = Racism/Bigotry


White Nationalist group "Patriot Front" marches in Washington DC (February 2020)

Tribute to the French Yellow Vests movement which kickstarted the European resistance against the Kike Jew World Order.

Dirty Kabbalist Jew rabbi Michael Laitman explains why Europe must be destroyed so the Goyim learn not to "hate the stranger".

Unite the Right white nationalist rally at the University of Virginia August 11, 2017. The Juden had a heart attack following this event and started an intense crackdown on all non-kosher material on mainstream social media sites.

Original video on Jewtube reached 7 million+ views with a 95%+ positive rating before the Juden took it down.

Alex Jonestein Shekel Shoah earning his daily bread by shilling for his (((masters))).


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