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Synchronicity rules. Dr Buttar walks in a restaurant and bumps into Dr Bryan Ardis and Dr Lee Merrit. Three musketeers on poisons, parasites and EMF. Enjoy!


Trees & birds under fire.

1981 clip about the plans for a NWO, from "Early Warning"
Watch the full movie here:

compilatie van fragmenten uit de media.

German blood test of 8 persons. Vaxxed and unvaxxed. Video in German language.

De waarheid van de giftige pr|kken - Huisarts uit Horst spreekt in de raadsvergadering tot de gemeenteraad van Horst.

Blood Analysis of the Unvaxxed - After Contact with the Vaxxinated

excerpt from
Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P
Episode 67 - Oct 21 2021

In the episode about Secret Societies (season 1, ep. 5) Jesse Ventura meets a doctor that foresees a 'great culling' of the world population, coming through vaccinations. It will kill many and steralize the rest.

From the Japanese movie Vexille (2007)

Contents of a Pfizer vaccine examined under a microscope, using 2000x magnification.

Stand & Deliver
music video (4'44")

Eric Clapton
written by Van Morrison (2020)

Diego Contreras & Dave Ramirez
Placebo - Rob The Bank (2013)


Fragment from documentary "Cold Case Hammarskjöld" (premiered in January 2019)

SAIMR :A secret Organisation that was a South Africa based and designed to destabilise African Countries.
With own laboraties to develop vaccines that could kill.

With the news spreading that the corona vaccine leads to "false" positives, it makes you wonder about what it al contains.
Origineel van Wireless Dangers Australia

His channel was deleted from youtube

Documentary about the mind control of television


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