His channel was deleted from youtube

Documentary about the mind control of television

predictive programming from 2007

Series: The Dead Zone
Season 2, episode 6 (2014)

The whole scenario sounds very familiar. Chloroquine as healing.

Zendmast installateurs melden gezondheidsklachten.

Vrouw beticht boa's en woordvoerder van NSB-praktijken bij sluiting supermarkt: ‘Dit kan echt niet’

Is there a frequency that can be broadcasted via mobile phone masts?
There is research that shows that certain frequencies can shut down our immune system.
An Italian doctor explains it.

Impressive from one so young! Meet Laura Jayne. Aged 21

"The more fearful you are, the easier you are to be controlled and manipulated"

Documentary from 2013

De 'pandemie' psyop voor totalitaire controle | Sven Hulleman in gesprek met Karel van Wolferen
Compendium Pandemonium #2

De olifant in de ruimte wordt niet met name genoemd. De vrijmetselaars en Jezuïeten blijven buiten schot. Voor de rest zeer waardevol!

Deleted from youtube

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Brigadier General Robert S. Spalding, former US Air Force, retired about the threat of 5G.
Taken from youtube channel Valuetainment:

Vodafone boss integral video with added visuals.
Mirror from Think about it!


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