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George Orwell has been considered by many as a modern-day prophet for the predictions he made about the coming dystopian state in his infamous book titled “1984.” Although it is fiction, this book details a world under a totalitarian government. One of the most prominent details in the book is the overwhelming surveillance state known as “Big Brother” that rules over the people. As a matter of fact, the term Big Brother was originally coined in this story. This fictional story has had a major impact and rings true today. We are beginning to see it unveiled in front of our very eyes as we are constantly being watched by our governments more and more.

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Did Iran really attack a U.S. oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman or was this another false flag event propped up to push for war with Iran, just like the Gulf of Tonkin and Vietnam? The crew of the oil tanker was rescued by Iran and the crew members thanked Iran for saving them, yet our leaders say Iran attacked the tankers?

Released in 2003, this document from 1965 lays out the plan to try and run programs with the specific purpose of controlling the weather. Take this information and look at it for yourself.

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Agenda 21:

Here is just a brief look at the news headlines and some of the weird stuff surrounding this event. There appears to be a strange amount of Zionist connections and there are too many things that can't be a coincidence, such as the Mossad spy rings and the fact the shooter was in Israel and other Muslim countries prior to the attack. There also yet again seems to be a big push for gun control and the censorship is starting to get unreal. And Yes...this was deleted by YouTube a few months back

Along with many other bizarre anomalies with NASA's space footage, water bubbles have been seen repeatedly floating about during the spacewalks. Obviously this is really strange because there isn't supposed to be water in space. A few years ago, an Actornaut named Luca Parmitano nearly drowned while on a "spacewalk." However, it is clear that he along with other actornauts were not in space, but instead are most likely doing spacewalks underwater and using layers of special effects over it (which explains some of the green screen glitch anomalies).

Most of the U.S. presidents are related through royal blood including our current president Donald Trump. Years ago, this royal connection was uncovered, yet many still don't know that the elections are just shams and presidents are nothing but puppets.

Many claim that the towers on 9/11 collapsed primarily due to intense heat from the fires. However, many eyewitnesses including people on the news spoke about how there had to be explosives or bombs in the towers.

NASA has admitted on multiple occasions that the original Moon Landing technology and telemetry data along with the original footage has been "lost" or erased. NASA spent 30 Billion tax payer dollars going to the Moon and lost the footage and technology? Right......

YouTube is now cracking down on conspiracy videos even harder than before and you have to wonder why. If conspiracies are so stupid and so easy to debunk, then why make an extreme effort to censor conspiracies? Why not just debunk them? Why not let people have the freedom to speak like "You"Tube supposedly promotes and why shut it down?

We are led to believe that NASA went to the Moon 6 times during the span of 3 years ranging from 1969 to 1972. When looking at the evidence and listening to the astronauts, it is obvious that NASA never even made it close to the Moon. The amount of blunders and fakery surrounding the Moon Landings is one of the most obvious deceptions that has duped the public.

What is Fluoride? Is it safe, healthy, beneficial, or was it even created to help with teeth in the first place? There is a lot we have not been told about Fluoride but the truth is that it is a harmful chemical that has been recognized as poison by many governments. Why else do you think the back of your toothpaste bottle says to call "poison control" if swallowed?


All the major religions stem from a central source when looking deeply into the origins. Many ancient cultures acknowledged the magic mushroom and more specifically the amanita muscaria mushroom. Many religions were based off of these entheogens (En-Theo-Gen : Generate the God Within) and literal stories were presented over them to blind the population. I took the last half of my documentary "The Truth About Christianity" and I added some music and made it enjoyable. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, the festive celebration of the anointed sacred substance (magic mushroom).

All of the experiments presented prove not only that the earth is a level plane but also that it is motionless as well. No successful, repeatable experiment in history has ever been able to prove the fallacious theory of heliocentrism or the globular earth. Rather, there have been successful, repeatable experiments conducted that prove that the earth is flat and motionless. Take this useful information and share it with everyone and keep spreading truth.

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This goes through who really controls America and the slave-state of the corporation. The Secret Societies that run the country with Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and the Illuminati along the Banking System with the Federal Reserve. The Brainwashing of our society into complete compliance to work in the machine of government.

Part 1: Presidential Bloodlines
Part 2: Secret Societies
Part 3: The Banking System and the Federal Reserve
Part 4: False-Flags
Part 5: Brainwashing
Part 6: Slave Jobs and Corporations
Part 7: The One World Order of Zion

The Sun and Moon are both heavenly bodies of light that follow their own unique paths across the sky. These luminaries can be observed now as they have been seen for thousands of years to travel above us emitting their own light to the world. However, the Masonic experts at NASA have convinced us that it is not these magnificent luminaries revolving above us as they appear, but instead, it is us revolving around the Sun. They also tell us that the Moon is not producing its own light, but rather it is a big spherical rock and nothing more than a reflector of the Sun’s light. The Sun and Moon are both equal yet opposite luminaries with one ruling the day and one ruling the night.

10 years ago, the late Rik Clay was interviewed by Red Ice Creations and spoke of the numerology of 11 and a possible false- flag event at the Zion Olympics in 2012. I only recently discovered Rik's work and thought it was interesting. I don't know why I made this video other than to dedicate it to Rik and to remember him.

Full Rik Clay Interview:

Joe Rogan has stated on his podcast that he was going to have on Eric Dubay to debate Neil deGrasse Tyson on Flat Earth. Months have gone by and Eric has not been contacted by Joe or Neil at all regarding the debate. Joe even removed the debate from his website schedule. Of course, Neil is just an actor who would get destroyed by Eric in a debate and Joe sold out a long time ago. Joe was once an strong advocate for the Moon landing hoax, but after getting his "Joe Rogan Questions Everything" TV show, he made a 180 degree flip and now says that NASA went to the Moon. Joe chooses to have on shills and people against Eric Dubay and continues to mock people like his friend Eddie Bravo for questioning things.

For thousands of years, ancient cultures everywhere knew the earth was a flat, motionless plane in the center of the universe based off the observations of the true world around them. For instance, the stars of the heavens appear to be revolving above our heads and water is always flat, so the oceans must be flat, and the stars must revolve around us like our God-given senses indicate. Our ancestors observed the world and based their conclusions off what they were seeing, but then something changed.

Psychopaths began to gain power and control over science and changed our reality from observing the world through the scientific method to a faith-based religion entirely dependent on the system. Through brainwashing institutions like School, subjecting innocent children to blindly accept fallacies as truth, through televisions and TV programming showing Freemasons landing on the moon, these powerful psychopaths with bloodlines handed down through the ages have removed mankind from the center of the universe disregarding our own human senses as the true reality of the world we live upon. They have removed God from the picture, placing humans as the accidental coincidence and product of evolution from monkeys with no purpose in our lives, disconnecting us from our divine origins of intelligent design.

We are convinced through lying manipulators that our ancestors were stupid and just didn’t know what we know today. The truth is however, we create the very realities of our human existence. The Earth is flat. We have been lied to and we have been enslaved. From birth we are taught to mock and ridicule the very idea of earth being the flat center of our universe like our eyes clearly show us, but instead take the gospel of Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye as the ultimate truth that we are meaningless apes created by accident. I beg to differ. I was once a believer in the heliocentric ball-earth religion, but then I was ridiculed for questioning it just as many others have been. Slaves think they’re smart because they take the word of liars who clearly manipulate them. The fact of the matter is however, real science supports the flat, motionless earth while false, unprovable pseudo-science has enslaved humanity on a ball. There are many scientific proofs of the flat earth.

NASA is nothing more than science fiction to keep you on a spinning ball earth. All pictures of earth are fake CGI photoshops. All pictures of planets are fake CGI photoshops. The ISS space walks are all filmed underwater and are not filmed in space. Outer Space is science fiction and is a Masonic Lie.

The Rothschilds are one of the wealthiest banking families in the world. Their net worth is estimated from $350 billion to $2 trillion and they own every nation’s central bank in the world except for four: North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and Syria. This royal family has been in banking for hundreds of years. The family’s power goes back to times when they weren’t even known as the Rothschilds but instead were named as the Bauer family. Mayer Amschel Bauer was a Jewish German banker who opened his first bank in Frankfurt, Germany. His son, Nathan, established the London bank while his other son, Jakob, established the Paris bank in 1811. Soon, the Bauer family changed their name to Rothschild. The name Rothschild means “red shield” which could possibly be related to the Rosicrucian Order. The Rothschild dynasty began to gain power and wealth across the world.

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The Nature of all liquids is to remain flat and level. Earth is 70% water. Therefore, 70% of the globe earth argument is destroyed. If water wasn't level, why would construction workers use leveling sticks with water in them? Water never bends or forms to the exterior of any shape but instead is level held inside a container. Water is level whether from a bucket, to a bathtub, to a pool, or to an ocean. Water never curves anywhere in nature. Trust your God given senses. This is another song I put together for fun which you can find on SoundCloud.

Basically a compilation of news clips that say the exact same thing. Some of it I think can be used for brainwashing through repetition, like repeating the same thing over and over again until people fully believe it. I also think some of the clips are being used to show how gullible we are and how they (Jews) can give us the same garbage and we don't even realize it. BTW, 96% of the media is owned and controlled by Zionist Jews:

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Just another song I put together. Feel free to use wherever and whenever. Earth is pear-shaped according to the wacky ball earth prophet Neil Degrasse Tyson which contradicts NASA's photoshopped images of the fake ball earth.


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