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Transpocalypse Now

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Priests of the Goddess

And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.

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Transpocalypse Now

Transpocalypse Now

Transpocalypse Now

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Transpocalypse Now

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Transpocalypse Now

Transpocalypse Now


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This is a continuation of the MrsAnonymous channel, both archive/mirror channels. Transpocalypse Now was taken down on Dec. 10th 19.

Some of the old videos become inactive, which is a terrible thing. Just discovered that the inactive videos can't even be downloaded from Bitchute. Got the message, "the link doesn't contain a video"! Thankfully, there are other archives who often have them, but I did not expect this problem. That the videos might suddenly delete themselves, if it's not Bitchute who does it.

The Masonic takeover of society has produced masonic people, signs, symbols and memorials. MTF=Male to Female, FTM=Female to Male, where many babies probably have been given names and hormones of the opposite gender.

Important signs are the One Eye Symbol, where one eye is covered or hidden. The Baphomet sign, with two fingers pointing upwards (known as the V-sign). Shows a person with two poles, or genders. The same with the predator bird with two heads, shows a split or double identity. The 666-sign, where thumb meets index finger.
Black and white checkerboard floor, diamond-shaped. Greek buildings, built like the old Greek temples. Androgyny, hermaphrodites (Hermes + Aphrodite)

We see truthers claim that the Bible is corrupted, and in the next minute they'll talk about the 666-sign, demons, satanism and so on. Ideas that they have from the Bible, from both the Old and the New testament. Clearly something is wrong with the logic of these truthers. What do they have to talk about without the Bible?

Someone on youtube wrote: "Puberty blockers stunt more than just the pubertal growth. Hence trans genders never grow up whether physically or mentally. They are just like Narcissists who's mental or emotional growth never grows above that of a child. They act like children and always will have childish needs."

Now what? How is the state of the world? Maybe a large percentage get their children from labs. If so, the labs might disappear in the process where they loose their kingdom. Then, no Great flood will be necessary to eradicate them, as they all are sterilized/transgendered. It's possible that there will be cities with no children, like in the story about the Rattenfanger von Hameln.
A suitable revenge, since they took the children from many normal humans?
Another possibility is that the change will take centuries, since it took them centuries to build their kingdom.
Or, that war will break out if there are enough normal humans left, to go to war.
Maybe they will release worse plagues then the Corona, desperately trying to reinstate the equilibrium and kill off their enemies.
If so, the world population could be reduced from real, medieval plagues.
It looks like there are several scenarios where the world population will be reduced, but it might take longer time than I think.
Or I'm just a silly old twat, lead astray by conspiracy theories from youtube :-P

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