To cover up the bioweapons mass genocide event and collapse of currency on the horizon the political class has attempted to spark a race war to cover themselves so we are distracted and go after each other. We all need to pray that the families of the dead and the 18 children in intensive care tonight sue MSNBC out of existence like the fradulant anti-second-amendment families of SANDY HOOK. SUE MSNBC TO DUST! This bitch is ready to sacrifice more children for her selfish life, the vaccine and abortion industry isn't enough for these monsters.

Immune System Functions Are Dropping Around 5% EACH WEEK in the vaccinated.

CDC recommends anyone who is immune compromised go get another kill shot.
It's the "vaccine" that's destroyed peoples' immune systems. This is why the media is claiming "the worst flu ever,"
after the flu was eliminated last year by the CDC to pump up case numbers for their convid plandemic.
How gullible and unconscious does one have to be to take a 4th shot without questioning if this is necessary and worth the risks.

If people knew the truth about this world,
that there is a God, that there is an afterlife,
that this life is but a short bleep in the grand scheme
of the universe, eternity, and the soul.
People would stop showing up to work,
they’d stop tolerating evil,
they’d stop bending over to tyrants,
they’d stop rushing out to get a vaccine
but they'd make peace with their souls
and live a life of TRUE FREEDOM.


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