Tuesday, a cartoon entered YT headquarters in San Bruno Cal and wounded 3 people, sources reported her (oh it was a female cartoon by the way) as shouting "that`ll teach you to fuck with my view count you cunts" although this is still to be confirmed. The police say that after wounding the 3 people, the female cartoon rubbed itself out ...

An in depth investigation and cross examination of holoco$t claims concentrating on treblinka, belzec, & sobibor, which exposes the total absurdity of such claims...

Lies, lies

Another video banned by JewTube

Another video that explores the mythical 6 million figure

The magic number 6 found in a Dutch news paper from the turn of the century

lies, lies, lies

mo big lies

continuing with the lies

the continuing lie

Continuing to expose the lies

Spielberg lies exposed

more lies

Lies, Lies, & more lies produced to project white guilt & bring about white genocide

final part

part 7

next installment

The continuing saga



A very important video using primary source evidence to draw an obvious conclusion

Lets open our eyes some more

next chapter

This has been banned & or restricted by googull part 1 please save and share

Media reporting that seeks to manipulate the public perception of Brendan O`Connell


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