Evidence for election fraud

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa said:
"With overwhelming agreement, unanimous agreement, has resolved that
the expropriation of land (from whites) without compensation should be
amongst the mechanisms available to government to give effect to land reform
and redistribution. That is what is important."

Economic Freedom Fighters (yes Fighters) leader Julius chant
"Kill the Boer, the farmer, Shoot to kill! Pow, pow!"
"We are not calling for the killing of whites, at least for now."
Such behavior and low consciousness does not deserve to be rewarded by your presence.
Maharishi pulled TM teachers out of Denmark for much less.
Your work is falling on the hard rocks of ignorance

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The invaders

Mike Lindell's documentary: Absolute Proof
#BidenCheated #TrumpWon

Ballot Counters in Delaware County, Pennsylvania caught on camera faking votes, filling in circles with a pen, then stamping them for approval.

#BidenCheated #TrumpWon

This Georgia County Election Board shows how easily Dominion voting machines can be misused to fake ballots, even multiple times, through the adjudication process.

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In 2015, Joe Biden celebrated projections of white people becoming a minority in the United States during a White House Summit.

"An unrelenting stream of immigration. Nonstop, nonstop. Folks like me who are Caucasian, of European descent, for the first time in 2017 we'll be an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute minority."

"Fewer than 50% of the people in America from then and on will be white European stock. That's not a bad thing. That's a source of our strength."

#BidenBetrays Truth Politics

Remote Control Take Over (RCTO) was a key way that 9/11 could have been pulled off. A jet taken over by RC looks exactly like a jet taken over by hijackers. This possibility, using technology known to have existed in 2001, needs to be investigated.

Remote Control take over of Jets
Remote Control of Explosives in WTC
Remote Control of Middle East oil
Remote Control of you, the citizens

Boeing patent filed in 2003 on un-interruptible auto-pilot
(Development of such a system would take well over 2 years)
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office #7,142,97

Boeing ATALS, Anti-Terrorism Auto-Land System (which can also simulate a hijacking)

RC airplane contest, WAPT 16 News Jackson MS, 0:38

Remote control: from Dylan Avery's Loose Change video 01:50

News on RC F-16 jet, Dan Gray, St. Louis MO, KPLR 2:45

CNN Wolf Blitzer on New Tech to Fly Planes from Ground

James Corbett report on remote control

The Lone Gunmen (based on X-Files) pilot
Starring Dean Haglund Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood, Zuleikha Robinson, George Coe

Wayne Madsen with Alex Jones on InfoWars about Remote Control Take Over

Dr. James Fetzer and Dick Eastman debate about Remote Control

Pilot: Captain Vincent Saracini
Co-Pilot: Michael Horrocks
Flight Attendants: Robert Fangman, Amy Jarret, Amy King, Kathryn LaBorie, Alfred Marchand, Michael Tarrou, Alicia Titus
Thanks to Ole Media Management
[email protected]

Thank you to Pierre Langer for selling us the great theme music.

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Even as a Person Of Color (flesh), I was pushed off the Town Square by 90% white, self-hating, anti-European, hypocritically racist, Virtue Signalers for saying "All Lives Matter", which is non-racist.

Why do some women put the welfare of foreigners before their own people?
They were bred that way by generations or conquests of the breeding grounds by various other tribes.

Men naturally evolved to be territorial. Women who stood up to invaders were sadly eliminated. Weak women survived and reproduced daughters with their DNA and tendency for Tribal Betrayal, for thousands of years of evolution. But with the rule of law and police protection, territorial women are on the rise, and tend to vote for Trump.

Liberals - want to give away our land to foreigners
Conservatives - want to conserve our land for our children

Scientists found neurophysiological structure is inherited, the basis of personality traits.

Senator Biden says losing white majority "is a source of our strength"

Thanks to the movie Conan The Barbarian

Older version

Notre Dame burning was arson

Whites founded the USA as a European-American Breeding Ground and were a 85% majority until 1963.

White have invented most of the things and systems that everyone in the world uses.

Hello Bishop Budde, this is Rick Shaddock an Episcopalian in Washington DC who did volunteer computer work for Bill Patterson of the
National Cathedral Facilities Management years ago.
It was sad to see your quote in the Washington Post about being "outraged" at President Trump going to St. John's Episcopalian church
near the White house, and being "partisan" and "inflaming racial violence."

With all due respect, sadly it is you who in being partisan and inflaming flames
You want on CNN and MSNBC perpetuating the lie that the White House security just went out and threw tear gas at the "peaceful protesters"
This is not true. They first asked nicely for a half hour and the protesters refused to move and some had "Fuck Trump" signs.
You sinned on CNN.
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor

more at

Hello. Mayor Bowser This is Rick Shaddock, a DC tax payer, and member of the National Association for the Advancement of White people on K Street near our neighbors at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. We have visited and learn from our friends at the NAACP. Thanks for making a street for Black Lives Matter. Now, for racial equality when and where will there be a White Lives Matter Street, perhaps in front of your office on Pennsylvania Avenue? Also Hispanic Lives Matter should have a street? And perhaps in China town, Asian Lives Matter Street? 
In the interest of Equality we look forward to your doing that to be inclusive of all DC tax payers paying for the painting. 
Another point is you are actually more brown than black. Your hair is black. And I'm more flesh colored than white. How about changing it to Colored Lives Matter. We all have a color. Colorless means invisible. That way everyone is happy. 
Please call me at 202-540-9920 All Lives Matter

Keith Ellison aka "X Hakim", follower of Louis Farrakhan and Nation Of Islam, first Muslim in Congress, Democrat, Minnesota 5th District, succeeded by Rep. Ilhan Omar, intentionally released only the most inflammatory part of George Floyd's arrest video to the public, not showing him resisting arrest, or on drugs, to maximize the prosecution of police officers. The delay resulted in racial tension, riots, looting, deaths, and chaos in the months of President Trump's re-election campaign.

Full video (8.5 min)

Sadly, Tucker Carlson's video is not visible even on Fox News.
Thankfully, we have BitChute.

Keith Ellison aka "X Hakim", follower of Louis Farrakhan and Nation Of Islam, first Muslim in Congress, Democrat, Minnesota 5th District, succeeded by Rep. Ilhan Omar, intentionally released only the most inflammatory part of George Floyd's arrest video to the public, not showing him resisting arrest, or on drugs, to maximize the prosecution of police officers. The delay resulted in racial tension, riots, looting, deaths, and chaos in the months before the Presidential election.

3 minute version (if you already saw the George Floyd arrest)

Ross Kemp of BBC risks his life to expose the black on black slave trading in Libya still going on.
Britain's Commonwealth ended slavery in over 50 countries in 1833. 600000 whites died in the Civil War to end slavery in 1865. Black on black slavery still goes on to this day in Africa. Now together, let's focus on ending it. #BlackLivesMatter.

NAAWP calls McDonald's about Bubba Wallace and the Fake Noose hoax
Media Relations 800-244-6227

National Association for the Advancement of White People calls the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People about the Ahmaud Arbery case, pointing out that on video Ahmaud was trespassing, punched Travis McMichael in the head, and pulled on the rifle barrel. We ask for patience on pronouncements to the press, until the trial is complete. #RacialPeace

Traditional family life

The new law of evolution
in liberal America seems to be
survival of the unfittest.
Well, in my race you either do it with Whites
or our recessive gene is eliminated.
In the last 60 years the white population has gone from 90% to 60%.
getting out-voted in our own country
where we made 10 million patents worth quadrillions of dollars
Thank you
Every race is allowed to be proud except whites!.
They want to eliminate us!
Evolution is Survival of the Fittest
physically and mentally
who feel worthy to breed.
The point is, ladies and gentleman, is that Pride --
for lack of a better word -- is good.
Pride is right.
Pride works.
Racial Pride clarifies, cuts through, and captures
the essence of the evolutionary spirit.
Pride in all of its forms
Pride for wife, for Mommy, for love, children
has marked the upward surge of mankind.
And pride -- you mark my words
will not only save the White people
but that other malfunctioning organization called the USA.
Thank you very much.

National Association Advancing Uncolored People
Washington DC

Uphold Judeo-Christian values and culture.

Fair use parody of Wall Street by
Directed by Oliver Stone
starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen
Available for rent from Fandango Movie Clips

The 7th annual 9/11 Physics Debate for 2020 is between Dr. Rancourt vs Dr. Mitteldorf on March 14, 2020 which is Pi day (3/14) and Einstein's birthday.

Association for 9/11 Truth Awareness (, on K Street in Washington DC sponsors the annual 9/11Physics Debate, on Einstein's birthday, March 14. The debate is between two peers with a PhD in Physics and Hirsch Index >= 9.11 points. The debate topic is Resolved: the Official Conspiracy Theory of 9/11 violates Newton's Laws of Motion, especially the complete collapse of the World Trade Center.

Dr. Denis Rancourt, Ph.D. and former Professor in Physics at the University of Ottawa (Canada). Hirsch Index = 39

Dr. Josh Mitteldorf, Ph.D. in AstroPhysics from the University of Pennsylvania (Ivy League)
Hirsch Index = 17
Scholar.Google Profile

The honorarium of .00911 Bitcoin was awarded to both physicists in thanks for their time and service.

This peaceful, scholarly video was banned by YouTube and Vimeo as "hate speech".

5G to the tune of Angie (Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones) about the roll out of 300 GigaHertz radio frequency radiation towers, without scientific testing to ensure it is safe.

Sandy Hook manipulation of Google Earth to make the Elementary School, closed in 2008 due to asbestos, appear to be open in 2012, with cars in the parking lot.


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