Human rights in New Zealand or lack thereof!!!

The Centre For The Fourth Industrial Revolution will develop, pilot and scale agile and human-centred governance tools that can be adopted by policy-makers, legislators and regulators worldwide to address challenges related to emerging technologies.
A World Economic Forum Initiative - this video was first published in April 2016
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A former economist for the Victorian Treasury has quit in protest of Premier Daniel Andrews' strict lockdowns after letting loose on social media and sharing a scathing letter.
Sanjeev Sabhlok resigned from the Victorian Treasury after rallying against Melbourne's strict COVID-19 lockdowns and politicians online.
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Another doctor coming out and condemning the PCR test for infectious disease diagnosis
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UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world. INVENTORY AND CONTROL.----Rose Koire

It would seem even the most conservative media need to tow the line and service their masters..
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This brave lady speaks out against the Chinese government, no other MSM outlet will cover this and it was banned on Facebook
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If you have noticed strange cloud formations in recent times that you have not seen before, this is worth checking out
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Set in a dystopian April 1984, nearly 40 years after the end of the second world war, and a few years after the so-called Atomic Wars, Winston Smith (John Hurt) is a middle-aged man who endures a squalid existence in the totalitarian superstate of Oceania under the constant surveillance of the Thought Police.

The Communist government of China has combined its coronavirus ‘track and trace’ system with the country’s notorious social credit score. Fears that the new COVID surveillance system would be used for “totalitarian social monitoring” are being realized in China.
“The local government of China’s Jiangsu province has launched a new social control system that combines the CCP’s health code program with the regime’s social credit system to create what they’re calling a civilization code,” The Epoch Times reported.
The new system ranks each citizen via a “civilization score” and then places them in a category which determines whether they get priority access to services or are punished and restricted.
The new system represents an expansion of the social credit score and is being initially rolled out in the city of Suzhou and will apply to everyone over the age of 18.
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This is a superb documentary albeit longer than normal, that has phenomenal research and clearly shows the false narrative by MSM going all the way back to the 1960’s
If you have the time, it is compelling viewing and will reveal who our enemy really is
Watch carefully and think about the Covid 19 Pandemic, ask yourself is history repeating itself once again with regards to false narratives?
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BGI owns the China National Genebank, containing 11 million human, plant and animal DNA samples.
La Trobe University associate professor James Leibold said there were “larger ethical issues” associated with BGI, including data privacy, its use of the world’s largest gene database, and providing gene technology for surveillance of the Uighurs in Xinjiang.

“BGI’s goal is to use geonomics and related life science technologies to improve the health of the human population and also to use the technology to improve the agriculture yield to solve the problem of food safety”
Bicheng Yang
Director BGI Australia

Dr Martin recently appeared in Mikki Willis’ documentary, Plandemic: Indoctornation where he revealed the truth behind the vaccine agenda and how following the money had led him to a number of conclusions about what is really going on during the Coronavirus crisis.

Superb Interview – Thanks London Real

Dear fellow citizens,

Welcome to the ACU, the Extra-Parliamentary Corona Investigation Committee. If the Parliament does not do it, then we citizens are called upon to do it ourselves.

Extra-parliamentary Corona Committee of Inquiry, we will investigate why these restrictive measures came over our country in the wake of CoVid-19, why people are suffering now and whether there is any real proportionality to the disease actually caused by a SARS-CoV-2 virus. We have serious doubts as to whether the way in which these restrictive measures have been taken is really proportionate. This must be investigated and, as neither the parliaments, the opposition parties nor the governing parties have convened a committee and it is not even in the planning stage, it is high time that we took matters into our own hands now. We will invite and hear experts here in the Corona Spokesmen’s Circle, experts from all walks of life, from the fields of medicine, social affairs, law, the economy and much more....
Source: https://acu2020.org

“Without a vaccine, a nation has no choice to get out of this pandemic. If you want to get out of it you have got to test. You have got to do full PCR RNA test. Not witch doctors, not home brews, the full TGA approved test”
Andrew Forest 29th April 2020

Gates called for a "national tracking system similar to South Korea, saying that "in Seattle, the [University of Washington] is providing thousands of tests per day but no one is connected to a national tracking system" and that "Whenever there is a positive test it should be seen to understand where the disease is and whether we need to strengthen the social distancing."
Source: Forbes March 2020

SHOCKING REPORT LIVE outside Government Buildings Dublin.
Everyone Share This To Anyone Following The Stupid Rules Ruining Peoples Live's.

HSE Report see page 11 undying conditions total.

COVID19 is generally assumed to be caused by a virus named SARS-COV-2 and infection is mostly diagnosed by RT-PCR testing. What exactly are they testing for? Some scientists claim that it is a unique sequence of RNA that is only found in SARS-COV-2, others claim that it could have been some random RNA / DNA fragment from the human body because of the improper testing methods and resulting impure substance that it was "sequenced" from.

Well, now we know. The sequence has been compared to the human genome and was found! There is no mistaking it, they're testing for something that exists in every human on the planet, and they're making a vaccine to trick your body's immune system to attack this bit of DNA as if it were a foreign substance. What effect do you think that might have on your health?
Getting tested for COVID19 is a mistake.
Thanks to @Conscience_Stream

Bill Gates, through philanthropist projects, has been positioned as a likeable, mild-mannered figure, who expresses his ambition to improve the health of the world through new vaccine development and technological innovation.
Closer investigation reveals the Gates family has documented ties to reinvented eugenics movements of the modern age and the work carried out by their organisation shows ulterior motives contrary to saving lives.
In the following, Ethan Nash examines links between COVID-19 ‘solutions’ and social eugenics movements, including Bill Gates Snr and Planned Parenthood, the Gates Foundation and philanthropy deceptions, vested vaccine interests and engineering a pandemic.

100 Doctors’ Voices Strong – hosted Dr. Rashid Buttar
The Most Controversial Voices In The World
Dr. Rashid Buttar is the osteopathic physician and author best known for his views on Coronavirus and its management.
His first book, “The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away” became a Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon international best seller and has now been translated into multiple languages.
Special Thanks to London Real for this Stellar Series


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